• So is it possible for Shido to be Mio ? I mean..Rio it's Rinne's spawn and I read somewhere that there is a moment of Shido's life after some years where Rinne is pregnant and she gives birth to Rio. I mean...Mio doesn't sound pretty bad for a man, we have Milo in real life, I can't explain the 30 years drought, but I keep finding this connection. Kill me if I am wrong but Rinne + Mio = Rio ? ...hmm...

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    • If you haven't read Volume 12 of the Light Novel, and I'm pretty sure this is where I read it from, but there is a moment where Shido hears the voice of a girl calling out to him and saying that "she loves him" and we all got a good guess that it was Mio after he collapsed from defending Mana.

      Somebody correct with this if I got it wrong.

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