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Tamae Okamine

Tamae school

Kanji 岡峰 珠恵
Romaji Okamine Tamae
Age 29
Gender Female
Height 150 cm
Blood Type O
Species Human
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
  • Tama-chan
  • Tama-chan-sensei (By Tohka)
Personal Status
Relatives Mikie Okamine (Cousin)
Affiliations Raizen High School (Teacher)
Occupation Social Studies Teacher
Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Kaori Sadohara
English Anastasia Muñoz

Tamae Okamine (岡峰 珠恵 Okamine Tamae?) is a homeroom teacher for Shido's class. Her students usually called her by her nickname, Tama-chan, due to her younger appearance. As she is 29 years old and still single, she is very anxious to get married.


The homeroom teacher of the class Shido is in. Tamae-sensei is a well liked and popular teacher among the students of both genders. Although she's very intelligent as a teacher, she can't control her emotions well when it comes to unexpected or uncontrollable situations.


Despite being in her late 20's, Tamae has a much younger appearance (due to her childish face), with a small body build while wearing thin-rimmed glasses. She is 150 cm tall, as stated in the anime, and has light brown middle length hair.


Tohka Dead EndEdit

As Shido entered class, he and his other students found out that their homeroom teacher was Tamae-chan, who was infamous in the school for her youthful appearance despite her actual age.


  • Light Novel
    • Appearances:
      • Volume 1-3, 5, 8-12, 14
    • Mention:
      • Volume 13


  • (To her students) “What? I’m perfectly fine... But if a demon appeared before me right now and offered me a wish in exchange for my life, I’d probably wish for a meteor to befall Japan next month.” [1].


  • She appears to be sensitive to the words "proposal" and "marriage" and will become desperate in nature when asked about it, even if it was said as a joke.
    • This could be due to the fact that she is almost 30 years of age, yet she is still not in a relationship.
    • However when put in a situation where someone actually states they want to be with her she gets overly excited as shown when Shido was practicing talking to girls with her.


  1. Light Novel Volume 14, Chapter 2


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