Tohka Dead EndEdit

Kotori kicks Shido

Kotori waking up Shido

On April 10th, Kotori attempts to wake her older brother up by landing her foot on his stomach. As Shido complains about wanting more sleep, Kotori slowly starts shaking Shido awake to get him ready for school. In response, Shido pretends to be possessed by the T-Virus, which will force him to tickle her to death. Terrified, Kotori runs away, hiding under the living room table. After Shido had finally woke up, he calms Kotori down by telling her it was only a joke. As Shido prepares breakfast, Kotori starts to watch TV in the living room. As they watch the report on spacequakes in their area, Kotori mutters that it was a little bit too early. As Shido comes closer to hear what she said, he discovers that she was secretly eating Chupa Chups before breakfast. Shido confiscates Kotori's candy, but he ultimately decides to give it back when she starts begging. Before Shido leaves for school, she made him promise to take her out to a family restaurant for lunch. A promise that she told him he had to keep even if terrorists invade the restaurant or a spacequake occurs in the area.

After witnessing the fight between the nameless girl who caused the spacequake and Shido's classmate, Origami Tobiichi, he collapses and wakes up in an airship called <Fraxinus>. There, the vice-commander, Kyouhei Kannazuki, and the analyst officer, Reine Murasame, introduce Shido to their commander, who turns out to be his little sister, Kotori, but with a more mature personality. She then welcomes Shido to <Ratatoskr>.

After that, she begins explaining the situation with the Spirits and the AST to Shido. However, Shido asks her to slow down, since he is genuinely shocked with his little sister's attitude. She starts talking in a rude, sadistic manner, and continues her explanation about the Spirits. When Shido tells her that he was out looking for her at the restaurant during the spacequake, Kotori cuts off the ship's filter, revealing them to be 15 000 meters above the family restaurant. Then, they start talking about the AST and their intentions to kill the Spirits. When Shido states that such a thing is horrible, Kotori explains the two primary methods to deal with a Spirit: to kill them, or to pacify them by making them fall in love with Shido. First, he disagrees with these methods, but Kotori insists that this is the only way, and <Ratatoskr> will do its best to back him up. Once he is convinced, they decide to begin his training on the next day.

On the next day, Kotori goes to school to visit Shido and Reine, officially commencing her brother's training in the physics preparation room. Once there, Kotori activates her "Commander-Mode" personality and scolds Shido for not having experience with women. After this argument, Kotori proves her point by pushing Shido's face into Reine's breasts. Due to his reaction, Kotori says that this training is needed to keep calm when dealing with females. To his surprise, the so necessary training is actually a dating simulation video game. Supposedly, the game was made by <Ratatoskr> and reproduces "situations that can happen in reality". Every time an option came up and Shido got it wrong, Kotori punished him by revealing something embarrassing about him (such as a poem), or by attacking him.

Ten days later, when Shido finally manages to clear the game, Kotori gives him a passing mark and says that it's time to practice with real women. Reine suggests trying with Tamae, Kotori agrees, saying that she is an ideal target for a beginner like him. When Shido finds her, Kotori reminds him that he won't die in this training and should compliment her first, but he overdoes it, and Reine decides to help him. Moments later, Shido retreats, and while arguing with Kotori through the intercom, he crashes into Origami. Kotori says that this too is a perfect opportunity to interact with a member of the AST. However, his (strange) conversation with Origami is interrupted by the spacequake alarm, and since the Spirit will appear in Raizen High School, Kotori, Shido and Reine retreat to the <Fraxinus>.

While watching over the Spirit, both Shido and Kannazuki claim that maybe he hasn't had enough training to confront the Spirit, but Kotori dismisses this and calls them pigs. However, she tells him that the Spirit is at the school, and the AST aren't equipped to fight indoors. After reassuring him, she introduces the crew members who'll be helping Shido in his dates, but they seem to be just perverts. After telling him that Shido can start a new game if he dies, Kotori wishes him good luck.

Once at school, Kotori tells him to look for the Spirit in class 2-4, Shido's classroom. If it's there, Kotori tells him that he'll have a locational advantage. It doesn't take too long for Shido to find <Princess>. When she sees him, she attacks him, but Shido tells her that he's not the enemy. Then, Kotori informs him that it should be safe to enter the classroom again since she is not preparing to attack. Suddenly, <Princess> asks him who he is, and Kotori tells him to stop as the choices appeared. After some deliberation, Kotori asks him to repeat what she'll say: "Before asking for someone's name, state your own first." Hearing this, <Princess> gets ready to attack him, but Shido manages to get her talking, and she asks about his intentions. Then, more choices appear for the <Fraxinus> crew. Kotori tells him to go with the second option, "Of course, I came to meet you," but <Princess> asks him why. The choices appear once more. This time, Kotori haves him say "It was so we could love each other", but this causes <Princess> to attack him. However, when Shido decides to tell her his real intentions, Kotori asks him to calm down, but he doesn't pay attention to it. To their surprise, that approach works with <Princess>, so Kotori tells him to continue like that.

At some point during the conversation, <Princess> asks Shido to give her a name. Kotori asks her crew to think of something and send it to her, with "unfitting" results such as "Misako" (one of Kawagoe's ex-wives) and "Clarabell," a weird name Kimimoto made. Running out of time, Kotori tells him to give her the name "Tome," but this greatly displeases the Spirit. Desperate, Shido gives her the name "Tohka," and <Princess> comes to like it. Suddenly, he hears an explosion, and Kotori tells him to get on the ground. She tells him that the AST must be doing this to lure Tohka out. Then, Kotori tells him that he has two choices, to run, or to stay, and she compliments him when he decides to stay with Tohka.

After some time, Kotori reminds Shido that they need information on the Spirits, so he should ask Tohka a question. Suddenly, Kotori tells him that Tohka's mood is above 70 and asks him to make a move, such as inviting her to a date. After some convincing, he finally asks her out on a date, but Tohka doesn't know what that is. However, Origami interrupts them and starts fighting Tohka. Kotori then teleports Shido to the <Fraxinus>.

On the next day, Kotori is seen with Reine in a café, since her school was closed due to the space quake. Suddenly, Reine asks her why did she choose him to deal with the Spirits. Kotori begins explaining Shido's history when her family adopted him. However, Reine asks her "what" exactly is Shido. When Kotori tells her that it will become something that everyone will know, she sees Shido and Tohka enter the café, which causes her to blow her juice all over Reine. After speculating that Tohka must have appeared silently, they begin making preparations for a successful date.

After Shido and Tohka had left the café, Kotori congratulates Reine, who was disguised as an employee. Then, she gives more orders to her crew, telling them to be ready or she'll have them skinned. During the date, Kotori and her crew eventually draw them to a love hotel, but Shido refuses to enter. Seeing this, Kotori calls her brother a "chicken" and claims that it's not necessary to go to the "very end" and that just a kiss would be enough.

When the date is coming to a close, Origami accidentally shoots Shido, seemingly killing him. Except Kotori, Reine, and Kannazuki, the crew starts panicking, but Kotori reminds them that Shido can't die just like that. Then, they watch as Shido's body is healed and he wakes up. Kotori repeats that if he dies once or twice, he can start a new game, and asks the crew to recover him. Once he's there, Kotori tells him that the AST attacked him, and Tohka snapped. While they send him there using the <Fraxinus>, Kotori explains him the method to save the princess. Shido dislikes the idea of falling from the <Fraxinus>, but Kotori doesn't care and asks two muscular men to throw him out.

After Tohka's powers are sealed, Kotori attends a meeting with <Ratatoskr>'s higher ups, who were represented by stuffed animals in a round table. The <Ratatoskr> leaders can't believe the results and even claim that Shido could be a dangerous Spirit. However, Kotori calmly explains everything to her superiors. Then, one of the higher ups, supposedly Elliot Woodman, congratulates her and tells her that he expects great things from her.

Yoshino Puppet Edit

After Tohka was successfully sealed, Shido notes that Kotori had been skipping her classes, causing him to worry as her brother. Kotori returns home shortly before Shido finds Tohka in their house. While still wearing her white ribbons, Kotori welcomes her Onii-chan back home. Kotori points to the kitchen, where Reine is currently located, in order to prevent Tohka from overhearing the conversation. Then, Kotori informs Shido that Tohka will be temporarily staying in their house. As Reine informs Shido of the reasons for the decision, Kotori enters her Commander mode and tells Shido that if he doesn't do anything, the spacequakes will continue to devastate the world.

As Shido struggles to process the information, Kotori is asked by Shido when did she join such an organization, and the reason behind his powers. Shido is told by Kotori responds that <Ratatoskr> was created to provide the Spirits a happy life, and that she was recruited by them 5 years ago. Shido voices his disbelief, as she was only 8 at that time. Shido questions if <Ratatoskr> is responsible for her double personality, to which Kotori says that he is being rude. In response, Kotori states that <Ratatoskr> obtained a boom 5 years ago when they discovered a person who had the ability to seal the power of a Spirit. As Shido asks Kotori why he has this power, Kotori replies that they don't know for now. Shido attempts to press the matter, but ultimately relents when he saw Kotori's gloomy expression.

Kotori tells Shido that the goal of his training is for him to be able to converse with girls without being nervous. To that end, Kotori arranges multiple situations where Shido ends up in awkward situations with Tohka. As Shido starts to protest, Kotori introduces another penalty, publicly broadcasting an embarrassing poem that Shido had written during middle school. Eventually, Shido starts to wise up to Kotori's tactics, after she told him the bath was ready. Knowing that Kotori couldn't resist a bath bomb, Shido offers her to take a bath first. Despite trembling and trying to resist, Kotori still offers the bath to Shido first. Shido, thinking it was safe, decides to go in the bath. However, to Shido's shock, Tohka enters soon afterwards, causing Shido to imagine Kotori wearing sunglasses while making an inappropriate laugh and saying he was such a child before sipping some whiskey.

