My goal is only one......That is to become Artemisia......

Minerva Riddell

Minerva Lidell crop

Kanji ミネルヴァ・リデル
Romaji Mineruvua Rideru
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Blonde
Equipment Combat Realizer Unit
Personal Status
  • SSS Commander
  • DEM Wizard
Manga Debut Date A Strike
Date AST Like
Japanese None

Originally named as Alice Riddell, she is a British wizard and the main antagonist of Date AST Like. She was a Rank 2 member of SSS and DEM task-enforcer.


Miverva sports short blonde hair, tanned skin, and a mature body. She is also one of the tallest members of SSS. She was almost never seen without a CR unit.


Minerva is a ruthless woman who wanted to be the strongest in SSS. She has a superiority complex, thinking that she is way above all the other members and it's the reason that made her challenge Artemisia. Her goal was to surpass her because Artemisia was famous and loved.

She can be very violent, resorting to hurt others when she cannot have what she wants. She is also a pedophile who admitted she had raped and murdered a child once. Among others, she is also very treacherous, willing to betray anyone so long as she can achieve her goals. Lastly, she is persistent and will not admit defeat till her last breath.


Minerva was one of the many girls who was admitted into SSS to become a wizard. She is a talented wizard who excelled at all fields of combat. She believes she is the strongest woman alive because of her competence. However, this changed when she met Artemisia and they were on the same platoon with Cecile O'Brien, Leonora Sears, and Ashley Sinclair.

Artemisia beats her in every evaluation and she was more popular than her. They respected and loved Artemisia while they feared Minerva. At an unspecified time, she raped and killed a child. In one occasion after their mission, Minerva tries to attack Artemisia so that she can defeat her and humiliate her in public. Artemisia later won, but Minerva became so infuriated that she decided to kill Leonora and Ashley instead. This prompted Artemisia to become violent and slash her in the face resulting in an ugly scar. This sealed the hatred in her heart as she promised to kill Artemisia and her friends.



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