Kyouhei Kannazuki

Kyouhei Kannazuki04

Kanji 神無月 恭平
Romaji Kannazuki Kyouhei
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 181 cm
Weight 74 kg
Blood Type A
Species Human
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
  • Vice Commander of <Fraxinus>
  • Former Captain of the AST
Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Takehito Koyasu
English J. Michael Tatum

Kyouhei Kannazuki (神無月 恭平, Kannazuki Kyouhei?) is a Vice-commander under Kotori of <Ratatoskr> crewing the airship <Fraxinus>, a ship located 15,000 meters above Tenguu City.


Kyouhei is the vice-commander of <Fraxinus> and he usually comes in contact with Shido and is regularly featured with the other crew members of <Fraxinus> as assistants on Shido's mission to save the Spirits.


Kyouhei has long blonde hair and light brown eyes. He wears a white suit with black outlines and blue covering some parts. He also wears a black shirt underneath and a silver-white tie with a black belt that can be seen on his waist. Kyouhei is also noted to look younger than his actual age.


Kyouhei is described to be a nice individual with elegant manners. However, Kyouhei is a masochist and often let his masochistic antics make his coworkers question his authority and reliability. This is shown apparent as Kyouhei would have a tendency to choose options that tends to have perverted intent or illogical actions when advising Shido. Kyouhei was also known to be extremely obsessed with Kotori, and would often purposefully do actions that will anger her just be be punished in order to satisfy his masochism. Despite his fetishes, when in danger or when the situation truly calls for it, Kyouhei has shown to be highly perceptive and analytical in the various situations and it is because of these qualities that earned respect from his coworkers as well.


Background Edit

Ryouko mentioned that Kyouhei (his name was not included in that mention but implied) was the AST's captain when Ryouko, the current captain, just joined. He kept the AST in line with unusual punishments whenever they stepped out of line; first timers had to cosplay for a day, second timers had to step on him on top of having to cosplay, and so on. However, he was well-respected due to his skills with Realizers. He left the AST to find a suitable master to serve, and joined Ratatoskr later, though he stated that he wanted to be reinstated in the AST if he was ever to return.


Tohka Dead EndEdit

After Shido wakes up, he is brought to the main deck of the ship by Reine. There, Kannazuki greets him and introduces himself. At first, Shido had assumed he was the captain of the ship but when Kannazuki calls out to the actual commander, it is revealed to be Shido's little sister, Kotori, whom Kannazuki is completely subservient to. While Kotori explains the situation to Shido, Kannazuki is asked by Kotori to come close to her for a moment and is immediately flown a stick from the lollipop Kotori had just finished into his eye, clutching his eye as he stumbled back. As he fell on the floor, he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and calmly wrapped it around the lollipop stick that was just shot with an ecstatic expression, stating it as a reward in his line of work.

During Shido's second encounter with the Spirit from before, Kyouhei is among the crew helping Shido decide on which approach to take in order to talk to her. He and the rest of the crew also presses Shido to finally ask Tohka out on a date. After Shido is accidentally shot by Origami at the end of his and Tohka's date, unlike the rest of the crew aboard <Fraxinus>, Kannazuki's face was tinged red and was drooling from his mouth, prompting a kick to the shin by Kotori, who tells him to get to his work station. Later, with Shido now having sealed Tohka's spirit powers, Kannazuki and the rest are able to put the day to an end with their mission accomplished.

Yoshino PuppetEdit

During Shido's encounter with Yoshino, when it's time for the crew of Fraxinus to decide on the option for engaging with Yoshino, Kyouhei was the only one who voted for the third option of trying to appeal to a distressed Yoshino "as a man filled with a humorous sense." When Kotori saw that, she briefly chided on the decision as Kyouhei was unsure why it seemed wrong. Eventually, Shido successfully sealed Yoshino.

Kurumi KillerEdit

When Shido was assigned to capture Kurumi, during one of the choices to probe more information from Kurumi, Kyouhei was the only one who chose the third option of asking what kind of panties Kurumi were wearing. When Kotori asked Kyouhei's reasoning for choosing that, Kyouhei said that "The thighs that are being isolated by black coloured stockings can be said to be the treasure of humans." and as a result, Kyouhei was sent off by two men but due to a miscommunication, Shido ended up using the third choice.

Soon after, Kyouhei was shown to have escaped the two men's attempts to "punish" him although he had lost his pants during the process. Kyouhei then commented on the choices presented for Shido to try and get better contact with Kurumi and mentioned that there is a better way. When prompted by Kotori, Kyouhei wants Shido to lie down on the floor to see Kurumi's panties (where he frantically prevents Kotori from calling the two men again) and reasoned that because Kurumi would feel embarrassed, she will step on Shido and their master-servant relationship would deepen. Kotori summoned the two men and took him away again.