Later that night, Reine wakes her up and tells her the preparations are complete. Using a super refreshing mental candy, she starts to wake up and puts on her black ribbons. Issuing the commands, her men enter the house and stealthily transfer Shido into Tohka's room. The next, morning, Shido wakes up shocked, with his hand on Tohka's breast. Seeing this, Kotori declares another punishment and sends a recording of Shido's poem to all his friends. Despite Shido's protests, Kotori's finger mercilessly presses the send button.

As the next Spirit makes her appearance, Kotori apologizes to Shido that they didn't give him enough time, but they need his decision now. Using the Fraxinus teleporter, she transfers Shido onto the main deck of Fraxinus. Kotori notes that this spacequake is smaller compared to usual, since it only left a crater that was about 10 meters in diameter. As they focus on a visual of the Spirit, Kotori asks Shido about the reason for his shocked expression. In response, Shido tells Kotori that he has already met this Spirit yesterday. Giving instructions, Kotori asks her crew to look up any Spirit wave readings from yesterday. Seeing the information given, she assumes that it must have been a silent entry, similar to what happened with Tohka's situation. She asks Shido why he didn't tell her this beforehand; however, Shido retorts that he didn't know she was a Spirit at the time.

At that moment, AST arrives and begins their assault. Shocked at the brutality inflicted on a little girl, Shido requests Kotori help him save her. Happy at his response, Kotori tells everyone on deck to prepare for a level one capture. Licking her lips, Kotori announces the beginning of their date (war). As Shido approaches the Spirit <Hermit>, the Fraxinus supercomputer once again offers three choices for the decision that Shido should take. As Kotori gives the command for everyone to vote, the final decision ends up being number 3: give a hard boiled act and pretend to be a wandering passenger. Despite the ridiculousness of the choice, the decision actual gets a laugh out of the target, causing Kotori to puff up her chest in pride. However, Kotori later informs Shido that <Hermit>'s mood drastically dropped after he made a comment about ventriloquism.

As Shido asks Yoshinon out for a date, Kotori remarks that he played it without any set up and it could have been much smoother. After Tohka suddenly enters, Kotori comments on how troublesome it has become. Kotori informs Shido that like she said before, Tohka's powers will transfer back to her when her mental state becomes unstable. Therefore, she instructs Shido to fix Tohka's mood. However, Tohka and Yoshinon's argument culminates in the latter summoning <Zadkiel>. Kotori comments on the materialization of an angel, and tells Shido to run away as soon as possible. She quickly tells Shido that an angel is the strongest shield for a Spirit, and that it was the same as Tohka's <Sandalphon>.

Much later, Kotori communicates to Shido through the intercom, she comments that even though Shido had accidentally kissed the Spirit, he likely couldn't seal her powers because she hadn't opened up to him. As Shido accidentally ran into <Hermit> again, he immediately contacts Kotori, who was still on-board <Fraxinus>. Once again, the choices dictating Shido's actions appear. This time, the crew votes on the first choice, forcing him to roll over and show that he bears no hostility. Afterwards, Kotori tells him to asks about the puppet, which greatly catches <Hermit>'s attention. As Shido helps her look for the puppet, Kotori gives the <Fraxinus> crew members the command to search any recordings that may help them locate the puppet. After much searching, they were able to determine that Origami had the puppet in her possession. As Shido goes to Origami's place to retrieve the puppet, he suddenly finds his communication with Kotori jammed because of the security features in Origami's house.

After communications had been restored, Kotori informs him that AST is once again attacking Yoshino. After Shido is saved by Tohka's timely intervention, Kotori tells Shido to not tell Tohka any dangerous information. However, Shido continues on, informing Tohka, that Yoshino is a Spirit, just like her, and that he needs Tohka's power to help save her. Despite Tohka agreeing to help, she comments that was still careless of Shido. In response, Shido tells her to save the preaching for later, and that he also needs their strength to save Yoshino. Kotori retorts that it is their mission to save the Spirits, so they will waste any effort in helping him.

As Shido prepares to rush into Yoshino's ice barrier, Shido remarks that he wants to confirm something with Kotori. Shido asks if healing from fatal wounds is one of his abilities, recalling how his wound healed despite being fatally shot by Origami. After a moment of silence, Kotori replies that he's half wrong and half correct. Any fatal injury he receives would cause his body to ignite on fire and be revived. However, he tells Shido to stop, since it is to reckless to enter the barrier while only depending on his recovery power. She explains to Shido that the blizzard has an internal barrier within 5 meters of the outer circumference. While within it, the damage to his body would feel like consecutive rounds of shotguns, and his wounds will not heal since the barrier would freeze anything that detects spirit mana. Despite Kotori protests to stop, Shido continues to march forward in order to save Yoshino.

DAL Director&#039;s Cut003

Kotori worried for Shido

After Yoshino is successfully saved, Shido and the others are warped back to the deck of <Fraxinus>. Kotori entered the transporter room while breathing heavily. Yelling at Shido with tears in her eyes, she pushes her face in Shido's chest and scolds Shido for doing something so thoughtless and reckless. She tells him while sobbing that he needs to follow her orders, since it is safer that way. After regaining her composure, she tells everyone to follow her after undergoing a check up.

Two days later, Kotori tells a bewildered Shido that the housing complex designed for the Spirits has finally been completed. Despite the house being built next door to their house, she tells Shido that this will also be a trial period to help Tohka live outside. Seeing Shido's expression, she teases him, asking if he wants to live with Tohka longer. As Shido quickly denies the accusation, Kotori mocks that if he wants to make a mistake, today would be the last time to do it. Shido yells that isn't the case, as Kotori remarks that he looks scary and retreats back to their house.

Kurumi Killer Edit

Commander Mode Kotori stops Shido while he's preparing to go to school, and scolds him for never going to school with Tohka. Kotori reminds him that when more Spirits appear, he'll have less time to pay attention to her, so he should at least walk to school with her. After he agrees, Kotori gives him an intercom, to train him against Tohka's jealousy of Yoshino, and to deal with other Spirits more easily. Then, she leaves, but reminds him to talk to their special guest, which turns out to be Yoshino.

Through the intercom, Kotori informs him of Yoshino's progress in socializing, and that they intend to let her live outside of <Fraxinus>, in the Spirits' apartment. Seconds later, Tohka appears, and Kotori reminds Shido to talk with both of them. However, when Shido calls Yoshino cute, Kotori tells him to treat Tohka the same as Yoshino, like a normal girl. After this, they prepare to go to school, but Shido notices that Tohka wasn't wearing a bra. When he asks Kotori for help, she tells him to help her wear the bra himself.

Along the way, they find a girl working with <Ratatoskr> to help with Shido's training. They bump into each other and she asks him to "take responsibility". Once she's gone, Kotori tells him to reassure Tohka by telling her something that he only cares about her. Later, at the school entrance, a girl gives Shido a love letter, and he rejects it. Kotori reveals to him that the girl was not from <Ratatoskr>'s staff, and that he succeeded by not upsetting Tohka. Kotori tells him that they had prepared a punishment for him, in case he failed: to spread some embarrassing photos of Shido's past.

During class, a transfer student, Kurumi Tokisaki, had claimed to be a Spirit. Shido decided to call Kotori to inform her of this, and she tells him that she'll look into it. Once classes are over, Kotori asks Shido if he's ready, and tells him that Kurumi is indeed a Spirit, and that this is a good thing, since the AST won't interfere and Kurumi already invited Shido. She also tells him that Kurumi is the priority now, so pleasing Tohka will have to wait.

When Kurumi asks Shido about what part of the school to visit first, the choices appear for Kotori and her crew. After an argument over the rooftop, the infirmary, and the cafeteria and the comissionary, they settle for the last one, based on Reine's suggestion. While Shido and Kurumi go there, Kotori tells him that two people were following them, but that <Ratatoskr> will handle that. Later, based on Kurumi's approaches toward Shido, Kotori decides that they need more info on her. At that moment, the choices appear. After an discussion with Kannazuki about panties, Kotori wonders about the third choice ("Kurumi, what kind of panties are you wearing today?"), she accidentally turns the microphone on, and Shido asks Kurumi about her panties. Kotori tells him to play it as a joke, but Kurumi was already willing to show him her panties.

When he finally asks Kurumi about the Spirit comment she made in the morning, Kotori decides not to let Kurumi take control of the situation, and so more choices appear. After dealing with Kannazuki's fetishes once again, Kotori tells Shido to go with the third option ("Hey, it's this way." Naturally hold her hand.). However, they are astonished when Kurumi decides to take Shido's hand, instead of the other way around.

Kotori conversing with Mana

Kotori and Mana's conversation

Later, after school, Shido and Tohka are buying things for dinner, and Kotori tries to convince him to make hamburger steak, moments before Mana Takamiya appears. Since she claimed to be Shido's real sister, Kotori asked him to take her home. There, Kotori (Commander mode), acted like an ordinary little sister and began questioning Mana about her past and her relationship with Shido. After talking for some time, Kotori gets furious when Mana says that she can't beat a real little sister, and so a "sisters war" unfolds. When they ask Mana about where is she staying, she drops the subject and leaves. Kotori is seen keeping the teacup that Mana had used.

On the next day, during class, Shido gets a call from Kotori, who tells him that the worst situation has happened. While they are talking, Kurumi asks him what he's doing. Hearing this, Kotori asks who it was, and she goes speechless when Shido tells her that it was Kurumi. Then, she asks him to go to the physics lab. There, Kotori and Reine want to show him something, but accidentally end up showing him the sequel to "Fall in Love, My Little Shido". After this, they show him some footage of Mana wearing the AST uniform, and Kurumi manifesting her Astral Dress. However, in the video, Mana kills Kurumi. Since there are no guarantee that Kurumi will revive next time, they have to make her fall for Shido on the next day, wich happens to be a holiday for the school. Later, at home, Tohka asks Shido out on a date tomorrow, and so does Origami. Hearing this, Kotori promises to give him their full support.

On the next day, Kotori is explaining her strategy to Shido, but scolds him for not listening. The dates being. After giving him some advice regarding Tohka, Kotori asks Shido to bring Kurumi to a lingerie shop. Once there, Kotori tells him to choose a revealing lingerie for her. When Ai, Mai and Mii appear, Kotori tells him to go to the date with Origami, but not without reassuring Kurumi first. 

