Shido ItsukaEdit

When Miku first met Shido, she hated him simply because she despised men after she lost her voice for the first time and thought that all of them are the same. This caused Kotori to force Shido to cross dress as a girl named Shiori to speak with her. But after seeing the way that Miku used her powers to control the students of her school and how she sees them as just dolls, Shido openly admitted to hating her, which she playfully laughed off. Then, she suggested to have a contest to decide if she will either have her powers sealed, or she would acquire Shido, (who she thought was really a girl), as well as the Spirits he already sealed as part of her collection.

Following the events of Shido's and Kurumi's attack on her mansion, she along with the Spirits she controlled attacked DEM industries. Miku took part in not only to rescue Tohka, but also to know more about Shido's real intentions. She was intrigued by Shido's willingness to save Tohka against all odds, as she thought that it was all an act, and proved that Shido was just as she thinks men are, and offered him as many girls as he wanted in exchange for Tohka but was completely rejected. The further they went the more desperate she became, and after Shido revealed that he knew she was once a normal human and an idol, she explains her past and in response Shido told her that he will protect her just like Tohka, and that even if the world turned against her after he seals away her powers he will always be her fan, shocking her. When Shido saved Miku after she uses all of her Mana in the battle against Inverse Tohka, fulfilling his promise to her, she fell in love with him. 

At present, Miku likes to cling to Shido every chance she gets, calling him "darling" affectionately, albeit in an childish manner, as well as asking him for a goodbye kiss whenever the two of them are about to be separated. 

Tohka Yatogami Edit

After being sealed, while taking a liking to all the Spirits, Miku took a particular liking towards Tohka, taking every opportunity she can to hug her, much to Tohka's annoyance and embarrassment.

Rindouji All-Girls Private SchoolEdit

In her pre-sealed state, Miku didn't care about her schoolmates and simply used her Solo to take control of them and rule the school. Even if someone would get in her way, she would simply increase the strength of her Solo to get her/them back under her control. She would invite girls she had taken a liking to over to her house and drink tea together, but if Miku finds another girl that is more interesting than the girl she invited, she would quickly dump her and take the other girl to drink tea with her without even thinking of how the girl she invited first might feel.

Her current relationship with her schoolmates after having her spirit mana sealed is unknown.

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