Wizards (魔術師, Majutsu-shi?) are trained humans who battled the Spirits using advanced technology provided by a device called <Realizer>, while wearing armors called CR-Unit.


Wizards are skilled humans who have undergone training and usually have an implant to manipulate the territories coming from their CR-Unit. Even though Most Wizards are under DEM Industries, other countries also have developed their own version under their military forces. Such exist in Japan like the AST (Anti-Spirit Team) and Britain's SSS (Special Sorcery Service). They are usually capable of various feats such as flying and creating barriers. The extent of this ability is determined by the properties of the territories they can produce. Advanced technology can be fatal to Wizards as it places a heavy strain on their bodies.

Some Wizards have undergone surgeries to alter their bodies in order to strengthen their usage of the <Realizer>. However, such procedures can shorten one's lifespan. For example, Mana's lifespan was shortened to the extend where it is predicted that she will only live for 10 more years. Meanwhile, Jessica's lifespan was shortened to a single day. Overall, even with all their equipment, Wizards are still incapable of battling a Spirit alone. The exceptions are the World's Strongest Wizard, Ellen Mira Mathers, Mana Takamiya and possibly Artemisia Bell Ashcroft.

Known WizardsEdit

  • Origami Tobiichi
  • Ryouko Kusabe and other AST members
  • Mikie, Mildred and Origami
  • Mana Takamiya
  • Elle 2.jpg Ellen Mira Mathers
  • Jessica Bayley
  • Kyouhei Kannazuki
  • Artemisia Bell Ashcroft
  • Mikie, Cecil and Minerva
  • Cecil O'Brien
  • Leonora Sears
  • Ashley Sinclair
  • Andrew Carthy
  • DEM Wizards

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