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May 2, 2014
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Manifestation (顕現 Kengen?) is the fourth episode of Date A Live Ⅱ anime series.


The woman, that was stalking Tohka and Shido before, Ellen, finally reveals her true colors and orders a pack of mechs called <Bandersnatch units> to go after Tohka in an attempt to capture her. During the battle, Tohka gets incapacitated and captured only for Shido to call upon her sword, <Sandalphon>, in despair to break the <Bandersnatch> off her.

Meanwhile, Kannazuki and the crews on board the <Fraxinus> gets attacked by a DEM airship, <Arbatel>. Kannazuki launches a counterattack after successfully deflecting several shots, leading to a full-scale dogfight between the two ships. Back to Shido's battle, Ellen falls down into a pit trap (oddly enough) which had been dug by Ai, Mai, and Mii allowing Shido and Tohka to escape.

Running to Kaguya and Yuzuru, Shido summons Tohka's power to intervene the duel and convinces both of them to forget about becoming the true Yamai and focus on enjoying their lives together.

Noticing the airship that attacked the <Fraxinus>, the twins combine their powers to call out for <Ell Kanaph> and destroy the ship with one massive blast. After the incident, Shido successfully seals the Yamai twins' powers, unfortunately stripping them of their clothes just as Tohka arrives.

Meanwhile, Kotori learns from the Rounds chairman, Elliot Woodman, that Shido has manifested a Spirit's power and she might have to kill Shido if the situation worsens.



Major EventsEdit

  • Shido and Tohka learn that Ellen works for Deus Ex Machina Industries
  • Shido manifests <Sandalphon> for the first time.
  • Shido successfully seals the Yamai twins
  • Ratatoskr learns about Shido manifesting an Angel and instruct Kotori to deal with him if things go out of control

Differences from the Light NovelEdit


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