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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plotlines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

You were there for me, you saved me, much like how today, you asked me out on a date and showed me how nice this world is.

—Tohka Yatogami, to Shido Itsuka

Tohka Yatogami

Chara1 1

Chara1 0

Tohka Inverse Form

Tohka Full Form

Kanji 夜刀神 十香
Romaji Yatogami Tōka
Gender Female
Height 155 cm
Species Human (Formerly)
Hair Color Dark Plum
Eye Color Indigo
  • Princess
  • Dark Tohka
  • Demon King (by Westcott)
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Rank AAA-Class Spirit (Spirit Form)

SS-Class Spirit (Inverse Form)

Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Marina Inoue
English Michelle Rojas

Tohka Yatogami (夜刀神 十香 Yatogami Tōka?) is one of the main female characters of the Date A Live series. She is also the first Spirit saved by Shido.


When Tohka first appeared on Earth, on the 10th of April, she came under attack by the AST. That was also the same day Shido encountered Tohka and later discovered the real reason behind the spacequakes. The next time Tohka encountered Shido, she was again under attack by the AST. During Tohka and Shido's short conversation on their second encounter, Shido gave Tohka her name. During their third encounter in which they went out on a date, Tohka and Shido established a bond, as the boy explained to the Spirit that not all humans were like the AST who are out to kill her. It was during this time, after their date got interrupted by the AST, that Tohka had her powers sealed by kissing Shido for the first time.

After her powers were sealed, Tohka's mental state is still unstable and could go off at any moment, mainly due to her emotions which she didn't understand or know how to deal with. But, thanks to some consultation from Reine and some reassuring words from Shido, Tohka was able to better control her feelings of jealousy regarding Shido. After being sealed, Tohka started attending the same school, grade, and class as Shido thanks to the help of Ratatoskr. She made friends while at school, but at the same time, she still sees Origami as an enemy (in many ways), who was also at the same school and classroom as Shido and her. Tohka is currently living in an apartment complex made by Ratatoskr for Spirits beside the Itsuka residence where Shido lives.

Tohka was later captured by DEM at the end of Miku Lily. During the events of Miku Truth, when Shido came to rescue Tohka and was about to be killed by Ellen, Tohka became filled with such despair and transformed, attacking everyone in sight, including Shido. Westcott named her transformation the "Demon King," adding that this state was the actual form in which Spirits took on in the bordering dimension they had come from before manifesting in this world. Luckily, Tohka did not stay in her dark transformed state for long, as she was brought back to her senses with a kiss from Shido and saved once again. 

Later on during the events of Tobiichi Angel, Tohka and the other sealed Spirits were attacked by Origami on their way to the underground shelter. Tohka was left with having a complex feeling on whether to kill Origami or just knocks her out and listen to her during the battle. She realized that her hatred and hostility towards Origami is somewhat different from the first time she met her; as she didn't have the murderous intent to kill Origami. With that thought swirling in her mind, Origami took this chance to strike an attack at her that cuts apart her Astral Dress.

Regaining her consciousness, she found that her friend's bodies are covered with wounds that resulted from the fierce battle between Origami while she was unconscious. Tohka desired for a power bigger than the the one she had after being enraged by the thoughts of being unable to save her friends. Fortunately for her, she instinctively realized beforehand that she was succumbing to the dark power inside her and it wouldn't give her the power she needed. She then chose to stay as herself and take back the entirety of her sealed power from Shido to face Origami.

After exchanging conversations with her, they began crossing blades with each other. She took the chance while Origami was experiencing a violent headache to nearly knocked her out by performing a side sweep with <Sandalphon>. This however, doesn't last until Origami gains the power of a spirit through Phantom and manage to have a fair fight with her. It also resulted them to battle more furiously that could cost both of their lives. Fortunately, the battle was forced to stop with Shido interfering in the midst of it, resulting in Origami running away.


Tohka is a girl with very long, dark-purple hair usually tied back with a ribbon of sorts, and matching dark purple eyes with white irises. Shido describes her as an "impossibly beautiful girl.” Tohka's height is stated to be 155cm, and her three sizes are B84/W58/H83.

Upon her arrival on Earth, Tohka wore an Astral Dress with a black, cream, and pink color scheme and a set of purple-and-cream plated armor which adorned her shoulders and waist. The Dress is open at the back and made up into a black corset (which exposes some of her cleavage) and a two-layered, knee-length skirt which has a pink-to-white gradient. Her hair is tied back using a butterfly-shaped hair accessory. She also wears a pair of gauntlets which have petal-like cuffs, both sharing the same color scheme as her attire, as well as a pair of armored boots.

Upon her admission to Raizen High School, Tohka adopts the female uniform of the said school. This consists of a black, long-sleeved top (winter), or a white, short-sleeved top (summer), together with a blue skirt, and a pair of long, black stockings that reach up to half of her thigh.

In her Inverse Form, Tohka's hair turns dark purple-to-white gradient. Her eyes have also reversed its color scheme, turning soft pink with white irises. She wore a dark violet dress attached with black laces and a set of grayish magenta-and-dark pink plated armor which adorned her shoulders and waist. The dress is open at the back and the front, in which exposed most of her skin and a two-layered, knee-length skirt. She also wears a dark violet butterfly-shaped hair accessory with pointy edges while Inversed.