Some time later, Kurumi dissapears while Shido is away. Reading her wavelengths, Kotori tells him to go take a look at a nearby alley. However, once he gets there, Shido panics when he sees a dead person, so Kotori asks him to calm down. She also tells him to get away when they see Kurumi in her Astral Dress approaching Shido. He manages to escape thanks to Mana, and he is teleported to the <Fraxinus>. There, he reconsiders about wether the Spirits should be saved or not, but Kotori slaps him, and remembers him that he is the only one who can stop Kurumi from killing and Mana's heart from withering. Later that day, on the <Fraxinus>, Reine informs Kotori that Mana's analysis is completed. It turns out that Mana is Shido's real sister, and that she belongs to DEM Industries. Kotori is also shocked to know that the source of Mana's power is a treatment take decreases her life span. They both decide not to tell Shido about this.

On the next day, Kotori and Mana meet in an abandoned building to discuss Shido's involvement with <Ratatoskr>. Mana tells Kotori that she failed as a sister, but Kotori answers her that DEM is an evil company, responsible for what happened with Mana's body. However, Mana is oblivious to whatever happens with her body, and while Kotori tries to get her to join <Ratatoskr>, both their phones sound, asking them to go to Raizen High School.


Kotori using her angel

Later, Kurumi reveals her purpose of eating Shido and wins against Tohka, Origami and Mana. To carve despair into Shido's heart, she decides to strike the school with a space quake, to kill the students inside. However, the space quake gets hit by another one, and they cancel each other. Said space quake had been caused by another Spirit, Kotori, who looked like a demon. She tells Shido that she'll be "taking it back for a while". She summons her Angel, <Camael>, and prepares to engage into a fight against Kurumi. 

Itsuka SisterEdit

Kotori vs kurumi

Kotori vs Kurumi

As Kotori descends down on the battlefield, Kurumi tells her to not get in her way, since she was just at the best part. In response, Kotori sneers that Kurumi's actions have gone overboard, so her only choice is to beg for forgiveness and accept her punishment. At that moment, a large number of the Kurumi clones leap towards to attack Kotori. However, with a single swing of her battle ax, all of the clones are soon disintegrated into ash. Afterwards, Kotori arrives between Shido and Kurumi and assumes a protective stance for Shido. She tells Shido to stay back, as he would die easily now in his current state. However, Kurumi refuses to yield, and uses the First Bullet <Aleph> to accelerate her attacks. However, Kotori parries the attack and tells Kurumi that she is annoying and should retain some manners if she is a lady. In response, Kurumi sarcastically thanks Kotori for her advice and tells the fire Spirit that she will kill her in a more elegant way. Activating <Zafkiel>, Kurumi shots out the Seventh Bullet <Zayin>, which freezes Kotori in place the moment it hits <Camael>.

As Kotori laid there helplessly frozen in time, Kurumi summons out her clones and targets Kotori with a ruthless barrage of bullets. However, flames soon appear from Kotori's body, healing her wounds and fixing her damaged Astral Dress. Seeing that Kurumi was about to resume her attack, Kotori kicked Shido out the way and launched a second swing with <Camael> that lands a devastating burn scar that on Kurumi's stomach. Kurumi angrily yells that it is not over and heals her injuries with the Fourth Bullet. Suddenly, Kotori clutches her head, as if suffering from a bad headache. In a much more aggressive manner, Kotori activates the cannon mode of her angel and bombards Kurumi with a large inferno of flames. Despite Kurumi using her clones to provide a shield, the ensuing blast destroys a quarter of <Zafkiel> and cost Kurumi her left arm.

Kotori megiddo mode

Kotori preparing to shoot

However, Kotori tells Kurumi to pick up her weapon or else she will die. Shido interjects Kotori's words, asking if it wasn't <Ratatoskr>'s goal to resolve the conflict peacefully with the Spirits. But, Shido's words fall on deaf ears to Kotori, and she prepares to fire a second round. Shido notices that Kotori was clearly not herself, as she had a sadistic smile with cold eyes that were flashing an odd red glow As she was about to fire, Shido jumps in the way in order to protect Kurumi. After launching her attack, Kotori momentarily regains her senses and tells Shido to dodge.

After Shido wakes up on <Fraxinus>, Reine takes him to a room where Kotori was located. After a moment of silence, Shido asks Kotori what kinda of person she is. Kotori responds by saying that she is of course his cute little sister. In a more serious manner, Shido then asks if Kotori is a Spirit. Kotori tells him that she is human, but the monitors classify her to be a Spirit. She is definitely a human that was born into the Itsuka family; however, she became a Spirit 5 years ago. Kotori remarks that Shido must have forgotten everything that happened five years ago, to which Shido recalls that he just had a dream about that event. As Shido asks what turned her into a Spirit, Kotori replies that she doesn't remember. When Shido questions how she could forget something this important, she responds that she doesn't want to hear it from a person who forgot his own sister became a Spirit.

Kotori talking with Shido

Kotori and Shido's conversation

Despite having already gone through mock battles, Kotori remarks that she didn't think a real fight would be that intense. When asked about the spacequake canceling each other out, Kotori replies that it was based on Reine's calculations, but it was still a risky gamble. She then promptly kicks Shido in the stomach, scolding him for being so reckless again. Since she took back her nearly 100% of her powers, Shido no longer had his revival ability. As a result, he would have died if she hadn't changed the trajectory of her attack at the last moment. At that moment, Shido recognizes how Kotori was recruited by <Ratatoskr> and why he had his healing factor. Still, Kotori remarks that it is very suspicious that both she and Shido have holes in their memories and wonders if someone purposely erased their memories. When questioned about her behavior at the end of the fight, Kotori remarks that she sometimes gets destructive urges when using her powers. She worries that, with her fragmented memories, if she may have accidentally harmed someone 5 years ago.

Seeing that she had fully regained her powers, Kotori tells Shido that he has to make her fall for him in order to reseal them. At that moment, Kotori starts experiencing some nausea and accidentally drops of the teacup that she was drinking. She tells Shido that she is fine, but would like some time to rest. At that moment, Reine arrives and tells Shido that Kotori is at least fine for now, and that he should prepare for their date in 2 more days. Shido asks why specifically 2 days, to which Reine replies that any they aren't sure if Kotori will be able to withstand the power within her for any time longer than that.

Eventually, the date is decided to take place at Ocean Park. Kotori arrives, alongside Tohka and Yoshino, who also wanted to have fun at a pool. Shido comments that Kotori looks cute, which causes her to accurately guess that Reine or Kannazuki told him to say that. Then, she asks him where does he think she's cute. Following Kannazuki's lead, Shido is forced to say that her budding breasts are irresistible, which causes Kotori's cheeks to turn crimson as she swiftly uses both her hands to cover her chest. For the next plan, they decide to have some <Fraxnius> members in disguise hit on Kotori so that Shido can save her. However, the plan fails because Kotori easily recognizes her men, and tells them to take the rest of the day off.

Seeing that Kotori wasn't enjoying the date fully, Reine has Shido take Tohka to the super water slide, knowing that Kotori would become jealous and join them. However, the unstable position of them going at the same time, causes them to fall off course and directly plummet into the pool. As Kotori's ribbons falls off during the impact, she turns away and asks Shido for her ribbon. Upon closer inspection, Shido notes that Kotori has tears in eyes, which reminds Shido of her personality before the Spirits came into their lives. Shido asks her why she choose to wear the black ribbons today, to which Kotori remarks that the black version is her stronger self.

Reine helping Kotori

Reine helping Kotori

During lunchtime, Kotori excuses herself while heading to the direction of the washroom. As Shido follows her, he sees Reine administrating some sort of drug to her. Reine tells her that she has already given her 50 times the normal dosage, and any more can be fatal. Kotori remarks that her current self is a Spirit, so mere drugs shouldn't be able to kill her off. As she continued speaking in between her heavy panting, she begs Reine to let her continue, as she wants to have a date with Onii-chan. As she gives her thanks to Reine, the analyst officer tells Kotori that this will be the last one.

After hearing this, Shido decides to abandon the intercom and decide his own course of actions for the date. Throughout the course of the date, Shido takes Kotori around the haunted house, roller coaster, and bumper cars in the amusement park. Shido remarks that it's been around 5 years since they last went to the amusement park together. Kotori remarks that she is tired, but the time they had today wasn't boring. She then realizes that it's the perfect opportunity for the kiss, but blushes and says that there are to many people present.

At that moment, Origami launches a devastating attack to Kotori with the <White Licorice> unit. Shido cries out in outrage, asking Origami if she knows what she had done. Origami merely coldly replies that she is killing Kotori. However, Kotori emerges from the rubble of Origami's attack and asks her if she really thinks that is enough to kill her. Imputing the coordinates, Origami traps Kotori within a sphere-like boundary while simultaneously attacking with her with missiles. However, Kotori's flame powers easily heals her from the damage taken. At that moment, Kotori loses control of her powers again and summons her angel <Camael> to give a brutal counterattack to Origami, breaking apart her defensive territory with a flurry of hits. Crashing down from the sky, Origami asks if she had killed her parents just like this, greatly shocking Kotori. Taking advantage of Kotori's horror, Origami uses her territory to bind Kotori's motions. However, before Origami can give the final blow, she is interrupted by Yoshino and Tohka, who manage to provide Shido the distraction needed to reseal Kotori, though not before the two siblings openly admit how much they love each other. As they kiss, both Kotori and Shido suddenly remember what happened 5 years ago.

After the end of the amusement park battle, Reine apologizes Shido for putting him in needless danger, since the date wasn't necessary to seal Kotori's powers, because her affection points were already maxed out the whole time. After all, Kotori loves her brother the most. As she said that, Kotori kicks Shido, who ends up burying his face on Reine's chest. The commander says that there's an error with the numbers, but Reine interrupts her, saying that such a thing is impossible. Kotori then bribes Reine with Ten "La Pucelle" limited edition cream puffs. Reine accepts and tells Shido that the numbers must have been wrong. As Shido asks if she is okay, Kotori responds that she is fine, at that there is no time for breaks. She has to record down everything they've remembered in case their memories are reset again. Kotori then asks if Shido was telling the truth when he said he loved her. Shido reveals that he does love her, but as a little sister, causing her to angerly kick him into Reine's chest. As Kotori leaves, Shido tells her that the black ribbons really suit her. After a moment of surprise, she smiles and agrees, thanking her big brother.

