Origami Normalize & Kurumi Cat


Volume Title Origami Normalize/ Kurumi Cat
Release Date September 27, 2013
Cover Character/s Origami Tobiichi

Kurumi Tokisaki

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Tohka Working/ Yoshino High School
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Mana Mission/ Kotori Mystery

Origami Normalize/ Kurumi Cat (折紙ノーマライズ 狂三キャット, Origami nōmaraizu Kurumi Kyatto?) is a collection of short stories, within the Date A Live series. It was released along with Date A Live 4th Blu-Ray Volume.


Origami NormalizeEdit

"The kind of girl I like…. well, a normal one. A Normal one is the best." -Shido
'Origami Normalize Project' that originated from Shido's single line. The 'normal girl' that Origami analyzed and put in practice to win over Shido's love.

Kurumi CatEdit

"Shido-san, hand over 'that' to me obediently."
The worst spirit, Tokisaki Kurumi. She wanted Shido's power and tries to steal it from him, what is the truth behind her trap and her scheme!?


  • Origami Normalize
  • Kurumi Cat



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