• She has already shown the ability to erase memories. So I'm guessing some kind of mental powers.

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    • I wouldn't doubt it after Nia. Her powers are similar to Kurumi and Miku's to a slight degree.

      Kurumi in the sense Rasiel can manipulate a few minutes into the future, and Miku cause her sound powers effect the mind. With Rasiel, Nia can potentially read someone's mind.

      So I think have a similar mental based power can work for Phantom. I think it could be psychic powers personally because of how she stopped Dainslaf from killing Shido.

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    • There's also the fact that she shielded Shido from the satillite. She could have space powers, to warp the impact of the laser. After all, Nia was confirmed not to have  spacial manipulation,

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    • Oh yeah, I remember that was a common guess we had about Nia's powers back when we didn't know what the Spirit representing the 2nd circle would be like.

      It could also explain her noise, she could be distorting the space around her which causes her true form to be hidden or become too hard for the naked eye to properly register.

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    • Body double and teleportation (relative to Spirit coordinates). She would raise a number suspicious teleportation logs abroad Fraxinus otherwise.

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    • A FANDOM user
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