Demon Kings (魔王, Maō?) are the Inverse Form counterpart to Angels; Demon Kings are similar in appearance to their Angel counterpart. They only possess a different coloration and have an altered design from the Angels.

List of Demon KingsEdit

  • The Qliphoth Tree
  • Tohka wielding Nahemah
  • Paverschlev
  • Nahemah


  • The Demon Kings are named after the demons from the evil counterpart to the Sephirot Tree: the Qliphoth Tree.
    • Following this, the names of the Demon Kings in order according to their Angels counterpart should then be:
      1. Metatron—Satan
      2. Rasiel—Beelzebub
      3. Zafkiel—Lucifuge
      4. Zadkiel—Astaroth
      5. Camael—Asmodeus
      6. Michael—Belphegor
      7. Haniel—Baal
      8. Raphael—Adramelech
      9. Gabriel—Lilith
      10. Sandalphon—Nahemah