• Date a Live 16: Kurumi Refrain


    来禅高校に復学した精霊――時崎狂三。「――わたくしと士道さん、相手にデレた方の負け……というのはいか がでして?」士道の力を欲する狂三と、狂三の力を封印したい士道。二人の二度目の戦争が始まる ――。

    Something about Kurumi wating Shidou's powers and Shidou wanting to seal Kurumi's powers, and that their second <war> starts.

    Also, something about Shidou not willing to let Kurumi die?

    Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet


    隣界で目覚めた記憶喪失の少女エンプティは、時崎狂三と出逢う。彼女に連れられ、着いた場所は学校の教室。 殺し合いのために集まった準精霊と呼ばれる少女たち。さあ――わたくしたちの戦争を始めましょ う。

    Kurumi meets a girl with amnesia, who has a gift for killing? And she meets her in the neighbouring world?

    Can someone translate this properly?

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    • かつてデレさせられなかった狂三を、デレさせろ!? (I could not make you fall in love once before Kurumi, let me try!?)

      来禅高校に復学した精霊――時崎狂三。 (The spirit returns to Raizen High School - Tokisaki Kurumi.)

      「――わたくしと士道さん、相手にデレた方の負け……というのはいか がでして?」 ("I and Shido-san, one must make the other party fall in love to take their powers. . . so then, there are no other possibilities?")

      士道の力を欲する狂三と、狂三の力を封印したい士道。 (Kurumi who wants to take Shido's power, while Shido who wishes to seal Kurumi's power.)

      二人の二度目の戦争が始まる ――。(Their second war begins - .)

      It's very awkward with "dere" being spelled in katakana and trying to make sense of the sentence, but this was as close as I could properly decipher. 

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    • Was there any other details regarding Volume 16's release date for this year?

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    • @Vincetick: I think it was already stated it's coming out on March 18th

      Kurumi Refrain... I wonder how the word refrain will be important to the volume's events? It doesn't fit Kurumi's character, nor the volume synopsis since Kurumi's finally acting on her goals.

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    • Oh whoops, I wrote that wrong.

      I meant to ask if there were any other details regarding Volume 16's, for now at least, summary.

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    • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight wrote:

      Kurumi Refrain... I wonder how the word refrain will be important to the volume's events? It doesn't fit Kurumi's character, nor the volume synopsis since Kurumi's finally acting on her goals.

      Maybe their's a past clone revolt. Perhaps the clone that openly likes Shido finally doesn't want to be pushed down nor wishes to comply any longer.

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    • Kurumi's Star Festival did kinda imply that clone would come back eventually, she might use the little time she has to get some information to Shido, information that will help Shido finally get through to her.

      Or maybe the Refrain doesn't apply to Kurumi herself, but the DEM. They could get in the way and put a stop to both Shido and Kurumi's goals.

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    • Summary looks to be out from amazon and placed on the summary of Vol 16.

      Make the Spirit that he was unable to win over in the past, fall in love!? The Spirit who returned to Raizen Highschool----Tokisaki Kurumi. “----Between me and Shido-san, whoever falls in love loses……so how about that?” Kurumi who desires Shido’s power and Shido who wants to seal Kurumi’s power. The second battle (date) betwen the two of them begins----

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    • Well I'm interested to see how this will turn out. 

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    • So there's a possibility that my unsung theory from a year ago about Shido using that "marriage" photo he and the Kurumi clone took to get through Kurumi may come true?

      That or something along the lines of that somewhere...

      Neat! I so wanna see how this volume turns out though, even if it goes differently from what I can imagine.

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    • OH MY GOD!

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    • No spoiler thread?

      I hope to see Origami getting caught between Shido and Kurumi as they showdown, the hero and heroine who saved her.

      Hard to watch but it is this time that this happens.

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