This album contains the character song for the main female characters of Date A Live The Movie: Mayuri Judgement.

It was released in stores on February 24, 2016.


“Music Judgement” PV 105:22

“Music Judgement” PV 1

“Music Judgement” PV 205:04

“Music Judgement” PV 2


Note: Does not work on iPad, or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.
Track Listing
# Title Artist Length Audio
1 Go☆Summer Girl -Movie Live Version- Minori Chihara 02:56
Go☆Summer Girl -Movie Live Version-
2 Follow me! Maaya Uchida 04:11
Follow me
3 Once Upon a Rainy Day Iori Nomizu 04:25
Once Upon a Rainy Day
4 with you Sarah Emi Bridcutt 04:30
With you
5 Lollipop Baby Ayana Taketatsu 04:40
Lollipop Baby
6 Delicious Date Marina Inoue 03:59
Delicious Date
7 Adoration Misuzu Togashi 05:09
8 Resolution Sora Amamiya 05:08
9 Not Forget Ayane Sakura 04:01
Not Forget
10 Go ☆ Summer Girl -Instrumental- 02:56
Go☆Summer Girl -Instrumental-
11 Follow me! -Instrumental- 04:11
Follow me -Instrumental-
12 Once Upon a Rainy Day -Instrumental- 04:24
Once Upon a Rainy Day -Instrumental-
13 with you -Instrumental- 04:31
With you -Instrumental-
14 Lollipop Baby -Instrumental- 04:41
Lollipop Baby -Instrumental-
15 Delicious Date -Instrumental- 03:59
Delicious Date -Instrumental-
16 Adoration -Instrumental- 05:09
Adoration -Instrumental-
17 Resolution -Instrumental- 05:06
Resolution -Instrumental-
18 Not Forget -Instrumental- 03:58
Not Forget -Instrumental-

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