In the end, the attempt to seal Kurumi was a failure and Kurumi intended to "eat" Shido for her own purposes prompting Kotori to take action.

Itsuka SisterEdit

As Kotori regains her Spirit powers, she was temporary in quarantine and Kyouhei was placed in charge as the acting Commander during this time. Kyouhei then summoned Shido to Fraxinus and gathered and made some prep talk about their devotion to Kotori and the crew brainstormed ideas to make Kotori fall in love.

While there were many ideas presented, Kyouhei rejected most of them but he has shown interest in Kawagoe's one of Shido going to the hot springs and bathing with Kotori. In the end, with Reine's saying that the crew will get to see Kotori in a swimsuit, it was decided that Shido will bring Kotori to Ocean park for the date.

Later on, Shido was shown to have doubts on dating Kotori and Kyouhei went to see him and encouraged him to go on, saying that had Shido remembered the events 5 years ago, he could be very different to it by now. Kyouhei then offered Shido some footage of the fire 5 years ago but Shido soon noticed "someone" else was there and passed out.

During the date, Kyouhei first chose the least favored option of letting Shido comment on Kotori's physique despite many protests from his own crew. Later on, Reine told Shido to let the girls be picked up by some Ratatoskr staff as Kyouhei reasoned that despite how they can act, most girls wanted a prince in a white horse to save them. When Shido questioned on the reliability of his statement due to Kyouhei being a man, Kyouhei instead confessed that he crossdress from time to time. Much later, Kyouhei once again, ignored the crew's vote and let Shido choose the third, unpopular option of being an exclusive float for Kotori. This time, Kyouhei was subdued by the crew and Reine was made to take over.

Later on, Reine had to leave the ship to administer some drugs to Kotori and Kyouhei tried to divert Shido away. However, Shido found out and ultimately decided to leave Tohka and Yoshino to Fraxnius' hands and brings Kotori on a more exclusive date to a theme park. Although feeling uneasy, Reine assure Kyouhei but when Shido and Kotori entered the haunted House attraction when Shido and Kotori holded hands, Kyouhei was shocked and when asked to why, he explained that Shido should have hugged Kotori to enjoy her body and perhaps, even be "blessed" by being stepped upon. And when they went to the Bumper cars, Kyouhei once again was upset that Shido did not masochistically let Kotori drive the car over Shido as the rest of the crew was relieved that Shido removed his ear piece earlier.

Eventually, it was revealed that Kotori's affection for Shido was always high and Shido successfully sealed her back and Kotori resumed her position as Commander.

Yamai TempestEdit

Due to Kotori having to attend a meeting at the Rounds and Reine having to go with the class at the school trip, Kyouhei was reluctantly given the position as Commander during the time. However, when Shido was going to capture the Yamai twins, Fraxinus was cut off from the feed and was attacked by DEM's ship Arbatel. Although initially being doubted by the crew mates, Kyouhei was able to outmaneuver Arbatel and even destroy the ship. In the end, Fraxinus was able to capture the captain of the ship and Shido was able to seal the Yamai twins.

Miku LilyEdit

When Shido was approaching Miku, Kyouhei once again believed to choose the third, disliked option of saying the view below Miku's skirt was the best. Kotori tried to punish Kyouhei by making him a fish bait but Kyouhei said that he chose option 2 instead. As the misunderstanding was made clear, Kyouhei said that he would accept the apology by having some of Kotori's stripped stockings in exchange and was immediately sent away.

When it was discovered that Miku is not interested in men, Kotori summoned Kyouhei (who was drenched and smelled like fish) and with the aid of the rest of the crew, forced Shido to crossdress as a girl to capture Miku.

When Miku discovered that Shido was crossdressing to trick her, she immediately used her Angel to mind control everyone on the ship however, despite not being controlled by Miku, Kyouhei was very willing to let Kotori sit on him and even considered it his "utopia" aand as Kotori is preparing to use Fraxinus' weapons on Shido, Mana managed to knock both Kotori and Kyouhei out.

Miku TruthEdit

After the crew of Fraxinus was freed from Miku's control, Kyouhei noticed that Origami was fighting with Ellen Mira Mathers; DEM's strongest wizard. Kotori then decided to let Kyouhei assist Origami using the ship. In the end, Shido managed to seal Miku.

Natsumi SearchEdit

When Shido was told to confront Natsumi, Kotori was surprised that Kyouhei chose a normal answer and Kyouhei answered that he have no interest in big breasted women but he did mention that he would have been in a difficult position if the third choice was to lick the back of Natsumi's knee and Kotori then hit him.

