Haruko Itsuka

Itsuka Haruko

Kanji 五河 遥子
Romaji Itsuka Haruko
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Red
Nicknames Haruko Homura (Birth Name)
Personal Status
Affiliations Asgard Electronics
Occupation Realizer Mechanic
Novel Debut Volume 11.5

Haruko Itsuka (五河 遥子, Itsuka Haruko?) the mother of Kotori and foster mother of Shido.


The mother of Kotori and foster parent to Shido, Haruko is one of the employees in Asgard Electronics, <Ratatoskr>'s parent company. According to Kotori, she was part of the crew that was involved in the creation of Fraxinus and that she knows about the existence of Spirits. However, she does not know of how they looked until the events of Itsuka Parents.


Haruko has red hair, which she keeps in a short bob style. She often wears earrings as an accessory. She is best described to look like an older and more mature version of her daughter, Kotori.

Personality Edit

Unlike her somewhat naive husband, Haruko is much more cautious.



Born Haruko Homura; during her youth, she was noted be friends with Mana. She eventually got married to Tatsuo Itsuka, changing her lastname to Itsuka, and had a daughter, Kotori.

Haruko and Tatsuo adopted Shido at a very earlier age after the boy was abandoned by his mother. Due to the nature of their work, both she and her husband had to relocate to the United States, leaving Shido in charge of the household chores in their Japanese home and looking after their daughter.


Itsuka ParentsEdit

One day, Haruko and her husband suddenly made a surprise phone call to Shido while he was shopping for dinner ingredients. At first, they start off with a prank call, pretended that someone was kidnapped. However, after their disguise was seen through, they soon tell him without prior warning that they were already at the front entrance of their house. Thinking of the Spirits that are currently there, Shido made a desperate request for his parents to not enter the house. But since he was unable to properly explain why, his parents believed that he was merely hiding something naughty and proceeded to enter their domicile anyway with the mischievous promise to search through Shido's possessions meticulously.

However, upon entering their house, the couple finds themselves ambushed by the Spirits, who thought that they were burglars. After the initial misunderstanding and some threats of torture from Origami, the Spirits quickly realize that they had accidentally traumatized Shido's foster parents. Afterwards, the Spirits planned a Japanese style welcoming for the Itsuka parents, as they feared that if their awful first encounter wasn't remedied, the parents would prevent them from seeing Shido again.

Media Edit

  • Light Novel
    • Appearances:
      • Volume 11.5
      • Volume 18 (Flashback)


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