Leonora Sears


Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Equipment Combat Realizer Unit
Personal Status
Affiliations SSS
Occupation SSS Wizard
Manga Debut Date A Strike
Date AST Like
Japanese None

Leonora Sears (レオノーラ・シアーズ, Reonōra Shiāzu?) is a British wizard and one of the antagonists in Date AST Like. She is an ally to Cecil O'Brien and Ashley Sinclair.


Leonora sports a bob cut hair and looks tough most of the time. She also has a habit of dressing up in masculine outfits.


Although she looks tough in the outside in reality she is a crybaby often being comforted by Artemisia whenever her clumsiness gets the better of her.


Prior the series, she is one of the young women recruited by SSS to be a wizard. She excels in manipulation of long range weapons such as guns, snipers, cannons and missile launchers. She was included in the platoon of 5 with Artemisia Ashcroft, Cecil O'Brien, Ashley Sinclair and Alice Liddell. She was befriended by Artemisia, Ashley and Cecil. Artemisia acted as a big sister to her due to her being a crybaby. When Cecil O'Brien investigated DEM, she relayed the information to Leonora and Ashley. Together, they vowed to save Artemisia.


Leo was the next member of the trio to appear. When Ashley had successfully placed a tracker in Origami's uniform Leo commenced her assassination mission. The trio knew that Origami is the Ace of AST and that she can be a hindrance towards their goal. So Leo followed the signal of the tracking device and positioned herself in a building near the condominium of AST. Once she had her target standby at a definite place she used her sniper-canon hybrid to blow them up. Luckily Origami managed to deploy a territory whilst Mikie already acquired damaged from the crumbling building. Leo was arrested by AST and was taken in for interrogation.


Like the other members of SSS, Leo has a standard CR unit. Upon their successful hijacking Leonora managed to unlock <Lion>

<Lion>- One of the Ashcroft series that excels in long range attacks and capable of heavy bombardment. It is heavily equipped with canons and missile launchers. It can fire laser beams that follows it targets as if chasing them.



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