Light Novel Volume 12

DAL v12 Cover

Volume Title Itsuka Disaster
Release Date June 20, 2015
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040701518
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040701516
Number of Pages 320
Cover Character/s Shido Itsuka
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Itsuka Disaster (五河ディザスター, Itsuka Dizasutā?) is the 12th volume of Date A Live light novel series. The novel was released on June 20, 2015.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

To stop the rampaging Shido, you'll need to make him fall in love!?

The powers of all the Spirits Shido has sealed are overheating, and Shido is going out of control. In order to prevent the worst-case scenario all of the spirits try to kiss him, but they're thrown off by Shido's unusual behavior.....[1]

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

To stop the rampaging Shido, you'll need to make him fall in love!?

The Tenguu City was freezing with the arrival of December 1st. Itsuka Shido went berserk without any warning---. He would overwrite sport records in the world and would also break window glasses or walls just by touching them. Inhuman power----it's like he's a Spirit. All the Spirits' powers he sealed until now have overheated and made Shido go berserk. In order to [Avoid] the worst case possible, the girls started acting but..........

「Well then, make me fall in love, everyone」

Shido was acting completely different than what the girl's knew. In order to save the boy who saved the Spirits, all of them are going to date him and make him fall for them!?

Story NotesEdit

  • Shido loses control of the power sealed inside of him, which sends him in an intoxicated state where he will flirt with any woman he sees.
  • DEM prepares to use their newly acquired data from Tohka to invert their own captured Spirit.
  • Kurumi's clones attempt to rescue the Second Spirit, but all of them are all eliminated by the new Adeptus 2.
  • The Spirits are being challenged by him to make his heart throb before the clock strikes midnight in order to be allowed to kiss him and re-establish the seal.
  • While in his intoxicated state, Shido asks Mana about a person named Mio and asked if she saved her from DEM.
  • Against Woodman's wishes, the other members Ratatoskr Round Table unleashes to their secret weapon <Dainself> to kill Shido before the worst case scenario happens.
  • <Phantom> saves Shido from <Dainself> and calls the sealed Spirits as her children before leaving.
  • The Spirits are able to use the leftover amounts of their powers to successfully kiss Shido and restore him back to normal.
  • Kurumi finds out that the aircraft carrying the second Spirit was shot down by Shido in his intoxicated state, allowing the second Spirit to escape in the process.


  • Prologue : The Beast of Demise
  • Chapter 1: An Invading Unordinary
  • Chapter 2: King's March
  • Chapter 3: Vacation Time
  • Chapter 4: Party Time
  • Chapter 5: Spirit's Dance
  • Epilogue: "The Second" Who Has Been Released
  • Afterword




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