When Tohka first appeared on Earth, unsealed, she had a cold, emotionless demeanor. She was very wary of humans because she was constantly being attacked by the AST, before Shido finally got the chance to talk to her. However, after her powers were sealed by Shido, she could finally develop and express feelings, as well as experience life on Earth. Due to the fact that Tohka is new to everything (including her emotions), she has a very cheerful and child-like personality that can make her seem naïve, emotional, energetic, and gullible at times. She easily became excited at seeing all the things on Earth that she had never seen before. Origami has used her naïve nature against her on multiple occasions. She usually needs one of her friends (mostly Shido) to point out to her when she's being tricked.

Despite her lack of knowledge or experience, Tohka does have a normal sense of embarrassment, as shown by her overreacting when caught in humiliating situations. She did not, however, initially know what a kiss was, nor did she hesitate in performing one the first time with Shido, but later found she hates seeing him kiss other girls. At times, Tohka can be surprisingly insightful, as well as perceptive and understanding in regards to other people's feelings, especially when it concerns Shido and her fellow Spirits. She also initially had difficulty understanding the concept of love, not realizing what her feelings for Shido were until Volume 12.

It has been shown several times that Tohka has a fair level of sensibility and common sense towards battle, which arguably is the only thing she has any real memories of. During her battle with Origami in her spirit form, she was able to quickly analyze Origami's new powers and come up with the best way for her to counter them. This could also be the result of her constant battles with the AST until she met Shido.

In her Inverse form, Tohka is considerably more hostile than before. While she would normally hold back so as not to kill her opponents (unless seriously angered), she will now utilize an unrestrained force in order to eliminate her foes. She also appears to lose her recent memories, namely, her memories of Shido, and comes to interpret him as a human trying to deceive her. However, even while in her Inverse state, Tohka has shown the capacity for both confusion and fear, both aimed towards Shido for his inexplicable (to her) familiarity with her and for the strange feelings she has towards him, which stands as a very strong remnant of Tohka's usual self; to the point where a direct kiss from Shido was enough to calm her down and bring Tohka out of her Inverse form by reminding her of everything he had done for her.



According to Nia, Tohka was once an ordinary human. However, due to unknown circumstances, she bonded with the Sephira Crystal that stored <Sandalphon>, turning her into a Spirit. She also lost most of her memories, including the knowledge of her original name, due to unknown reasons.


Tohka Dead EndEdit

Shido and Tohka meet

Shido and Tohka's first meeting

On April 10th, Tohka appeared into this world and caused a spacequake to happen that tore apart her surroundings. As she made herself aware of the environment around her, she saw a boy approaching her. The boy asked what her name was but, she replies back that she has no such thing. She asked with a weary face if he had also come to kill her as well while pointing her sword at him. But before the conversation could continue, she was confronted by a flying squad, with Origami Tobiichi at the head of the formation. She sets up a barrier as the flying squad launches a barrage of missiles at her. Origami, noticing Shido's presence, breaks the formation and confronts her with a close range laser sword. In response, Tohka summons her Angel, <Sandalphon>, from her throne and the two exchange a parry of sword blows. As the battle waged on, Tohka is eventually declared Lost, and disappears from the world once more.

Tohka faces Origami

Tohka vs. Origami

A week later, Tohka reappears within Raizen High School. She is once again confronted by Shido, who's under <Fraxnius>'s orders, and tells her that she should state her own name before asking someone else's name. Angered by the reply, she sends out a warning shot at Shido and he hastily gives out his name after being frightened by this display. Recognizing Shido from earlier, she remembers that he was the one who said that he wasn't here to kill her. Shido following <Fraxinus>'s second command merits with another warning shot, with her telling him that she doesn't want to hear any of his jokes. However, after seeing her sadden face, Shido yells that not all people are here to kill her, and he had come to talk with her. Most of all, Shido assures her that he will not deny her existence.

Despite being somewhat happy by this reply, she replies back in a tsundere manner that he won't be fooled by him. She justifies to herself that she will use Shido to obtain more information about this world. When asked where she is, Shido replies that they are in a classroom, surprising her that such a small space could fit up to 40 people. Then, she asked what Shido wanted to call her since it was needed for a conversation. When Shido gave out the name Tome, she instinctively gave out another warning shot, feeling that the name was mocking her. Eventually, they settled with the name Tohka, naming her after the tenth of April, the day in which the two had met. Then, Shido shows her how to write the characters for her new name on the blackboard. However, their conversation is ruined by the AST, who start launching another attack in order to lure Tohka out from her hiding place.

Tohka then tells Shido he should probably leave now, since he might get attacked by his fellow humans if he stayed. Despite this, Shido refuses to leave. He tells Tohka that he wants to continue their conversation and answer her questions. The two continued their conversation by using Tohka's barrier to prevent Shido from being injured by the rain of bullets. Shido asks Tohka what kind of being she was, to which Tohka replies that she's not quite sure since all of her memories are vague and unclear. She remembers somehow being born into this world, and then suddenly being attacked by the AST in the sky. As Shido prepares to invite Tohka for a date, Origami once again sees Shido present, and rushes in with her laser sword. In response, Tohka once again summons her Angel and sends Origami flying backwards from the recoil of an attack that easily destroys the classroom. Meanwhile, <Fraxinus> uses their teleporter to retrieve Shido before he could get injured in the explosion.

