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Tohka Working & Yoshino High School


Volume Title Tohka Working/ Yoshino High School
Release Date July 26, 2013
Cover Character/s Tohka Yatogami


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Origami Normalize/ Kurumi Cat

Tohka Working/ Yoshino High School (十香ワーキング 四糸乃ハイスクール Tohka Wākingu Yoshino Haisukūru?) is a collection of short stories within the Date A Live series. It was released along with Date A Live 2nd Blu-Ray Volume.


<Ratatoskr> Spirit Report Case 101, 102. Tohka is a bunny girl!? Yoshino is an undercover agent!?

Tohka WorkingEdit

Tohka, who starts a part-time job by an unexpected coincidence. However, the details from the sudden job are―― “Umu, I'll be praised if I make the store manager feel good in the back room”. Shido now stands up in order to save the pure innocent Tohka!

Yoshino High SchoolEdit

Yoshino and Yoshinon sneak into a mysterious facility to transfer the important supplies to a target, and then return. If she fails, the Tengu City will turn into a scorched Earth!?


  • Tohka Working
  • Yoshino High School



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