Yamai Tempest Edit

Kotori is in the <Fraxinus> bridge talking with Reine about Shido's school trip, which was suddenly changed to Arubi Island. Apparently, the destination was suggested by the travelling company Cross Travel, which is affiliated with DEM Industries, the only company able to manufacture Realizers, asides from Asgard Elctronics. During the days of the school trip, however, Kotori will not be in <Fraxinus>, since she has a meeting in the <Ratatoskr> Headquarters. Since Reine will attend the trip as well, there is no one capable to command the <Fraxinus>. Suddenly, Kannazuki starts dancing in front of Kotori, and after being insulted by Kotori, he asks to be left in charge. After some "Ignore play", and Reine's approval, Kotori agrees to Kannazuki's idea.

During the school trip, <Fraxinus> engages into a fight with the DEM airship, <Arbatel>. Kannazuki, being in command of the battle, shows his masochistic side when they get hit by the <Arbatel>. Worried, Shiizaki contacts Kotori. The commander believes that the emergency is due to Kannazuki doing something to upset Tohka, or embarrassing Shido during the trip. When Shiizaki explains that it's a battle, Kotori relaxes, and tells her to be calm because Kannazuki is there with them after all.

Kotori&#039;s declaration

Kotori stating that she would kill Shido

Once the battle is over and Shido has sealed the Yamai sisters, Kotori is in the headquarters, on her way to the office of Woodman, who is the founder of <Ratatoskr>. Their discussion goes around Kotori using <Camael>, and how the round table members were shocked. However, the main issue is that Shido manifested the Angel <Sandalphon> during the battle on Arubi Island. Woodman says that if it gets worse, they'll have to deal with it appropriately. Kotori claims that if the worst case happens, she will kill Shido.

Miku LilyEdit

As Shido arrives home late, Kotori kicks him in the stomach the moment he takes his shoes off. He explains that he was made the executive committee for the upcoming Tenou Festival. Shido notices that his sister has been acting strange ever since the school trip. Moments later, she asks him to make hamburgers for dinner. Then, she reminds him that he must take care of himself "just for Tohka's sake", and to be careful with the Spirit codenamed <Phantom> and DEM. When talking about DEM, Kotori suddenly names Mana as a reason for why they are unforgivable. Just when Shido was asking her about it, the spacequake alarm sounds and they retreat to <Fraxinus>. Kotori and the <Fraxinus> crew teleport him to the Tengue arena, where he asks for the Spirit's whereabouts. They then hear a song coming from the arena. Once there, Kotori tells him that it's the Spirit <Diva>, whose existence was confirmed only half a year ago, and the data on her is equivalent to zero, and tells him to be careful. However, Shido accidentally knocks on an empty can, and the sound of it draws <Diva>'s attention. As he is about to approach her, Kotori tells him to stop because the choices have appeared. On the <Fraxinus> bridge, Kotori and her crew talk about the choices. Since the third choice, "The view from below is the best", had only one voter, Kotori tells Kannazuki, whom he believes voted for it, that he'll become the bait for the fishes. After telling Shido to go with the second option: "Your song------it's very beautiful". Kannazuki then clears up that he voted for option two and she apologizes to him, but due to his behavior, some guards take him out of the bridge. Nonetheless, all the three choices drop <Diva>'s affection level. Kotori tells him to retreat but <Diva>'s attacks, along with interference from DEM wizards, force <Fraxinus> to retrieve Shido after he faints.


Kotori gives Shido a thumbs up

Afterwards, Kotori confirms Shido's suspicions that Miku Izayoi is the Spirit <Diva>. As Shido asks if Kotori knows her, she tells him that she has heard her sing a couple of advertisement tunes and drama show theme songs. Kotori wonders how a Spirit can integrate herself into society so smoothly, since Miku made her debut as an idol half a year ago. Kotori informs Shido that they have developed a hypothesis on why Miku's affection levels dropped so low when she saw him. It was likely that Miku prefers girls over boys. As a result, Kotori says that she has prepared a countermeasure before having Kawagoe and Mikimoto forcibly restrain Shido as they force him to crossdress. As Shido is taken away, Kotori gives a thumbs up and wishes her "Onee-chan" good luck. As Shido is finished dressing, Kotori gives him a bandage-like device that helps transform his voice.

Once again, Kotori and the <Fraxinus> crew provide support to Shido as he approaches Miku, only this time, he is disguised as "Shiori". The first decision, causes "Shiori" to ask if Miku wants to buy her underwear, which Miku plays it off as a joke. As Shido questions if Miku needs to be saved, Kotori reminds him that the ideology of a Spirit is meaningless to AST, and with his powers, Miku will inevitably hurt even those close to her. However, as the conversation progressed, Shido, despite Kotori's protests, informs Miku of his ability to seal the power of Spirits. After Miku and "Shiori" agreed to use the winner of the Tenou festival to decide the victor, Kotori scolds Shido for saying things like "I hate you" and "I don't approve of you" to Miku. He tells him that even if he felt that way, he shouldn't have said it out loud.

Despite this, Kotori announces that they will of course support Shido during his performance. After being told that it is a music concert, Kotori remarks that he is in luck and shows an embarrassing video of Shido playing the guitar in middle school. Kotori then proceeds to give instructions to the crew members, telling Minowa to ask professional singers for help and to choose the song and Shiizaki to send some spies into Rindouji All-Girls Private School in order to find out their performance list. As Shido is amazed by their preparation, Kotori retorts that they have no choice but to go all out since their opponent is an idol. Before continuing on, she mumbles that it did felt kinda good seeing Shido be angry at Miku.

During the day of the concert, the <Fraxinus>'s radar detects a large number of DEM wizards being deployed. Kannazuki asks his commander if she wants them to intercept them. Kotori hesitates, as a large scale battle would cause irreversible damage to the Tenngu square down below. Luckily, the DEM wizards are stopped by Origami, who had come equipped with the <White Licorice>. During the concert Kotori attempts to sabotage Miku's performance by shutting off the lights. Kotori tells Miku to not hold it against her, as it was retribution from her trying to brainwash Shido's friends into giving up the concert. Much later, as Shido is running away from both DEM and the people Miku brainwashed with her Angel, he finds that Kotori and the <Fraxinus> crew had heard Miku's live broadcast and thus have also been brainwashed. In her hypnotized state, Kotori plans to fire the main <Fraxinus> cannon at Shido for upsetting Miku. However, before this could be done, she is swiftly knocked unconscious by Mana.

Miku Truth Edit

Thanks to Mana and Reine, Kotori and the others in <Fraxinus> are freed from Miku's control, as she herself explains it to Shido once Mana gives him a new intercom. Afterwards, Kotori gives a sincere apology for her earlier behavior while she was under Miku's spell. Shido then proceeds to explain the situation to her over what happened during the concert and why he is with Kurumi near a DEM building. Hearing this, Kotori voices her disapproval, and starts arguing with Shido. However, he manages to convince her that this is the best chance to rescue Tohka. Kotori understands what Shido is trying to do, and tells him that <Fraxinus> will provide external support, but also warns him that communications with <Fraxnius> will likely be jammed once he enters the building. She then complains to Mana that they have such a disobedient brother.

When Jessica attacks both of them, Shido enters the DEM building alone, which causes Kotori to scold and tell him to wait for Mana. However, Kotori's voice is then drowned by static as the intercom loses its signal. When Mana fights Jessica, Kotori sends several <Yggd Folium> to protect her. Later, when the Fraxinus crew see Origami fighting with Ellen, they decide to support the former with the <Mystletain> cannon. During the attack, she gives the cannon's manual control to Kannazuki.

After that, the Fraxinus crew inform Kotori that Tohka's power levels are on "Category E", which means that she just inversed. When Shido confronts Dark Tohka, Kotori advises him to do something that could make Tohka remember him. Once the problem is over, Shido leaves the matter to Kotori and Reine.

Natsumi Search Edit

DAL v8 02

Kotori annoyed at Miku

Shortly after Miku is sealed, Kotori tries to conduct an interview with her. However, Kotori eventually gets annoyed that Miku's attention is focused on Shido. She reminds her angrily that they only brought Shido here because she refused to have an interview without him. As Miku childishly remembers, Kotori begins to ask her about the circumstances in which she became a Spirit. After hearing Miku's story, Kotori questions if Miku has had any destructive impulses afterwards, to which Miku says that she has no idea what Kotori is talking about. Since they couldn't throw away the chance that <Phantom> manipulated Miku's memories, Kotori tells her that they will have to attach electrodes to her head in order to monitor her brain wave activity, much to Miku's dismay.

After Shido and Miku leaves, Kotori ponders over the information they have about <Phantom>. Seeing Miku describe a purple crystal, she wonders how many gems does <Phantom> have in her possession. While deep in thought, Kotori suddenly feels a cold object touch her cheeks. As she turns around, she finds Mana handing her a cup of ice coffee. Mana tells Kotori that it is good to be dedicated, but not to overwhelm herself. Kotori asks Mana where she came from and asks her why she was not undergoing treatment in order to increase her lifespan. However, Mana tries to avoid the topic and tries to escape. At that moment, Kotori hugs her, thanking her for saving everyone while most of the <Fraxinus> crew were brainwashed. Mana returns the gratitude, telling Kotori that she is grateful that <Ratatoskr> took her in and saved her from DEM. However, Mana still rejects Kotori’s requests for treatment, telling the commander that she needs to chase after <Nightmare>, as she felt that there was no one else that could be Kurumi’s opponent other than her. As Kotori receives a call from headquarters, Mana uses that opportunity to escape. Before leaving, she tells Kotori that she will think about taking the treatment. Afterwards, Kotori picks up the call, and is greatly surprised to see that it is from Karen Nora Mathers, who informs her that Woodman is in town.