The next day, as Shido stares at the wreckage of the school, he suddenly hears Tohka's voice behind, who asks him to stop ignoring her. Finally having his attention grabbed, Shido asked in a surprised manner on why Tohka was she is here. In response, Tohka folds her arms and tells him that he was the one who invited her on a date. Tohka then asks Shido the meaning of a date. However, before Shido can respond, he sees that Tohka's appearance is starting to attract a crowd, so he quickly takes her to a deserted back alley to hide. Shido then asks what happened to Tohka yesterday, to which Tohka replies that she just naturally disappeared, comparing it to moving from this world into a different space. Shido questions her what kind of space it is but, Tohka responds that she's not sure. The moment she enters there, she naturally falls into a sleep-like state and is forcibly woken up when she returns back to this world. Feeling weird, Shido asks if today was different, to which she replies with a blushed expression and averts her glance, telling Shido that she doesn't know.


Tohka eating food.

Tohka demands to know the definition of the word "date" and Shido replies that it's when a boy and a girl go out to have fun together. As Tohka agreed to the date with Shido, he tells her that her clothes won't work since they would attract unnecessary attention. As Shido tells Tohka that they need to find her a change of clothes, Tohka prepares to use her powers to stun a nearby girl and take her clothes. Shido quickly tells that she can't just carelessly attack people since it would be the same thing that the AST does to her. Relenting, she decides to transform her Astral Dress into a school uniform from Shido's school. As they walked towards the town, the two approach a street full of shopping centers, to which Tohka asks Shido if they were preparing for an all out war. They went to a bakery after being allured by the smell of breads, realizing that even Spirits can feel hungry. Shido and Tohka continue their trip towards various restaurants and coincidentally went to a restaurant in which Kotori and Reine were having their conversation. Both Tohka and Shido actions attract the attention of <Ratatoskr>. Kotori, who had seen them in the restaurant she was at, proceeds to launch F-08•Operation <Tengu's Holiday>, a plan prepared if a Spirit is ever the one that approaches Shido. Guided by <Ratatoskr>, the remaining of their date compromised of various activities prepared by the <Fraxinus> crew.

Shido reaches hand

Shido reaches out his hand for Tohka

After finishing the tour around the shopping district, Shido takes Tohka to a park that had a great overview of the city during the sunset. Here, Tohka tells Shido that she had a great time and that she understands AST's thoughts now. The world was so beautiful, and every time she appears, she destroys a part of the world. Tohka gives Shido a sad expression and tells him that it was probably for the best if she didn't exist. Shido quickly responds that today was different since she didn't cause a spacequake. But, Tohka replies back that the amount of times she appears is random. Shido, refusing to give up, tells her that it's okay for her to live in this world and that he will accept her no matter how much the world rejects her. As Tohka slowly starts to reach out towards Shido's hand; suddenly, Shido pushes her out of the way, shielding her from an attack.


Tohka enraged

Shido falls motionless on the ground in a pool of his own blood after pushing Tohka away. Tohka gazes in shock as she sees the scene in front of her and gently takes her jacket off to cover Shido's body. Seeing this as a sign of the world rejecting her in the cruelest way possible, she summons her Astral Dress and unleashes the final form of her Angel, <Halvanhelev>. Unhinged, she launches a relentless attack on the AST squad. She confronts the person who shot Shido and prepares to deliver the final blow. However, at that instant, Shido, who had been revived by mysterious flames, is seen falling down from the sky. She catches Shido and questions if it was really him, to which Shido responds that it is him. However, at that moment, <Halvanhelev> has reached its critical state and the energy inside it needs to be released. Remembering what Kotori told him, Shido tells Tohka to kiss him all of a sudden. She asks what a kiss is and Shido embarrassedly replies that its when they press their lips together. Immediately afterwards, Tohka's inquisitiveness kicks in and she kisses Shido instead. The kiss causes Tohka's Angel and Astral Dress to disappear, leaving her naked as she descends towards the ground with Shido. She hugs him while feeling embarrassed, telling him that he can't see her now. She then asks Shido with a faint voice if he will take her out on another date again. Upon hearing his affirmative response, Tohka gives out a warm smile.

A weekend after the incident, Tohka transfers into Shido's class as a new exchange student, with Reine having created fake documents and a family name for her. Tohka tells Shido that over 99% of her powers has disappeared, so she isn't viewed as a threat to the world anymore. However, as she notices Origami, she yells at why does Origami was in the class too. The teacher, Tamae, hurriedly cut between the two of them and was about to tell her the location of her seat. However, Tohka tells her it's unnecessary, and a let out a sharp look at the student beside Shido, telling her to move. Then, she calmly sat next to him, while still glaring silently at Origami.

Yoshino PuppetEdit

Tohka cookies

Tohka presenting her cookies to Shido

At school, Tohka bakes some cookies for Shido during the home economics period. She asks Shido to try eating it, but slowly becomes depressed as he was hesitant about eating her cookies and thinks it might be because of him being good at cooking. As Shido made up his mind and took a cookie from the container to his mouth, a silver fork was thrown by someone and breaks the cookie in Shido's hand into small pieces. Tohka shouts that it is dangerous to throw a fork like that and finds Origami with her right hand stretched out. They both quarreled until Origami points out that she had messed up with the proportions of the ingredients, to which Tohka questions why didn't Origami say anything during the class. Unsatisfied, she eats Origami's cookies and while it tasted delicious, she still doesn't want to admit her defeat. Then, both of them brought out their containers at the same time and ask Shido whose cookie does he wants to eat. After Shido ate their cookies, Tohka states that her cookie was eaten slightly faster, to which Origami denies it. She quietly faces Origami and releases a punch that was originally meant to hit her vital, but it ended up hitting Shido who got between them instead.

