Mio TakamiyaEdit

Woodman, along with Westcott and Ellen was responsible for the First Spirit appearing in the world 30 years ago.

He claims that he fell in love with the First Spirit at first sight and that his love eventually drove him to abandon DEM and form Ratatoskr in order to protect other Spirits.

Karen Nora MathersEdit

Karen is Elliot's secretary and assists him by moving his wheelchair for him. He knows that she has feelings towards him, most likely because she does not bother hiding them. However, he does not return them because he already loves the First Spirit.

The Round TableEdit

Because all the other members of Ratatoskr's board of directors, also known as the Round Table, are only interested in gaining the Spirits' power for themselves, Woodman does not trust any of them. Because of this, he gave the key to <Dainsleif> to Kotori, knowing they would have immediately used it if it looked like Shido was going to go berserk.

Following the events of Itsuka Disaster, when it was revealed that some of the members of the Round Table had secretly created a backdoor key to activate <Dainsleif>, Woodman had just about enough of them, promising them that they would be punished for going behind his back.

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott Edit

Elliot used to work with Isaac and Ellen at DEM, but at some point they ended up causing the First Spirit to appear. Eventually he along with Karen left DEM and formed Ratatoskr to stop his plans. Even though Isaac hates him, he did offer Elliot to come back to DEM; which he refused. Isaac told Elliot that he cannot stop his plans, but refused to give up and that was the reason he formed Ratatoskr to stop Isaac.

Shido Itsuka Edit

According to Kotori, Elliot was the only one in the Round Table that opposed using Shido to seal the Spirits, saying that nothing good could ever come from sealing their power in a human body. However, he reluctantly agreed after seeing that he had already sealed Kotori's power. When the finally meet during Natsumi Search, he tells Shido to simply call him Baldwin, while asking him for directions to the hospital. Before parting ways, he tells Shido that he is counting on him to take care of the Spirit. This visit made Elliot happy that Shido was doing well, since he had previously heard disturbing reports of Shido manifesting an angel.

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