That's so lame.

—Mii Fujibakama

Mii Fujibakama

Mii profile pic

Kanji 藤袴 美衣
Romaji Fujibakama Mii
Gender Female
Height 155 cm
Species Human
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Affiliations Raizen High School
Occupation Student
Novel Debut Volume 3
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Midori Tsukimiya
English Monica Rial

Mii Fujibakama (藤袴 美衣 Fujibakama Mii?) is a member of the female trio that Tohka is friends with.


Mai is one of Shido's female classmates.


Mii has long purple hair that reaches beyond her shoulders. Likewise, her eyes match the color of her hair. She also wears circular glasses with a thin frame. Usually, she is seen wearing the Raizen High School uniform. Her height is stated to be 155 cm.


In the anime, Mii has a habit of describing everything with the word "gross" or "boring".


Kurumi KillerEdit

Mii and her friends make their first appearance when they see Tohka being upset that Shido isn't around. They then offer  her the tickets that Tohka would later use on her date with Shido. During Shido's date with Kurumi. Mii and her friends try to chase them down, thinking that he is cheating on Tohka with Kurumi, but are distracted by Yoshino's sudden arrival.

Yamai TempestEdit

After Ellen takes a picture of Tohka, Origami, and Shido. Mii, and her friends appear next to Ellen and compliment her on her camera. Then, after the airplane takes flight, they still follow Ellen while she is spying the <Princess>. Later on, Mii and her friends enter the public bath, where they spot Tohka and compliments her good looks. While they approach her, Tohka acts in strange way in order to cover Shido, who is hiding behind her. However, the trio's continual advancement towards Tohka's location causes the latter to accidentally push Shido off the cliff and into the sea.

Later that night, the trio end up sharing the same room with Kaguya and Tohka, They start fawning over Kaguya's cute appearance and offer her some Pokey. After everyone is present, they engage in a pillow fight, which Ellen accidentally gets caught in the crossfire.

The next day, they call for Ellen to take a picture of them, while they were at the beach. As Ellen tries to refuse, Mii and her friends eventually manages to persuade her to join in on the fun. They end up burying Ellen with sand right alongside Tonomachi, which causes the former to freak out. Later that night, Ellen trips and stumbles on one of the holes they made while speed digging, preventing the AST Wizard from catching up with Shido and Tohka.

Miku LilyEdit

At the gymnasium of Raizen High School, she and Mai listen on as Ai gives a passionate speech about they overcoming their previous failure to win the Tenou festival and how they will surely seize victory this year. After seeing how Shido is able to attract the attention of Tohka, Origami, and the Yamai Sisters, she and her friends accept Shido's nomination of being the executive member for the Tenou festival.

After Shido is forced to crossdress as Shiori, Ai gets mad at Shido for forcing his duties as the executive member onto Shiori. Later, in the room they discuss about the loss of potential band members because of Ai's selfishness. Seeing Shido, Origami, and Tohka in the hallway, she orders her friends to capture them. Ultimately, the missing band member slots are replaced by Tohka and Origami. They also introduce the instruments that they will playing, with Mii playing the piano. After hearing that the drum is already taken, Tohka starts being upset, but is cheer up by the trio stating that they will give her the most sacred instrument: the tambourine

The trio also participates in Raizen High School's maid cafe, which attracts a great deal of customers. However, before the audition started, Miku had already brainwashed them so that they would not participate in Shido's group.

Miku TruthEdit

After the conflict at the music stage, Ai and her friends end up becoming maids for Miku, who asks them for information about Shido's whereabouts. Right afterwards, they barge in on Miku fawning over the new Spirits she has acquired and tell the idol that Shido has come to them instead. Later on, Miku asks Ai and her friends about Shido's relationship to Tohka. At first they answer by telling Miku to not worry about Shido, since he is a frivolous person. However, Miku soon tells them that she hates girls who lie. As a result, they tell Miku the truth and say that they really don't know much about the two, but they do seem to be close. Along with the rest of the brainwashed people, Mii is freed from Miku's control after the incident at the DEM headquarter.



  • Mii's name, along with her two friends, are a pun of the expression "I, my, me".


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