Tohka goes home to the Itsuka residence to stay there for the time being before the mansion for Spirits was built. She takes a bath at the house and dries herself up. Unfortunately for her, Shido comes home and opens the unlocked bathroom door when she is wiping herself using a towel. She twitched and turned her face towards Shido. She tells him to get out, punching him straight to his stomach that makes him fly backwards, hit the wall behind, and fall hard on the floor. After putting on her clothes, she opens the bathroom door by a little bit and pokes her face through the gap while being embarrassed. She asks Shido if he had seen her naked, to which Shido denies furiously. She finally opens the door after coming to an agreement.

Tohka is questioned by Shido what is she doing here, to which she wonders if he did not hear it from his little sister yet. She tells him that she will be staying at his house for a while and it involves something about some sort of training. Later, while Kotori and Reine explain to Shido why they brought Tohka to his house, she watched a re-broadcasted anime in the living room that actually buys time for the three of them to keep her away from discussion that involves sensitive topics. The conversation between them ends after Tohka opens the door to Kotori's room, unknown to them how long she has been there. While looking over Shido with sad eyes, she asks him if she is unable to stay here, causing him to be left speechless and eventually agrees.

After eating dinner, she proceeds towards the guest room to unpack her luggage that was delivered a while ago from <Fraxinus>. Then, she goes to the toilet. Once again after Shido was told by Kotori that the light bulb needs to be fixed, he opens the door to the toilet and sees her sitting in the toilet. Embarrassed, she told Shido to quickly close the door. While having one hand pulling down her gown’s hem, she violently grabbed the toilet paper that was installed on the wall and then threw it at Shido's face with all her might. Moments later, she opened the toilet door by a bit and peeks out. She forgives Shido and then timidly asks him to give the toilet paper that she threw to him.

During the night, Tohka goes to the living room while bringing something that looks like a blanket. As Shido feels suspicious after all the training that he just went through, he asks her where did she go. Tohka replies that she was asked by Kotori to play a game with her and since the night is a little cold, she went to find something that can cover her knees from the inside of her room. Later after Shido went to take a bath, Tohka goes to take one too, unknown to her that he is currently in the room. Having finished removing her clothes, she opens the door to the bathroom and jumped into the bathtub without checking the inside of it. She blushed really hard after knowing that Shido was in the tub and raised a scream while plunging him down into the water until he lost consciousness.

Director´s Cut ep 4

Tohka sleeping on her bed

The training continues until the next morning. Tohka wakes up and find Shido in her room, on the same bed. She chokes after their eyes met and quickly takes some distance from Shido—towards the pillow side. She asks him why is he on her bed, to which Shido replies back with a question. Tohka blushes after hearing Kotori's words and pulls the blanket to cover her chest. For some reasons, she remembers the feeling from just now and starts touching her body. Her whole body stiffens up after touching the area where her breasts are, causing her face to go completely red. Then, Tohka raises a tremendous scream, starts grabbing things around her and throwing them randomly towards Shido, causing him to faint after being hit by an Akebeko ornament.

Tohka comes to school a bit later after Shido to avoid rumors about them living in the same house spreads. After taking her seat, she apologizes to Shido about the matter during this morning without looking at him and asks if he is alright. As she confirms his reply, Tohka makes a small nod. Their conversation actually attracts the attention of several of her classmates but due to Tohka not having realize it yet, she continues to mention about the event happened during the morning. She finally notices the gazes of her classmates after Shido suggests to talk about it later. Trying to deny everyone's thought about them, Tohka accidentally blurted out the fact that they are living together, much to their surprise. Shido thinks fast and makes up a lie to fool them, and she matched their lies together after guessing what he is intended to do, even though it looks kind of forced.

During lunch break, Tohka joins her desk with Shido's, at the same moment where Origami also did the same thing. They both exchange sharp gazes but quietly sat down after Shido calms them down. Origami compares Shido's lunch box with Tohka's and notices that it looks identical. Noticing Origami's gaze at her lunch box, Tohka says to her that even if she gave her that look, she will not give it to her, without realizing the seriousness of that matter. While listening to Shido and Origami's conversation, Tohka puffs her cheeks and raises her voice after feeling left out from the talk. Moments later, the spacequake alarm suddenly echoes. While being confused at first, she later joins her other classmates to the underground shelter and sees Shido along with Reine went somewhere else.

After evacuating to the underground shelter, Tohka inquiries Tamae about the alarm and the place they are currently at while suppressing her rustling feelings. Tamae is surprised that Tohka did not know about the alarm and explains that they will be safe here if a spacequake occurs, which prompts her to further know about the phenomenon. She stays silent after realizing that she may had asked a question that could lead to exposing herself. Even so, Tamae thinks that maybe some people do not know about the spacequake so she proceeds to give an explanation of it to her. Then, Tohka goes out of the shelter without telling the teacher after having a bad premonition regarding Shido.