As Shido makes his way to confront the Spirit <Witch>, Kotori and the Fraxinus crew once again vote on the actions that Shido takes. Kotori shoots the finished Chupa chups towards Kannazuki's eyes when he reveals his perverted reasons for voting on the third option: lick her on the other side of the knee. After deliberating, Kotori informs Shido that it is option 2, so he has to moisten his eyes as much as possible while looking at her with upturned eyes. Despite the conversation initially progressing smoothly, things take a turn for the worse when a stray missile lands next to them. Kotori informs him that Natsumi's mood has just drastically dropped. Thinking that Shido had seen her secret, Natsumi flies away while swearing revenge.

Later, Kotori is among the 12 photos of suspects that Natsumi sends to Shido. As a result, <Fraxinus> decides to conduct a separate investigation date with each suspect in order to try to determine which one is Natsumi is disguise. Reine takes over as the person in charge of overseeing the date, since Kotori is also a suspect of potentially being Natsumi in disguise. Kotori's date ends up being scheduled as the first one on the second day. During Kotori's date, the two meet up at a park bench. However, Shido finds it diffcult to talk, since he is worried about Yuzuru, who had been captured by Natsumi's <Haniel> last night. Seeing Shido's mood go down, Kotori slaps him on the head and tells him that being depressed won't bring Yuzuru back. As Shido starts to cheer up, Kotori tells him that it is still an investigation, so he has to ask her questions. Shido asks Kotori about the place they went for a date last June. However, Kotori remarks that is too simplistic, as Natsumi could have easily found that out. In response, Shido takes the time to remove Kotori's black ribbons, reverting her to her timid personality as she begs Shido to give her ribbons back. Shido remarks that it's definitely the real Kotori before being punched by her after she has snatched back her ribbons.

DAL v8 c04

Kotori as one of the final suspects

Kotori is later among the last four suspects remaining on the last day of Natsumi's game. Natsumi's Angel, <Haniel>, appears and tells them that they will all start disappearing by the hour unless Shido names the correct person. Kotori theorizes that Natsumi might have disguised herself as one of the first few people that she captured in order to lower suspicions. However, declaring Yuzuru, the first person captured, as the culprit only leads to Origami being taken as well. As Natsumi raises the speed of the countdown, Kotori, in her haste, says that Tohka was the culprit. The incorrect answer leads to Kaguya being taken. However, with the hints given, Shido is able to correctly deduce Natsumi's disguise as Yoshino's puppet, Yoshinon. After giving the correct answer, Natsumi's Angel releases her prisoners and also undoes her transformation. Angry at having her true form seen, Natsumi turns Kotori and the others into children in order to spite Shido before flying away.

Natsumi Change Edit

Kotori is among the group turned into children by Natsumi and is temporarily placed in the Itsuka residence. Collectively, Shido struggles to keep everything in order throughout the chaos. In particular, Kotori is chasing after both Yuzuru and Kaguya, who had stolen her Chupa Chups. So afterwards, Reine arrives to help restore order. She disciplines both Kaguya and Yuzuru by telling them that they wouldn't like it if someone else stole their candy. As a result, the twins apologize to Kotori, who in turn also apologizes for not sharing. The next morning, during breakfast, Miku asks Shido to feed her. Seeing Shido doing so causes Kotori to get jealous. Noticing this, Shido also hands Kotori a piece of toast. Despite protesting that she is not a child anymore, she still grumbles down the toast while averting her eyes.

A few days later, Natsumi uses <Haniel> and transforms the Itsuka residence into a zoo, with Kotori being dressed as a cat. Finally able to detect Natsumi's spirit wave energy, the group proceeds to follow her, which ultimately leads them in saving her from Ellen. Incidentally, the damages that Natsumi took from Ellen also reversed Kotori and the others' transformation. After Natsumi wakes up, Kotori brings Shido to the quarantined area where Natsumi is resting. Before Shido enters, Kotori advises him to be careful, since, despite not being able to use her Angel, Natsumi's impression of Shido was at the lowest value. After Shido leaves the room with a large scratch mark, Kotori remarks that is why she told Shido to be careful, pointing out a similar scratch that she has.

Kotori remarks that they need to first help Natsumi overcome her negative personality, since her lack of confidence in her real appearance would cause her powers to flow back to her, even if they manage to seal her. Furthermore, Kotori states that they have a two day time limit, since Natsumi will regain usage of her Angel then and be able to easily escape. The next day, on Kotori's orders, Shido, Tohka, and Yoshino carried Natsumi away in a sack. As Natsumi's eyes adjust to the light, she finds herself next to a beauty salon and wonders if they only took her there to mock her. In response, Kotori gave a chop on her head and told her that they are going to fix both her appearance and that negative persecution complex. Following Kotori's orders, they soon move to choose a new selection of clothes for Natsumi. Next, they try to see if Natsumi could start a conversation with someone else. After Tonomachi failed, Kotori sends Kannazuki as the next person. However, that eventually fails as well, since Natsumi's gloomy attitude misinterprets what Kannazuki is saying and ends up punching him in the cheek.

However, Natsumi ends up fleeing due to being unable to handle all of the positive compliments given to her. Kotori and the crew use the observation installed in the <Fraxinus> at full strength, to chase after Natsumi's disappeared reading. At that moment, the ship detects what appears to be an artificial satellite falling down towards the city. Mikimoto informs her that there are Maryoku readings detected, causing Kotori to realize that the satellite is equipped with explosives made by a Realizer. Kotori contacts Shido and informs him that they will attempt to destroy the satellite with the main <Fraxinus> cannon. However, Shido refuses to evacuate, since he hasn't found Natsumi yet. Giving out a sigh, Kotori gives in but tells Shido that his time limit is until they finish preparing their intercept attack.

DAL v9 c03

Kotori preparing to fire <Gungnir>

Kotori gives instructions to move towards a location where they can pick up Shido before destroying the satellite. However, the increased descent of the satellite forces them to change their plans. Kotori contacts Shido and tells him to instead go to the nearby shelter, since they won't have enough time to pick him up. Kotori gives the signal to fire <Fraxinus>'s <Mystletainn>. However, the attack is blocked by the Territory generated by an enemy ship that has <Bandersnatch> units surrounding the satellite.

Seeing that there is no other choice, Kotori opts to use their last resort trump card: <Gungnir>, a devastating attack that combines both her Spirit powers with the main <Fraxinus> cannon. Using <Gungnir> completely annihilates the artificial satellite; however, much to everyone's horror, they discover that a second satellite is making its way towards them. Kotori tells them to prepare a second volley, but her crew informs her that is impossible since it would prove too much of a burden to both her and the ship. As Kotori struggles to stay conscious, she is found by Tohka and the others. Unable to do much else, Kotori begs them to help Shido, who was still at ground zero for the attack.

Tobiichi Angel Edit

As Shido is woken up by Natsumi in her adult form, Kotori enters the room moments later and both Spirits start arguing over who is scrawny. At one point, Natsumi starts to cry, forcing Kotori to apologize by saying that she is more of a midget than Natsumi. With victory in Natsumi's hands, she starts to laugh at Kotori's confession, causing an angry Kotori to chase after Natsumi, who had ran away,

While at school, Kotori receives a call from the <Fraxinus> informing her that Shido is missing. Kotori suspects he was kidnapped by DEM, and asks about the other girls. Despite them being stable for now, they still have to find Shido no matter what. Kotori leaves school early, telling her friends she feels sick, and goes to the <Fraxinus>.

DAL v10 06

Kotori conversing with Ellen

After that, the space quake alarm sounds, and Kotori and Reine suspect that it is to keep people away from something. In fact, the cameras show them that Origami was fighting with Tohka, the Yamai sisters, and Miku, while wearing a new and more powerful CR-Unit. When they decide to retrieve the girls, the are attacked by another airship, which they find out is Ellen Mather's <Goetia> when they receive a transmission from her. Ellen greets Kotori, claiming that her looks and age have nothing to do with her abilities. She also requested all the <Fraxinus> members to leave within 3 minutes, and those who survive to send Elliot Woodman a message that she's coming for him. Kotori tells the crew that they can leave if they want, since their enemy is humanity's strongest Wizard. After the whole crew refuses to leave, <Fraxinus> and <Goetia> engage into a fight. Ellen seemed to have the upper hand throughout the whole battle, until they fire <Mystletainn> at <Goetia>. However, after thinking they had won, <Goetia> appeared again on the monitor, and fired at <Fraxinus>.

After Origami becomes a Spirit, Kotori calls Shido as he and the girls were treating the wounds they got from their fight with Origami. Kotori updates Shido on her situation. Apparently, <Fraxinus> was severely damaged, having lost to DEM's <Goetia>, and the <Ratatoskr> members were at the underground facility. Then, Shido explains to her that Origami became a Spirit, probably due to <Phantom>. Kotori tells Shido to get ready to conquer Origami, and she prepares to send someone from <Ratatoskr> to pick them up.

While they are talking, suddenly, something incredibly powerful appears. Kotori confirms that it is Origami, who had become an Inverse Type Spirit. Shido and the girls try to get to her, and after a while, the damaged <Fraxinus> appeared to back them up, with Kotori talking through the outer speaker. But Origami's Devil King, <Satan>, attacks it and destroys the ship. The <Fraxinus>, already damaged from the battle with Ellen, goes up in flames and crashes to the ground.

Tobiichi Devil Edit

In the new timeline, Kotori was sitting in the living room when suddenly Shido entered the room energetically. Kotori is confused when her brother worriedly asks if she is okay. When she didn't answer, Shido asks the date for that day, to which Kotori replies that it was the 8th of November. Without warning, Shido suddenly hugs Kotori while saying that he is glad she is okay. Kotori, shocked by his sudden actions, kicks him in the stomach, causing Shido to fall down. Kotori is frightened at his brother's behavior and asks if he is delusional. Shido apologizes to her and says that he will make breakfast for her.

