• How strong do you guys think Woodman is?

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    • I think he's strong, possible even be strong enough to be the final boss. I don't trust him after the events of Volume 12 and 15.

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    • Woodman's strength huh, It's really hard to say right now, because things were left deliberately vague. He managed to fight to fight against Westcott to a standstill, but out of the two, he took more injuries than Westcott. Plus, Westcott couldn't use <Beelzebub>'s full powers due to Nia's interference.  

      There's a description of him taking something resembling a golden dog nametag before the battle, I think his powers are more Realizer based, more akin to a Wizard than any Spirit powers that a lot of people have been speculating. Later in the volume, Origami pulls out something that was described as resembling a silver dog nametag to summon <Bryhlider> from a distance.

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