Natsumi ChangeEdit

Later, when Shido and the others are trying to convince that Natsumi is beautiful on her own right, Kotori has Kannazuki pose as a modeling manager to recruit Natsumi. When Natsumi remained unconvinced, Kannazuki tries to talk about Natsumi's good points (mainly talking about his fetish for small, maturing physiques) but at the end, Natsumi remains in denial of the praises and overthinks that Kannazuki intends to kill her and harvest her organs. Natsumi tries to run away but Kannazuki grabs her, trying harder to convince her but is slapped by Natsumi much to his enjoyment.

Later on, DEM attacks <Fraxinus> again. With approval from Kotori, Kannazuki takes charge in defeating the <Bandersnatch> Units, and even managing to destroy a Satellite falling towards Tenguu City. Despite it, Kannazuki is unable to stop the second and third satellite but the other two are stopped by Natsumi and Origami. Shido then manages to seal Natsumi.

Tobiichi AngelEdit

When Ellen attacked Fraxinus, Kotori told everyone to escape if they cannot withstand Ellen's might and despite the threats, none of the staff wanted to escape. Kyouhei then said that the thought of being punished for running away excites him and was stepped on by Kotori for that.

Kyouhei then prepares himself and began to have a dogfight with Ellen, even being impressed by the latter's skill. However, despite their best efforts, Fraxinus lost to DEM and everyone had to retreat and prepare the ship for repairs. However, because Origami was turned into a Spirit and had inversed, Kotori tried to use Fraxinus to teleport Shido to them but the entire ship was destroyed.

Tobiichi DevilEdit

In the new timeline, when Shido tried to save Origami from her Inversed Spirit self, Kotori tried to had Kyouhei use his abilities to help Shido but like the previous timeline, Origami managed to destroy Fraxinus. Nonetheless, the crew managed to escape safely and in the end, Shido sealed Origami.

Itsuka DisasterEdit

When Shido lose control of the sealed powers from the Spirits, Kyouhei was placed in charge of the dating as Kotori too, had to charm Shido this time around. Kotori then warned Kyouhei not to place weird or perverted ideas as Kyouhei promised not to. When the first option was placed, Kyouhei was surprised that none chose the third option of making Shido dress up as a banana and use him as a boat for sightseeing. When the rest of the crew heard this remark, Kyouhei was immediately subdued and tied to a chair. In the end, Shido managed to regain control of his powers.

Nia CreationEdit

Kyouhei was with on board Fraxinus when Shido eventually managed to partially seal Nia.

Mukuro PlanetEdit

When Shido had to enter to space to communicate with the new Spirit, Mukuro Hoshimiya, Kyouhei gave Shido a headset that will be able to transmit his hologram to space and talk with her. Later when DEM attacked Fraxinus again, Kyouhei was able to defend the ship using his abilities but he noted that it won't do good against real bullets and Wizards. Kyouhei then allowed the ship's AI, MARIA, to build a hologram and managed to defeat the wizards. Kyouhei praised MARIA and said that he will clean her motion unit as a reward which prompted MARIA to call him disgusting. After the event, Kyouhei was glad that Kotori was not in trouble and proceed to provide her lolipop as usual.

Mukuro FamilyEdit

Later on, Kyouhei using Fraxinus, managed to defeat Ellen's personal ship, Goetia and everyone celebrated at the victory. Later on, as the option for Shido to choose to deal with Mukuro's long hair, Kyouhei yet again, chose the questionable option of propping Mukuro's hair like a ceremonial dress and occasionally rub and lick her. Kotori punished him by allowing him to sit on an air chair for thirty minutes, which Kyouhei happily complied to the demand.

Eventually, despite Mukuro locking up everyone's memories of Shido, the latter managed to seal her and in turn, restored everyone back to normal.


  • Light Novel
    • Appearances:
      • Volume 1-17
      • Date A Live Encore 4, 7
  • Manga
    • Date A Live (2012)
      • Appearances: Chapter 1
    • Date A Live (2013-2014)
      • Appearances: Chapter 1

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite being known more for his antics and questionable fetishes, Kyouhei is one of Ratatoskr's most exceptional users of Realizers, when battling with DEM during their mission with the Yamai twins, Kyouhei was shown to skillfully control a Command Realizer (which has a combined stress output of 7 realizers and would have burned out an average wizard) in addition to directing the crew. As it was known that he was the former captain of AST, he is likely a capable wizard as well. Despite his accomplishments, he was noted to be inferior compared to Ellen in terms of control the realizers.


  • Kyouhei is the only known male member in AST.
  • At 181cm, Kyouhei is currently the tallest character introduced in the series thus far.
  • In volume 3, Kyouhei was stated to make "Sacred Kotori Medals" which is a badge with a picture of Kotori made by him to the crew of Fraxinus when they have did something that perks his approval.
  • In Volume 8, Kyouhei has shown to have a distaste for women with large breasts, although he does admit that he still do not mind getting into sadomasochistic kinks with them.


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