Upon arriving to the building where Shido is at, Tohka sees [Yoshinon] and Shido (unintentionally) kissed each other. She comes to an understanding that Shido is flirting with another girl while she is very worried about him, and thus becoming enraged. Tohka asks Shido if the important task he had to do is meeting the girl while pointing at [Yoshinon], to which Shido had trouble answering it. [Yoshinon] starts to conversate with her by asking her name first, to which she replies back that it's Tohka. The puppet then comments that Shido has lost interest in her and that she is an unwanted child, to which makes Tohka more angrier than before and snatched the puppet from the girl's hand. She claims that she is not an unwanted child and that Shido has allowed her to be in this world, but the puppet cannot possibly respond without the girl. [Yoshinon] then tugs her shirt, asking her to give the puppet back. As [Yoshinon]'s mental condition deteriorates, Shido questions Tohka if she can return it to the girl, but it leads to a misunderstanding on her side. Moments later, [Yosinon] suddenly summons <Zadkiel> and tries to attack Tohka using the bullet-like icicles. She is saved by Shido just in time before the bullets could pierce her. However, after <Zadkiel> left the building, she makes an expression equal to a spoiled child and pushes him away, saying that the girl is more important than her.

Later when Tohka arrives at home, she has locked herself inside her room and refused to come out even after Shido pleads her to. From the intercam, Reine asks Shido if he could leave this problem to her, to which he replies that he does not mind it. The next day, on Saturday, Reine invites Tohka to accompany her for shopping, but she declines and tells Reine to leave her alone in an irritated voice. After analyzing her condition using a terminal-like computer, Reine says that she thinks of eating something outside while shopping and Tohka becomes unexpectedly silent. After 10 seconds, she finally goes out of her room while still dressed in her wet school uniform and has dark circles under her eyes, possibly because she does not sleep for a day. Reine then explains to the dumbfounded Shido that Tohka's hunger value is rising and it is probably about time that she is reaching her limits. She turned her face away upon seeing Shido, and walked away with heavy steps while urging Reine to hurry.

After walking in the rain for a while, Reine decided to have a lunch first at a family restaurant and Tohka agrees with it since she is dying from hunger. They have a little talk about her feelings before the foods they ordered arrive upon Reine's request. Tohka feels a little irritated by the fact that Reine is hard to understand since she seems to always be thinking of something and because of that, it felt like she can see through anything. Reine continues, asking Tohka if she cannot forgive Shido for meeting up with another girl, which prompts he to asks why he was mentioned. Eventually, she surrenders and explains that she does not understand why did it turned into this kind of feeling after she sees Shido kissing with another girl. She asks Reine if there is something wrong with her, to which Reine replies that it is a normal and healthy response, but added that they need to clear her misunderstanding first and says that the kiss was a total accident. Tohka asks Reine for confirmation that is it does not mean that the girl is more important that her, to which Reine affirms, and added that Shido would not go to the extent of putting his own life in danger just to save her if he does not care about her. Tohka becomes speechless and immediately stands up from her seat, asking Reine if they can postpone today's shopping to another day. After that, she goes out of the family restaurant and runs into the raining town, to apologize to Shido.

Returning home, Tohka sees Shido and Yoshino in a state where they will be kissing at any moment and stiffens up. She makes a gentle smile and slowly enters the living room while being silent. After passing through both of them, she takes all the foods and drinks from the refrigerator and shelves, then rushes to her room to shut herself inside again. In her room, she eats the food that she brought and becomes frustrated that she could not apologize to him. Tohka originally wanted to welcome the little girl too, but she couldn't do it because of a [bad feeling] swirling inside her chest. Then, she sits on the floor while grasping her knees and moans in pain.

Later, Tohka immediately wakes up from her nap when a sound of explosions echoed. She is surprised by the situation and opens the window while those sounds happened, but the unexpected cold wind from the outside of the window make her shivers. She remembers hearing the spacequake alarm during her nap and is just about to leave the room to evacuate to the shelter, until she sees an object passes by with tremendous speed. Seeing that it is being ridden by a girl with a green colored coat, she confirms that it's the girl Shido had met up with, and feels a shaking in her heart. Tohka cannot help but feels that Shido might be with her, and then runs out of the room.

After running in the frozen city, Tohka is frightened to see that the doll bends backwards and started sucking the surrounding area, with Shido at its front. She instinctively feels that it was not something good due to it being similar to the time when she used <Sandalphon> to make a final blow. She tried to call out to Shido, but to no avail as expected. Then, she proceeds to summon <Sandalphon> by calling its name and stomping her heel on the ground, but it's also within her prediction that it will not appear. Recalling back, she has received many explanations from Kotori and the others about what kind of existence she is, what are they planning to do with her, and why her powers are sealed, which makes her feels uneasy at first but it later leads to a peaceful life to her. But, she keeps on calling the name of her angel over and over again just to save Shido, even though that power is supposed to be unneeded. Tohka's mental state soon turns unstable due to a tremendous amount of stress overruns her head after she reminisced the moment when Shido was shot, with her unable to do anything, and that she doesn't want to experience it again.

In a split second, just before <Zadkiel>'s attack could hit Shido, Tohka has successfully summoned <Sandalphon> to protect him. After Yoshino flees from the scene, she calls out for Shido. Shido points out to her unusual appearance; wearing the school uniform with light membrane covered on some parts, making her finally realize about her current state. She asks him if he is injured, and he replied that it's thanks to her. She reverted her sights away awkwardly, and then proceeds to apologize to him with a shaky voice.

Kurumi KillerEdit

On June 5th, Tohka arrives at the Itsuka residence a few minutes after Yoshino. As she arrives, Shido hands her the lunchbox that he made for her. Tohka asks what is on the menu for today, to which Shido responds that he made asparagus wrapped in bacon, fried rice with eggs, and macaroni salad with tomatoes. Tohka becomes shocked and is worried that the meal might be too grand and people might riot over it, much to Shido's confusion. When he offers to switch lunchboxes with her, Tohka panics and declines his offer immediately.