At the Itsuka residence, Kotori notes the drastic drop in Shido’s energy, which causes Yoshino worry out about why Shidou is being so listless. Natsumi as it's obviously got something to do with women, which alerts both Kotori and Yoshino. Natsumi concludes that high school boys' problems boil down to women but then goes on vividly describing a series of bullying incidents in schools. The girls decide to cheer up Shido by appealing to him through using their feminine charms. Natsumi says she can still use some of her transformation powers, but Kotori warns that if they were changed into little kids again it would only increase Shido's load as he turns into his male nurse mode. Natsumi says that this time it will be the opposite.

DAL v11 c03

Kotori getting angry at Natsumi

While preparing the dinner, Shido almost cuts his finger as he's distracted by thoughts about Origami. Kotori and Yoshino comes to help, but Shido drops the knife when he turns around to see his sister and the timid Spirit have all grown up his age and are dressed in suggestive clothing. The two girls grab Shido's arms and Shido notes that even though they have both grown, Kotori still looks rather scrawny. Shido realizes it's Natsumi's doing and tells her to show herself. Natsumi comes out of hiding from behind the sofa, but while she's also grown, she's dressed in plain maid dress instead of Kotori and Yoshino's revealing clothing. Kotori gets in a bit of argument with Natsumi about how they have all agreed to wear swimsuits with aprons. Kotori tries to take off Natsumi's maid dress, causing the two to end up running around in the living room. Shido attempts to put a stop to the childishness, but everyone ends up falling and crashing due to gravitational acceleration, which in turn causes the girls outfits to start to fall apart.

The girls apologize to Shido and he thanks them for worrying about him and tells him that he's alright. Kotori says they can't be always so relaxed because there are still unknown Spirits, Kurumi and, <Devi>l. Shido is surprised to hear about <Devil>, especially she's supposed to be just as dangerous as Kurumi. Kotori explains that Devil is a Spirit Hunter who never appears alone but will always show up when another Spirit appears and attacks that Spirit. She says that they have suspected AST and DEM to be linked to the Spirit, but that doesn't seem to be the case as both AST and DEM attack <Devil> as well. Shido asks Kotori if he could see video footage or pictures of <Devil>, Kotori says there isn't much point but shows him a video. Shido quickly understands why Kotori would say there is no point as <Devil> is clad in darkness and is difficult to ascertain her appearance. However, Shido immediately recognizes the black silhouette as none other than the Inverse Spirit Origami.

After Origami appears as a new transfer student, Shido immediately contacts Kotori and informs her that <Devil> had transferred into his class. Voicing her disbelief, Kotori reminds Shido that <Devil> is an unidentified Spirit and asked him how he can be so certain. Shido tells her to trust him and that he will explain the details after he gets back home. Despite having no proof, Kotori agrees to send a unit to investigate, but warns Shido that he won’t get off easily if he’s making <Ratatoskr> investigate and get information about a girl he likes. As Kotori asks for the person’s name, she is surprise to hear that it is Origami Tobiichi. She informs Shido that Origami use to be part of AST, but resigned shortly as <Devil> began appearing.

After the confrontation on the rooftop, Kotori and Reine discuss about Origami, or rather Shido is informing them about the events in the original world and how he changed the past. Reine shows Shido a picture of Origami using <Satan> on the rooftop, while Kotori explains that Origami herself is not aware of the fact that she is a Spirit and Reine's analysis shows that Origami wasn't lying about it either. Shido wonders how something like that is possible, which prompts Reine to put forward her theory. Reine says there are probably some sorts of conditions regarding the memories of the original world. Kurumi retains her memories due to her time-control abilities, though Reine is not sure how Shido manages to do the same. Shido thinks it's likely because he's the person who changed the world, but it's also true that he doesn't have memories of this world. Reine says the conditions may be being shot by Kurumi's Twelfth Bullet or having spiritual powers. Kotori adds that its possible Origami gains memories of the original world when she receives powers from Phantom. Shido asks Reine if she's saying that the Inverse Origami is the Origami who has regained memories of the original world. Reine replies that it's just a theory, but it would seem to be a logical conclusion.

Shido says the Origami who came to school is definitely the Origami with memories of this world. Reine says Shido is unique in that he has retained memories of the original world from the beginning, while Origami just has memories of the new world. As a defense mechanism against the memories of the original world being fed into the new Origami, she's separated herself from the Origami with memories of the original world. Kotori and Reine conclude that the trigger that sets off the old Origami is the existence of Spirits. Since she didn't react to Tohka at school, Origami most likely responds to spiritual power. Kotori tells Shido that Origami is an irregular case but there's only one thing <Ratatoskr> can do: date her and make her fall in love. Kotori asks her brother to get in touch with Origami and ask her out on a date. Shido says he's already planned a date on Saturday with her, which sends Kotori into deep shock. Kotori says she will have to hear more about the relationship between Shido and Origami from the original world.

During the day of the date, November 11th, Kotori asks Shido why he's going so early to the date and gets mad when he seems to know a lot about Origami. He stops when he sees that Origami is already waiting for him and is mesmerized by her choice of clothing, which is decidedly a lot more girly than the Origami Shido use to know. Kotori snaps him out of it and tells him to focus as they are dealing with a girl who can turn into one of the most dangerous Spirits. As the date progresses, Kotori and the others are shocked by the choices that the <Fraxinus> AI decides, which are even more bizarre and perverse than usual.

As the date nears its end, Kotori tells Shido that things are going well and that it feels he just needs a little more push to seal Origami. Reine tells him that Origami is feeling anxious about whether Shido would accept her or not due to her weird behaviors during their date. Kotori asks Shido to rid Origami of her anxiety and seize the opportunity to seal <Devil> today. The <Fraxinus> crew tells Shido that Origami's affection point has increased rapidly and reached the maximum. Kotori tells Shido to finish it off right there right now, but he's distracted by Origami who asks him to look at a shooting star.

She tells him to make a wish, and Shido does so by wishing to successfully seal Origami and for her to get along with Tohka and the others. At that moment, the balustrade Origami is leaning on collapses, having deteriorated over time, and she falls off the platform. Luckily, Shido is holding her hand and is able to pull her back up at the cost of injuring his left arm. Kotori tells Shido that it's the perfect time to kiss and seal Origami. Just as Shido is about to kiss her, he notices something changing in her. Origami's eyes are fixated on his injured left hand, which is being healed thanks to Kotori's power. Suddenly the siren goes off and Kotori shouts at Shido to get away.

Shido tries to get close to Origami but he's blown away by her spiritual power each time. Kotori asks Shido what he's doing and Kotori informs him that she probably won't revert back to her human form unless Shido is dead. The <Fraxinus> restrains Origami using the Yggd Folium system and Kotori attempts to attack Origami with the ship's main cannon. Before Kotori can finish giving her order however, Origami's "feathers" surround the Fraxinus and the white airship is pierced by rays of black light. Witnessing the Fraxinus falling down again sends a chill down Shido's spine, as it reminds him of what happened during the original timeline.

Itsuka DisasterEdit

Due the damages sustained to <Fraxinus>, Kotori and the others crew members are temporarily stationed at an underground base owed by <Ratatoskr>. Here, she contemplates about the new information that Shido and Origami have recently told her about <Phantom>. At the very least, she now has a lead: <Phantom> is a young girl and has a goal. As she wonders about <Phantom> and her mysterious goal, Reine arrives and shows her a graph for everyone’s Reiha readings and points at one line that was rising to the extreme. As Kotori wonders if it is Origami, Tohka, or herself; however, Reine informs her that it is not one of the Spirits, but instead it is Shido.

After Shido collapses, Kotori enters a discussion with <Ratatoskr>’s heads, who are worried about the worst case scenario happening. The one with the ugly cat icon tells everyone to calm down, since they had already prepared <Dáinsleif> for this scenario. As the one with the detonator, they inform Kotori that it is up to her to pull the trigger when the need for disposal arises. Kotori frowns and makes a hateful expression when she hears those. However, the person with the squirrel icon, Elliot Woodman, informs her that her role is not to give judgement when the time comes, but instead diligently work to prevent it from happening when it arises. In response to hearing this, Kotori fixes up her posture and gives a formal salute.

Kotori arrives just as the other Spirits were discussing Shido’s condition. She notes that Miku isn’t here, but they will have to start without her. At that moment, Miku comes rushing in and suddenly hugs Kotori. Miku notes that Darling’s skin has become smoother, almost as if she had turned into Kotori. Kotori angrily rebukes that it is her and pushes Miku away. Afterwards, Reine draws everyone else’s attention, and describes the current situation with Shido. The current flow of Reiryoku between each Spirit has become cut off and is causing an oveheat in Shido's body. In order to re-establish the flow, they each have to kiss Shido. However, as they arrive to his hospital room, they find that Shido has already left. 

After finally finding Shido, Kotori and the others are shock at his new flirtatious personality, more so by how he is easily using all of their powers. Kotori demands that Shido come with them since it is an emergency, but Shido refuses. As she gives the order for Kaguya and Yuzuru to grab him, Shido easily avoids them by using Natsumi’s power to transform him, and his surroundings into “Shiori”. Floating in the air, Shido tells them that for once, he would like them to try and capture him instead. As a result, Kotori and <Ratatoskr> are forced to make individual plans for each Spirit in order to try and make Shido’s heart race. However, during Yoshino’s date, DEM sends a swarm of <Bandersnatch> units to capture him, which Shido easily takes care of by using his new found powers. Reine remarks that she has a plan, though she didn’t want to use it if possible.

DAL v12 08

Kotori dancing with Shido

During her own date, she takes Shido out for a dance, which surprises Shido since he didn’t know Kotori could take the lead in a dance. Shido teases her for trying to act as an adult while still being a child. He then offers Kotori an adult kiss, which causes Kotori to become flustered. However, the plan works as she successfully raises Shido’s heartbeat to a rate where he is captured. However, things take a turn for the worse during Shido’s date with Tohka, as he suddenly loses his powers and destroys the upper roof of the <Ratatoskr> facility. As Kotori and the others start to get up from the rubble, they are quickly contacted by Mana, who asks them to save Shido while she distracts DEM. Kotori thinks to herself that Mana must have been Reine's emergency plan, and yells at Mana for staying in contact with Reine, but not her. Before Kotori can say anything more, she is interrupted by the sound of an alarm, a dreadful sound that she was told it was better if she never heard it again during practice. Suddenly, Kotori tells everyone that she will handle the situation alone, despite everyone else’s protest.

