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The <Kingdom> has inversed. Well then, prepare yourself humanity.

—Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott

Kanji アイザック・レイ・ペラム・ウェストコット
Romaji Aizakku Rei Peramu Uesutokotto
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Ash Blonde
Nicknames Ike (by Ellen and Woodman)
Personal Status
Affiliations DEM
Occupation DEM Director
Novel Debut Volume 5
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Ryōtarō Okiayu
English Alex Organ

Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott (アイザック・レイ・ペラム・ウェストコット Aizakku Rei Peramu Uesutokotto?) is the main antagonist of the Date A Live series who was first introduced in Volume 5. He is the current director of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries.


Westcott is the current director and founder of DEM, and seemed to be familiar with almost everything happening around the company. He also seems to know about Shido's past, since he briefly called him Takamiya before switching back to Itsuka.

Westcott is the one responsible for minimizing the punishment for Origami as he seemed to be interested in Origami's ability to pilot the <White Licorice>. He is also obsessed about harnessing the powers of the Spirits in their “natural form”, making him responsible for Tohka’s transformation into her Inverse Form.


He is a tall man wearing a formal jet black suit. His hair is dark ash blond, and he has a pair of sharp eyes as if a knife was being used to cut a slit on his face. Despite looking 30 years old, Origami states that he gave off a feeling that of being an experienced veteran.

After his fight against Woodman, Westcott had one of his arms severed in the conflict, and is currently undergoing Realizer treatment to restore it. [1]


Shido describes Westcott's personality as one that could not just be described as just cruel or brutal, but rather as something that could only be classified as abnormal.

He has shown to be arrogant, selfish, and a person that has an uncanny mind or, in other words, a “cruel” businessman with a ruthless ambition. He has no regard for little things (such as his company or people's lives) as long as he accomplishes what he describes to be his most cherished dream. Even the DEM wizards, who are completely loyal to him, are seen by him as only valuable pawns for his interests and goals.

One instance of his cruelty was shown when he was considering how to draw out Tohka's natural form through various types of cruel physical, mental, emotional, and even sexual tortures that only the most twisted of individuals could think of. Another instance was shown when he let Nia escape so she could meet Shido and he could make her regain her hope in humanity, just so that he could turn her hope into despair and make her assume her inverse form.

At times Westcott can also be very childish. Both Ellen and Karen admit that his actions with his newly acquired Demon King resembles a mischievous kid playing with a new toy.



At some point Westcott founded Deus Ex Machina Industries (DEM) together with Elliot Baldwin Woodman and Ellen Mira Mathers, the latter whom became his secretary. They were the ones responsible for the First Spirit appearing in the world 30 years ago. However, at some point, Woodman left Westcott and Ellen and formed Ratatoskr in order to stop Westcott from reaching his goal. According to the members of DEM's Board of Directors, Westcott was also the person who invented the Realizer.


  • Light Novel
    • Appearances:
      • Volume 5-10, 12-17
    • Mention:
      • Volume 11

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Westcott's plan involves making the Spirits go into their Inverse Form in order to extract their Qlipha Crystals from their bodies. Then, he bonds with the crystals to gain their ability to summon their Demon Kings.

So far Westcott has gained the following Demon Kings:

Demon King: Beelzebub (神蝕篇帙 (ベルゼバブ), Jinshoku Henchitsu, lit., "Tome of Divine Corruption")

Weapon: Book

Original Owner: Nia Honjou

It can transfer information about a subject directly into his mind if he just thinks about it, as shown when Westcott found out about Shido changing the past during the events of Tobiichi Devil, and he can freely share this information with others just by simply touching them. It can also summon shadow-like creatures from its pages that follow his every command.

However, since Nia's Inverse Form was in an incomplete state, because of Shido's intervention, only a part of her Qlipha Crystal was extracted. As a result, Westcott's <Beelzebub> is also in an incomplete state, implying that the Demon King is not as powerful as it was, and/or does not have all the powers it had when Nia was using it. <Beelzebub> still has a connection to Nia's angel <Rasiel>, as the two used to be two sides of the same embodiment. As a result, Nia can sabotage <Beelzebub> by interfering with its information network, which she has used to further weaken the Demon King.

So far the Demon King owned by Westcott, Beelzebub, has shown to have the following ability:

  • Ashufiriya (幻書館 (アシュフィリヤ), Genshokan, lit., "Phantom Library"): Traps the target(s) into the book and transports them into an adjacent world created by <Beelzebub>. According to Nia, the world is created by various scenarios made by people's dreams and imagination. The people imprisoned assume the roles of fairy tale and manga characters, though several alterations might be made to the source material. While trapped within the fantasy world, other Spirits are unable to use their Angels.
  • Nibelcol (魔王の娘たち (ニベルコル), Maōnomusumetachi, lit., "Daughters of the Demon King"): Summons various soldiers from <Beelzebub>'s pages, all of whom bare a striking resemblance to Marina Arusu.


  • (To General Kiritani) "Do you still not understand, even though I am saying this much?" [2]
  • (To Ellen Mira Mathers) "I'll leave this matter to you Ellen. ——Ellen. Ellen Mira Mathers. The strongest Wizard that is second to none. If it is you, you'll definitely be able to accomplish it. No matter who the opponent is, even if it is the being that causes the atrocity of destroying the world." [3]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) "…………..Kuku, a boy that is able to use the Spirit's power…………..I've heard about this and thought it was impossible but, I see, so that's how it is. Kuku, haha-hahahahahahahahaha!........Isn't this funny. In the end------everything was on the palm of her hands huh." [4]
  • (To Elliot Baldwin Woodman) “By the way, Elliot. Why don’t you come back to us. You should know this too but, we Inversed <Princess>. Our dearest realization is near. If you provide assistance that would probably make it even more certain. If you come back, Ellen would certainly be pleased.” [5]
  • (To Ellen Mira Mathers) “This is ironic. To think the secret anti-spirit weapon <Ratatoskr> came up with, would become our joker too. It isn’t particularly rare for medicine to become poison. However-------“ [6]
  • (To Ellen Mira Mathers) "Yes.----It’s about time we try making our perfect inverse type?” [7]
  • (To Ellen Mira Mathers) “It’s a very simple thing. Rather than simply dropping the glass, it’s better to drop it from higher place so that it would break easier.” [8]
  • (To an unnamed Wizard) “Now, within a fairy tale… struggling in fantasy.” [9]



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