Tohka notices Yoshino standing next to Shido and greets her warmly, seemingly forgotten about the events that happened a few weeks ago. Yoshino is surprised by her hospitality, and greets her back nervously. Tohka comments on Yoshino's appearance, calling her sunhat cute. Yoshino replies that she thinks Tohka is cute as well, making the older girl blush. Tohka turns toward Shido, asking if he thinks of her as cute too, since she is wearing the school summer uniform. At first Shido answers that the uniform suits her, but after getting scolded by Kotori through his transmitter he overdoes it, calling Tohka cute to the point where "he couldn't take his eyes off her". Tohka becomes deeply embarrassed and covers his mouth to silence him.

As Yoshino leaves the scene, Shido and Tohka walk together to school. As they started to walk, however, he notices that Tohka has no bra straps under her uniform. Shido questions Tohka on whether she had worn the bra properly, to which she replies that she didn't know what a bra is. Shocked, Shido pushes her back into the apartment and goes to her room. Once there, Tohka begins to have trouble in understanding why she needs to wear a bra but is able to, at least to a certain degree, understand why and wears one before she and Shido leave for school again.

Tohka and Shido then arrive at school late, at which they arrive to their classroom afterwards. After Tamae introduces the new transfer student, Kurumi Tokisaki, to the class, Tohka, Shido and Origami are surprised to hear Kurumi announce herself as a Spirit in front of the entire class. Later after class, Tohka, along with Origami, secretly spy on Shido and Kurumi as Shido shows Kurumi around the school, where they then hide inside a locker but both of them fall outside, where they are then discovered by Shido and Kurumi, whom questions them why they were inside. She and Origami then fake in having Anemia, right before Origami leaves where she takes the opportunity to grab Shido's other arm that Origami was previously holding onto.

Six in the afternoon, after being allowed to follow Shido tour Kurumi around the school, Tohka, Shido and Kurumi leave school together before Kurumi parts from them on a crossroad. After buying some grocery at a supermarket, Tohka guesses if they will have hamburger steak for dinner, which Shido affirms. While continuing to walk back to Shido's house, both Tohka and Shido are surprised to see a girl run up to and hug Shido, while calling him "big brother". After showing the girl, Mana Takamiya, where Shido lives and heading to the living room, Tohka notes that Mana looks a lot like Shido, which Mana states is because they are siblings.

The next day, Tohka notices that Kurumi is going to be late on her second day just after transferring, where Origami then says that she won't come. Tohka then asked Origami what she meant by this just as Tamae enters the classroom with the attendance booklet to begin their attendance, where she first calls Kurumi's name just as she arrives late for class afterwards. Later during lunch break, Tohka tries to eat together with Shido but he apologizes to her because he can't eat with her for now, excusing himself before leaving, where she then decides to wait for him to come back. Tohka waits for Shido up until before lunch break ends but he still does not show up, where she begins to cry. Ai Yamabuki, Mai Hazakura and Mii Fujibakama then approach her and ask why she is crying, where she answers that Shido hasn't come back yet and has not properly spoken with him today and tells them that it wasn't Shido's fault as to why she is crying, telling them that she has just gotten used to having Shido by her side. She is then given tickets to the aquarium, being advised by the trio to take it and go to the aquarium with Shido tomorrow during the school's anniversary, which she accepts.

After class, Tohka caught up to Shido, the latter having ran to escape being interrogated by Origami about Kurumi, she followed Shido inside his house, locking the door and, after an awkward moment, asked Shido to take her on a date which Shido, confused at what had just happened, agreed to, brightening her expression, where she proceeded to tell Shido to meet her at the front of the station tomorrow before running off, leaving Shido still confused.

The next day, Tohka arrives to the station for her date with Shido, who compliments her about her clothes, causing Tohka to feel a bit embarrassed. Tohka then takes Shido to the aquarium, who later points out that the aquarium was on the opposite side of where she was walking. She and Shido then turn around where she follows him there. After reaching the aquarium, Tohka asks Shido what an aquarium and after hearing him say that it keeps fishes, she immediately thinks about fish-related food, where Shido quickly clarifies for her. They then go inside. Once inside, Tohka expressed her concern of them getting lost due to the amount of people around before she and Shido stepped inside, where she is amazed at all of the different fishes within the aquarium. Tohka then suggested that they go further to see more of the fishes but Shido says that his stomach is hurting and, before leaving, tells her to look at the fishes first and that he will catch up as soon as possible.

When Shido returns, a worried Tohka asks him if he is okay which Shido responds by saying that he is, with Tohka sighing in relief, just as her stomach growls, causing her to feel embarrassed. When Shido suggests that they eat first and return to the aquarium later, Tohka agrees immediately. Tohka then asks Shido what he would like to eat and, noticing Shido is rubbing his stomach, asks him if his stomach still hurts which Shido reassures her that he is alright. After lunch, Shido excuses himself from Tohka again.

Five hours later into the date, Tohka is looking around for Shido again and frowns upon not seeing him anywhere among the people moving nearby. Being too deep into her thoughts, she bumps into another person that was walking by. Upon apologizing and hearing the person's voice, she is surprised to realize that this person is Origami, whom she immediately asked why she was here with an annoyed voice. Despite wanting an answer which Origami refuses to give, Tohka changed her mind, saying that she doesn't have time to argue with her. After hearing that Origami is also looking for Shido and hearing that she is also on a date with him, Tohka then chases after Origami after the latter had noticed something and left her behind.

