Jessica Bailey

Jessica bailey

Kanji ジェシカ·ベイリー
Romaji Jeshika Beirī
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Icy blue
Nicknames Adeptus 3 (DEM call sign)
Personal Status
Occupation DEM Wizard
Novel Debut Volume 6
Anime Debut Episode 05
Japanese Yūko Kaida

Jessica Bailey (ジェシカ·ベイリー, Jeshika Beirī?) is a minor antagonist in the series. She is a member of DEM and also a Wizard first appearing in Volume 6.


Jessica Bailey is a Wizard from Deus Ex Machina Industries. She is dubbed as the Adeptus 3, making her the third strongest Wizard in the world.

Jessica is one of the 10 members from DEM that had been transferred into the AST with a secret mission: to capture the Spirit, <Princess> and Shido Itsuka. She, along with the other DEM members, were given the authority from the higher ups to act on their own at any given time without having to follow orders from the AST.

She is killed by Mana Takamiya as an act of mercy due to the damage her body took from using the <Scarlet Licorice> for a prolonged amount of time.


Jessica is shown to have long curly dark red hair and fox-like icy blue eyes. She often wears black military uniform in the JGSDF garrison. During battle, she wears CR-Unit with dark pink and grayish red as the main color scheme.


Jessica is shown to be mentally unstable. While she appears to be calm when not battling, her true self is similar to Ellen. Jessica becomes a battle maniac after absorbing too much magic during her final battle with Mana, and even goes to the point of saying Mana's name repeatedly in a deranged way. Later when she is killed by her out of mercy, she reveals that her mental instability when fighting only comes from how she just wants to have Westcott's recognition.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Equipments & weapons:Edit

  • Combat Realizer Unit (CR-Unit):The standard combat wiring suit of the AST is usually worn around the AST base and underneath the CR-Unit when a user is in combat. Jessica customized her to be red in color to denote her status as Adeptus 3.
  • <Scarlet Licorice>: The sister model to <White Licorice>.


  • Jessica is the first named character to be killed in the series.


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