Kotori then proceeds to walk outside and pulls out a device from her pocket. As she enters the retina and fingerprint scan, she suddenly finds a gun pointed at her temple. Behind her, Origami asks her what she is doing. Kotori replies with tears that this is not the case, as they did want to use Shido, but by the time that <Ratatoskr> found him, he had already sealed her powers. Presently, Shido is a walking time bomb unless they can get him to seal all the Spirits and extract his powers in the form of a new Sephira Crystal. At his present state, Shido could cause a spacequake as large as the one that hit Eurasia 30 years ago. Knowing that Shido wouldn’t want to be the cause of so many deaths, Kotori steels herself to press the trigger. However, the other Spirits arrive and state that Kotori is only giving up because she thinks that she is alone and convinces her to not give up.

At that moment, <Dainslaif> starts activating anyway. Origami asks if it was because Kotori had just dropped the launch control. However, Kotori replies that the trigger control device wasn’t created so that it could be easily tampered with. However, instead of being destroyed by the beam of light, Shido is saved by <Phantom>'s timely intervention. While all the other Spirits stare at the mosaic being, Kotori thinks to herself that she is the reason Shido is in so much peril right now, as <Phantom> giving her the Sephira crystal was the catalyst for everything that followed after. <Phantom> remarks that she could understand Kotori’s painful determination, but she would be much troubled if Shido doesn’t continue living.

As Kotori questions who <Phantom> is, the unknown entity merely states that she has given them a chance to save Shido, and wishes them luck before leaving. After the first group has successfully kissed Shido, Kotori and Origami assume their Limited Astral Dresses, and prepare for battle. Origami uses her teleportation ability to get close enough to kiss Shido. Immediately afterwards, she teleports herself out of the way in order to provide an opportunity for Kotori to get close to Shido. As Kotori is struck by Shido’s <Sandalphon>, Origami calls out her name. However, Kotori assures her that she is fine because of her regeneration ability. However, Kotori still receives a hefty amount of pain from the injury, but she accepts that pain as atonement for carrying the weapon that was going to be used to kill Shido. As she kisses Shido, she tells him that she will be waiting later for an adult kiss.

As Shido wakes up, he is greeted by Kotori, who breaks down in tears over her guilt revolving the <Dáinsleif> situation. However, Shido tells Kotori it's fine, as it was good to be prepared with countermeasures in case he ever went berserk. He tells Kotori that it is painful to see her cry, and given the chance he would still do everything that he did 5 years ago again. As Kotori starts to wipe away her tears, she leaves to grab everyone else. Before she leaves, Kotori tells Shido to thank Tohka, as she took the most amount of damage in order to save him. After gathering everyone over, Kotori and the others walk in on Tohka kissing Shido. Kotori shouts at Shido over what happened, as she only left for a few minutes.

Nia CreationEdit

During Shido’s last cheek-up, he is greeted by Kotori, who he feels has been becoming more distant after the <Dainslaif> incident. Suddenly, Shido runs and hugs her, telling Kotori that "Onii-chan is lonely". Kotori soon kicks him away, causing Shido to remark that he is happy that she is acting normal, which cause Kotori to blush. A few minutes later, Shido is tasked with delivering the groceries that Kotori requested from Shiizaki. However, as Shido opens the door, he finds Kotori trying to remove the undergarments of a patient. Seeing that Shido is misreading the situation, she tells him that it isn’t like that, and they are merely trying to get Mana to accept her medical treatment. As Mana says it’s no problem, Kotori starts scolding Mana while crying herself; telling the Wizard that she doesn’t care if her reckless behavior is putting her already shortened lifespan at risk. Nodding her head, Mana softly tells Kotori not to worry so much. Kotori retorts that she has never seen anyone as reckless as her and Shido. Grabbing Mana’s arm, she tells her that they will force her to take the proper treatment and they will examine places even she didn’t know.

After Shido’s encounter with Nia, Kotori remarks how terrifying Nia’s Angel is, as it can be used to reveal even the most well-hidden of secrets. Kotori briefly thinks about using the Angel to find more about Shido’s past and <Phantom>, but ultimately decides against it as they don't want Nia to think that they have an ulterior motive for helping her. During the scheduled date, Kotori tells Shido how smoothly it is going compared to the others. However, during the date, Kotori is informed that Nia’s affection level hasn’t stayed constant throughout the date. After hearing that Nia can only love 2D, Kotori devises a plan where Shido will cosplay as Nia’s favorite character, Tokiya. However, Shido acting out of character for Tokiya only serves to drive Nia away from Shido

After the failure of the cosplay plan, Kotori and Fraxinus decide to send Nia a visual novel game while synchronizing the game avatar’s voice with Shido. Once again, the plan progresses smoothly at first, but it only serves to make Nia angrier after she accidentally finds out the truth using <Rasiel>. Seeing that they were dealing with a type that they have never handled before, Kotori recruits the other Spirits to help win over Nia. As Tohka asks why Nia can only love 2D, Kotori remarks they will try to investigate the reason. Following Origami’s suggestion, they decide to create a manga telling Shido’s story, and how he has helped the Spirits before. However, Nia quickly intervenes by using <Rasiel> to hack into <Ratatoskr>'s communication line. She tells them that even if they make the manga, there is no guarantee that she will read it, especially to people that have insulted her Tokiya. Seeing Nia’s point, Kotori refutes that there is a decisive way to determine if their work is good, and challenges Nia to a sales competition at Comico in three days.

DAL v13 06

Kotori shocked at Origami's drawing

Soon after making the bold challenge, Kotori arranges a room where they can draw the illustration. She tells them that <Ratatoskr> can help with the arrangements with a booth and the copying. However, the main artwork must be done by themselves. As a result, everyone submits drawings of Shido in order to see who the main artist will be. Kotori’s drawing was nice, but it was rejected because it was something on the level of a middle school student. Kotori then lets out a shriek when she sees Origami's inappropriate drawing. She tells Origami, that the artwork is good, so she is in the running for main artist, but they can't use this type of artwork because they are selling in the all ages booth. Eventually, Natsumi is decided to be the main artist, with Shido, Origami, and the Yamai sisters as the assistants.

As they were busy working on the manga, Kotori enters the room to provide refreshments. She pulls Shido aside and tells him that they have found something interesting related to Nia. As they drive to a nearby café, she tells him that they are here to meet Takajou-sensei, a fellow manga artist whom was once Nia's friend. After lying that they were relatives of Nia, Takajou tells them that she must have done something to anger Nia, as she one day completely cut of contact with her. After thanking Takajou for her information, Kotori remarks that Nia must have used <Rasiel> to investigate those around her, and that knowledge is the reason why Nia likely distrusts humans.

DAL v13 c04

Kotori helping sell the Doujin

On the day of the sales competition, Kotori and the others reveal that they had made bunny suits in order help promote their work. Additionally, Kotori hires some <Ratatoskr> employees to strengthen their line. In the end, they end up tying with Nia in sales. Kotori is present outside as one of the Spirits celebrating when Nia said that she would give Shido a second chance. However, things take a turn for the worse when Nia suddenly started inversing. As they start combating the monsters that Nia summoned through <Beelzebub>, Kotori was rendered immobile after Nia used her Demon King to restrict everyone’s movements. Like everyone else, she was shocked at how Westcott was able to steal Nia’s demon king.

After DEM left, Kotori quickly called for an emergency vehicle to help transfer Nia to a hospital. Afterwards, she tells everyone waiting that Nia’s status had finished undergoing surgery with the medical Realizer. She then accompanied everyone else outside to see the first sunrise of the New Year. After Nia asks everyone when they became Spirits, she tells her that she became one five years ago, for Miku it has been about one year ago for Miku, and only recently for Origami. Everyone else are all pure Spirits. Nia give a puzzled expression when she hears that, responding in a questioning tone by saying that every Spirit used to be human, greatly shocking Kotori and the others.

Mukuro Planet Edit

Shortly after Nia's bold declaration, she quickly tries to pass it off as a joke. However, she then privately invites Shido and Kotori, who were privately to her room. They are then joined by Origami and Mana. The former found the conversation suspicious and the latter wanted to talk to Shido. Before Nia could start explaining, Kotori gets into an argument with Mana after Nia gives Kotori the title of Imouto #1. After things start to settle down, Nia explains her past and how she appeared in this world with no memories except for how to use her Angel. Through <Rasiel>, she was able to use to discover her past as a human before she became a Spirit. Kotori questions if <Phantom> was the person who turned her into a Spirit, but Nia replies that she isn't sure, as <Raisel> wasn't able to decipher the information about that person.

Nevertheless, Kotori acknowledges that the information that Nia provided is of great use. She remarks that they should probably check records to see if there are any lost children 30 years ago. Afterward, Kotori informs Nia that her current condition requires a lot of rest, and tells everyone to leave the room to allow Nia to sleep. As they were leaving, Mana remembers to ask Shido about Mio. However, hearing that name causes Shido to experience severe headaches, which ultimately makes him collapse, much to Kotori's consternation.

Three days later, Kotori accompanies Shido and the others in visiting the Shinto Shrine for the first time in the New Year. As Shido and his group finished praying, Kotori invites them to write their wishes on wishing plaques. After Miku arrives, Kotori and Tohka scold her for her eccentric behavior, with Kotori stating that she still had a reputation as an idol to maintain. However, the ensuing struggle with Miku causes the table next to them to stumble, pushing Shido onto of Tohka. Miku apologizes for her actions, but states that she will next time fall on top of Kotori, causing the Ratatoskr commander to remain speechless at the idol's provocative words. Afterwards, she and Shido see that Nia was still exhausted, and tell her to not push herself. Then, Shido remembers the information that Nia had given them about all the Spirit being former humans and asks Kotori how the ongoing search was progressing. Kotori replies that Ratatoskr carried out a few investigations but were unable to verify anything.