Tohka and Origami later find Shido sitting on a bench at the park and asked him where he has been, but upon hearing the tone of his voice after apologizing to her and Origami, Tohka asks him if he is hurt and pulled Shido's hand, where Shido immediately bats away her hand, and asks him if she had hurt him before Shido apologizes for his sudden action. Obviously worried for him, Tohka tells Shido to tell them what happened to him, before he runs away.


  • Manga
    • Date A Live (2012)
      • Appearances: Chapter 1-6
    • Date A Live (2013-2014)
      • Appearances: Chapter 1-
    • Date AST Like
      • Appearances: Chapter 2, 4, 9

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Spirit FormEdit

  • Tohka manifesting with Sandalphon
  • Tohka creating an energy ball
  • Halvanhelev destroying <Protect> Realizer
  • Tohka creating a barrier
  • Halvanhelev (Light Novel)
  • Halvanhelev (Anime)
  • Throne of Annihilation
  • Tohka Inverse Form using Nahemah
  • Paverschlev

Angel: Sandalphon (鏖殺公 (サンダルフォン), Ousatsukou, lit., "Throne of Annihilation")

Weapon: Broadsword

Final Sword: Halvanhelev [最後の剣(ハルヴァンヘレヴ)], Saigo no Ken, lit., "Sword of the End")

Astral Dress: Adonai Melek (神威霊装・十番 (アドナイ・メレク), Shin'i Reisou: Juuban, lit., "Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 10")

Tohka is a highly offensive combatant who uses a sword as her primary weapon. Aside from this, Tohka also has a lot of "mana" within her Spirit body, which increases both her offensive and defensive abilities. She can put up a powerful barrier around herself, utilize energy blasts with her hands or fingertips, as well as create shockwaves with a mere arm swipe.

Her primary armament is Sandalphon, which takes on the appearance of a gilded throne that doubles as the scabbard of her broadsword. Tohka's fighting style mostly consists of strong, swift physical attacks with “mana” encasement on her sword and body, or a high energy slash with her sword.

The throne itself seems to be a kind of support machine. Depending on how Tohka uses it, the throne can be changed into a transport vessel by laying it horizontally. By cutting the throne in half, she unlocks the final form of her weapon; <Halvanhelev>, a massive single-edged zanbatō-like sword that drastically increasing her Angel's destructive power.

Later in the series, after Tohka's power was sealed by Shido, she can still retrieve a bit of her original power. At first, this happened when her mental condition became unstable, however, Tohka eventually learns to take back about a fraction of her original power in the form of a limited release Astral Dress. During Volume 10, Tohka was able to take back the entirety of her powers, though she hasn't done this anymore since then, implying that she still can't take back all her powers at will.

Even when without her spirit mana, Tohka has displayed three abilities that can be considered supernatural. The first is her incredible strength and speed, which, even when not enhanced by spirit mana, has shown to be far above that of an average human, breaking the Raizen High School girls' record during a physical examination while she was in fact trying her best to hold back. The second is the ability to instinctively sense if she's in danger, which was shown when she was able to sense that she was being watched by DEM, but wasn't able to sense anything when Ratatoskr, who had no intention of harming her, was watching her. Also, during her first battle with Ellen, she could instinctively sense that she was not an opponent that she could afford to hold back against. Finally, the third ability is an enhanced sense of smell, which she can use to easily locate and identify someone.

Inverse FormEdit

Demon King: Nahemah (暴虐公 (ナヘマー), Bougyakukou, lit., "Tyrant Ruler")

Weapon: Single-edged sword

Final Sword: Paverschlev [(終焉の剣(ペイヴァーシュへレヴ)] , Shuuen no Ken, lit., "Sword of Demise")

Astral Dress: Unnamed

After prolonged exposure to negative emotions when Shido was about to be killed, Tohka transforms into her other form, which, according to Westcott, is her true form in the bordering dimension where she comes from. 

She obtains Nahemah, a darker version of Sandalphon, and her Astral Dress becomes much darker and more revealing.

Tohka's overall abilities in this state are the same as in her Spirit form, just darker in color and nature. In fact, according to Ratatoskr's Daily Observations, Tohka's offensive abilities in this form are actually even greater then in her spirit form, at the cost of having her defensive powers lower in respond. However, despite this, Tohka was able to survive a point blank range attack used by Ellen and come out undamaged.

Her Demon King, Nahemah, is described to be the opposite of her Angel, Sandalphon, which is a gilded throne that stores a broasword, instead being a one edged sword that remains separate from a dark grey collared throne. However, like with Sandalphon, Tohka can destroy Nahemah's throne and add the shattered pieces to her sword to summon Paverschlev, a darker version of Halvanhelev. A single, full powered swing of Paverschlev has proven to be strong enough to completely destroy a large part of Tengu City and the mountains behind it, as well as a large army of Kurumi clones and <Bandersnatch> in the process.

While in this form, Tohka has no memories of her normal self, and has shown no hesitation to kill anyone. Also, after returning to normal, Tohka has shown to have no memories of what happened when she was in this form.

