These Theories are my following up theories about Kurumi going Inverse by  Vizard6991

First theory about the 3th bullet. Gimel. The first (Aleph) is accelerate. The second (Bet) is decelerate. The 12th and the 11th require large amount off Spirit power (she mentioned it, in a chapter). The ninth (Tet) connect the sense and thought ;The tenth (Yud) give the memory/information about the target (this is also sense and thought because Kurumi can know very much infos about Miku just with the picture of Miku's past). From that we can see that there are pairs of bullets that related. (I still can't find the relation between Het and Zayin). So if Dalet (4th) one is turn back the time of target (she healed herself), Gimel can turn back the target's mind (memory-wiping) (Dalet turn back the target's body) (This also related with the theory that Phantom used Zafkiel to wipe Spirits' Memory). That remind me of......good Kurumi. The Kurumi that accepted Shidou at the rooftop. Normal Kurumi can not control which point of time to clone herself with the eighth (Het). Good Kurumi can be cloned. And even every single clone is connected. That Kurumi is the past. She won't be very shocked if she realized she is the cause of the Spacequake (she nearly gave up and accepted Shidou). So she can help them if Kurumi would go Inverse.

Another Theory is A back-up bullet. Clone can not summon and use Zafkiel. But they still have the guns. Kurumi could "borrow" it and then use a bullet in case of emergency. (Gimel, Hei, Vav,...). Use the bullets, and give it back to clone Kurumi. And let her to get in her shadow.

Bad Bad Bad English. Hope someone will understand my theories. (Not sure whether these are called theories)

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