As they start reminiscing about the events that happened three days ago, Kotori tells Shido that she was very surprised when he suddenly collapsed. She then asks him if he remembers anything about Mio, to which Shido replies that he did perceive a sense of familiarity when he heard Mio’s name, but nothing comes up right now. Seeing that Kotori was getting worried, Shido promises that he won't go anywhere and will always be her older brother. Kotori quickly denies every asking something like that, and they resume writing their wishing plaques. The next day, Kotori contacts Shido after the meteor landed outside his classroom. Confused at why Shido was saying that Tamae-Sensei signed a contract with a devil, she quickly informs him that a new Spirit has appeared.

As Shido arrives on the Ratatoskr base, Kotori points out a graph that shows that the same artillery was dropped onto 42 locations in the whole world at the same time. Thinking that seeing would be faster than explaining, she shows Shido a video that they received from a Realizer. She states that the new Spirit, which they decided to codename <Zodiac> was likely found in space by DEM through Westcott's <Beelzebub>. They sent an armada of ships to capture her, but <Zodiac> effortlessly repelled them by using her angel <Michael>. Kotori remarks that the meteors dropped today where likely sent by <Zodiac> in retaliation for disturbing her rest. As Shido questions how he can approach a Spirit in space, Kotori scolds her brother for blockheadness and reminds him how they manged to captured the video in the first place.

Using a Realizer they project a 3D image of Shido in order to be able to converse with <Zodiac>. As Shido approaches the new Spirit, he finds himself being attacked unconditionally. Kotori tells him to calm down, as he won't die from a hologram and remarks that <Zodiac> is likely being defensive due to DEM's recent attack. After <Zodiac> identifies herself as Mukuro Hoshimiya, the Fraxinus crew once again commands Shido to give the most embarrassing and outlandish option possible. Much to their surprise, Shido's action of declaring her to be his slave doesn't trigger even the slightest change in Mukuro's emotional readings. As Mukuro's rebukes Shido's motives and ability to help her, she uses her angel to lock the Realizer, ending the transmission.

Afterward, Kotori tries to raise his confidence, reminding him how the Spirits he has already saved are grateful for his actions, and DEM will continue to attack Mukuro regardless of their actions. At that moment, the other Spirits suddenly crash out of their hiding spot, revealing that they were eavesdropping on the conversation. Origami comments that they arrived halfway through the conversation, but there must be something that they can do together. However, the question is raised on how they are going to approach Mukuro when she is in space. Kotori quickly remembers something and decides to take everyone into a secret Ratatoskr base.

Upon arriving, she informs Shido and the others that the location where they have arrived is classified, but tells them that it is known to be Ratatoskr’s technological center. Here, she unveils the new Fraxinus EX, which has been upgraded because of the previous Fraxinus' losses against Ellen's <Goetia> and inverse Origami. She also tells Shido that there is someone looking forward to seeing him. After being teleported into the ship, she introduces everyone to MARIA, the Fraxinus's AI, which has been upgraded to be able to communicate directly to the crew. She then gives MARIA an hour to prepare the ship for takeoff, which causes MARIA to remark that she is as merciless as ever and would pity Kotori's future husband. In response, Kotori tells MARIA that its jokes are as disappointing as ever and that they would resume maintenance after this battle is over, As Kotori gave out her commands, MARIA then informs Kotori that Woodman would like to speak with them.

As they are walking towards Wooman's study, Shido notices that Kotori is acting unusually professional. When asked about her behavior, she informs everyone that Woodman-sama is the chairperson of Ratatoskr’s board of directors and the organization's founder; without him, Ratatoskr wouldn't exist. As they enter the room, Kotori is shocked that Tohka and Shido have already met Woodman before. Upon hearing that Woodman had already visited Tengu City, she scolds him on his recklessness, as something could have happened to him. Upon hearing Woodman mention the <Dáinsleif> incident, Kotori's eyebrows briefly twitched for a second, as she remembers the device that they gave her in case Shido ever went out of control. Then, upon Shido's, Nia's and Origami's questions, Woodman reveals the reasons for founding Ratatoskr. He was once a member of DEM alongside Westcott, but so quickly changed his mind after falling in love with the First Spirit.

However, the quiet conversation is interrupted by DEM, who had found their location from <Beelzebub> and began their attack. As Kotori asks Woodman for his orders, he tells her and the others to hurry and start the operation to save <Zodiac>. Meanwhile, he will take an alternative route with Karen. As they make their way for the Fraxinus EX, Kotori and the others accidentally run into Westcott in the process. Despite their best efforts in fighting back, Westcott uses <Beelzebub>'s ability <Ashufiriya> to transport everyone into a world of fantasy, as they are all swallowed into the respective books that emerge beneath their feet.

DAL v14 09

Kotori as The Little Match Girl

After arriving in the fantasy world, Kotori was slowly starting to freeze to death. Luckily, the Yamai Sisters stumble upon her and manages to wake her up by pretending that Shido is groping her, causing her to wake up in embarrassment. However, Kotori is still to weak from the cold, so they all decide to warm up using Kotori's matches. However, upon creating a fire, the flames invoke illusory images of food and Shido, much to the twins' shock. Kotori notes that the power of the matches must have to do with her appearance being similar to The Little Match Girl, and briefly summarizes the fairy tale for the Yamai sisters. As their stomachs start to rumble, Kaguya tells Yuzuru to grab the basket that contained cakes and other sugary pastries. As Kotori questions where did they get such treats, Kaguya explains that they woke up in the middle of a black forest and encountered a house made of candy. Upon hearing their story and seeing the twins' appearance, Kotori summarizes that their fairy tale must be based on Hansel and Gretel.

As they start to eat the sugary delight, Kotori comments that she wishes she had a lollipop, but as Kotori soon states that she shouldn't ask for extravagant items, the flames start to conjure up an illusory lollipop. Afterward, Kotori thanks the twins for saving them. As they question on their next course of action, Kotori tells them that their current plan should be to rendezvous with everyone else first before we come up with a strategy to escape from this world. As they are discussing, a merchant passes by and talks about a mermaid, which keeps singing Darling, being brought to the royal palace, raising. After a few minutes of staring at each other with deadpan faces, Yuzuru notes that this mermaid sounds familiar.

The Yamai twins and Kotori are reunited with Shido's group at the main entrance to the palace. They explain to Shido the mermaid situation and how the guard will not let them inside. As they discuss methods of entry, the twins debate either to sneak in or to knock the guard unconscious, which causes the guard to become even angrier. Eventually, Natsumi appears, having her looks transformed by a magician, and easily gains entrance to the palace. Seeing this cause Kaguya to pout, and she questions the guard why Natsumi gets preferential treatment. Nevertheless, Natsumi's transformation dispels at the strike of midnight, and they are once again rejected entry. Eventually, they decide to use Kotori's matches to create illusions of beautiful dresses, which gave them the appearance of nobles and allowed them to sneak into the party. Much to Shido's confusion, he was also wearing a dress, and looked like her female counterpart Shiori. Kotori sarcastically replies that it would be much easier for a lady to get into a ball that Cinderella was attending.

After entering the ballroom, Kotori tells everyone to stay within the reach of the torch's light, as leaving it would dispel the illusion. Despite this, the Yamai sisters charged out of the flame's limited range, causing their beautiful dresses to instantly reverted back to the ragged patchy clothing that their representative story characters had worn. The two let out unusual yells of bewilderment and speedily swayed their bodies like trained gymnasts, coordinately leaping backwards into the range of the Kotori's matches. Kotori scolds them for not being careful, to which they apologize and tell her that they will be more cautious. In the palace, she and Shido are approached by an handsome noble, who asked for a dance. Despite Shido thinking it was for Kotori, the male pointed at him instead, not knowing that Shido was in a disguise at the time. The noble then proceeds to insult Kotori by asking her to go away and eat some cake elsewhere, causing Shido to be forced to calm Kotori down.

However, their attention was soon focused on the stage when they found Miku as the mermaid entertainment. As conflict arose with the palace guards, the Yamai Sisters and Tohka prepare a fighting posture in order to open a blood path for the others to rescue Miku. However, they are stopped by Origami's timely arrival, who everyone discovers is the king of the castle. Much to their shock, Origami is not wear any clothes. Origami replies that she had received her clothes from a peculiar tailor, and they can only be seen by people who love Shido. Kotori quickly tells her that she has been deceived, as her fairy tale is apparently based on The Emperor's New Clothes. After finding everyone, they start brainstorming again for ideas of how to escape from the fantasy world. However, at that moment, the castle is suddenly invaded by the villains from each of their respective stories. For Kotori, the grandmother from The Little Match Girl had become an evil ghost and wants Kotori to light herself with her matches in order to join the grandmother in the afterlife.

Since they could not use their angels in the fantasy world, the Kotori and the others are helpless against the ensuing onslaught. Luckily, they are saved by the appearance of a second Shido, who Natsumi notes must be based on the manga that everyone wrote to impress Nia. After the other Shido manages to defeat all of the villains, Kotori asks if he knows anyway for them to return back to their world. The other Shido tells them that they were brought here by an angel's power, so he should be able to open a gateway from them with his <Sandalphon>. As Kotori and the others enter the portal, she gives her thanks to the other Shido, who in turn tells them that he will give their regards to their counterparts in the fantasy world.

After returning to their world, they all board the new Fraxinus EX and launch off into space to begin the mission to save Mukuro. Upon everyone else's insistence, she agrees to let the other Spirits help Shido if he is in any danger. However, their attention is soon drawn to the incoming three DEM warships led by Ellen's <Goetia>. As Kotori prepares the new Fraxinus EX for battle, MARIA assures Kotori that they will show them the strength of the world's new strongest airship.

Mukuro FamilyEdit

In order to help Shido, Kotori employs Fraxinus's automatic territory in order to automatically redirect a meteor attack sent by Mukuro. Through the communicator, Kotori remarks that she can't let Mukuro take out her older brother that easily. However, she adds to Shido that, with DEM's arrival, the main Fraxinus ship will now be preoccupied as he confronts Mukuro. Suddenly, their ship is shaken by a greeting shot fired from Ellen's <Goetia>.