Tohka nearly entered this state again in Volume 10, when she was having a mental crisis because she lacked the power due to being sealed to protect the other sealed Spirits against Origami's attacks. Fortunately, Tohka did not transform, as she instinctively realized beforehand that she was about to succumb to the dark power inside her again, knowing full well that relying on this power would not help her save anyone.

Full FormEdit

Angel: Shekinah (滅殺皇 (シェキナー), Messatsuou, lit., "Emperor of Annihilation")

Weapon: Broadsword

Astral Dress: Adonai Melek Ensufall (神威霊装・十番 「万」(アドナイ・メレク・エンスフォール), Shin'i Reisou: Juuban [Man], lit., "Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 10 [Full]")

During the movie, Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement, Tohka temporarily gains the spirit mana of all the spirits Shido had sealed up until that point. While in this state, she gains a new Astral Dress that is a fusion of both her own and those of the other spirits. Additionally, she also gains a new Angel called Shekinah, which, like her own Angel Sandalphon, is a broadsword. She also maintains her ability to summon Sandalphon, allowing her to dual-wield both Angels at once.


  • "Why...? Is it not obvious?—After all, didn't you come to kill me too?" [1]
  • "It's the truth. There's nothing I can do about it. —I don't know how long ago it was, but I was suddenly born there. That's that. My memories are distorted and vague. I have no idea about things such as what kind of being I am." [2]
  • "Everytime... I come to this world, I'm destroying part of something this wonderful." [3]
  • "...Is it really okay, for me to live?" [4]
  • "…………Aah, I see. That's right. How did I forget something like this. —The person who saved me, was this kind of man" [5]
  • "Stop! Stop! Please Stop…..! Not that----not Shido….! I don't care what happens to me! I will do anything! I will listen to anything! That's why……….that's why, don't take Shido away from me…….!!" [6]
  • "Tobiichi Origami. I hate you. Now, before and it will not change.------but, the [Hate] I have now is most likely different from the old [hate] I had. So------I will come with the intentions to Kill you-----Don’t die, Origami” [7]
  • "— Ah, I see...This feeling is love." [8]


  • Tohka's name reflects the naming pattern amongst the Spirit characters. Her name is written as 十香, with the character for "Ten" composing her name (「十」香). The "Ten" in her name refers to the Tenth Sephira in the Tree of Life of Kabbalah, pertaining to the "Kingdom." The concept of "Kingdom" is evident in her attire, which is a mix between the dress of a princess and the armor of a knight, and her weapon, which comes in the form of a throne.
    • Her Demon King Nahemah is the tenth in the Qliphoth which also corresponds to her number.
    • Tohka's name was given by Shido, based on the day of their first encounter, April 10.
    • Also, the kanji of Tohka's surname "Yatogami (夜刀神)" can translated as "Night Sword of God".
  • Her angel's name, Sandalphon can be translated variously as 'Lord of Extent of Height", "Co-brother" and "The Sound of Sandals."
  • Sandalphon is associated with the planet Earth.
  • Tohka's Astral Dress's name is Adonai Melech which means "(The Jewish) God is a King" in Hebrew.
    • Although, according to the Sephiroth, the name of her Astral Dress should actually be Adonai ha-Aretz, meaning "Lord of the Earth".
  • According to the afterwards of Volume 7, the reason for Tohka's Inverse form having a more revealing design stems from the idea that an evil character is more prone to seducing the hero of a story, while if she was trying to be nice and hide her identity she'd behave more modestly to mask her true nature.
  • Tohka's threat level is AAA-class, but when she is Inversed, it's increased to SS-class, the highest so far, surpassing the most dangerous Spirit, Kurumi.
    • As of Volume 10, Origami, who was turned into a Spirit by <Phantom>, is of the same rank as Tohka in both Spirit and Inverse Form. However, Tohka's mana is slightly stronger than Origami's mana according to Kotori.
  • Tohka once made Shido promise to never kiss any other girl besides her, unaware it's the only way he can save other Spirits.
    • Tohka also occasionally walks in on Shido as he's sealing a Spirit's powers with a kiss, to his dismay.
    • As of Volume 12 she's learned why Shido has to kiss the other spirits through Reine.
      • As a result, she instead asks for Shido to give her a kiss for each time he broke this promise to make up for it.
  • In the anime, Tohka's most valuable item is a bread-like pillow which she won at a game center with Shido; this one is destroyed due to Origami's bullet. But in the later episodes, she has this same kind of pillow inside her room.
  • In the Date A Origami manga, Tohka has a robot version of herself that is even less intelligent than the real Tohka is.
  • Tohka told Shido that she can eat frying pans.
  • In the light novel and manga, Tohka learned the meaning of date before her first date with Shido, while in the anime, she learned about it after her first date with Shido.
  • In the Light Novel and Manga, Tohka adopts the school uniform from a nearby student. In the anime, she adopted it from a picture of Origami that Shido had.
  • In a preview of Date A Live: Ars Install, Tohka's last name was misspelled as 'Yagami' instead of Yatogami.
  • In both light novel and anime, Tohka is shown to have a surprisingly good singing voice.
    • Coincidentally, Tohka's real life voice actress, Marina Inoue, is, in addition to her voice work, also known to be a singer.
  • In the 9th chapter of Volume 7, it is revealed that Tohka knows about Shido having Kotori’s recovery abilities.
  • According to the 4-koma comic from Ars Install novel, Tohka's intelligence level increased when she assumes her Spirit form and is currently unknown at which number it will stop increasing.


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