Date A Live Ⅱ Episode 3

Yamai Sisters' smiles

Futatsu no Negai
Air Date
April 25, 2014
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Trust in you
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Wish of the Two (ふたつの願い Futatsu no Negai?) is the third episode of Date A Live Ⅱ anime series.


Both Kaguya and Yuzuru continue their efforts to seduce Shido, with the two having gone into Shido's room at the resort to do so, much to Shido's embarrassment.

Meanwhile, both Tohka and Origami argue over which of them will take care of Shido until AiMai and Mii propose of a better way for them to figure out who can do so. As the two enter the trio's room, Ellen decides to inspect and orders three <Bandersnatch> units be deployed outside just in case due to Origami being with them. As she opens the door, however, a pillow suddenly hits her straight in the face, causing her to be found by Ai, Mai and Mii. Back with Shido, he struggles to break free from the twins' grasps. Outside his room, Tamae wonders why the group are so energetic this late and knocks on Shido's room to check up on him after being informed that he is sick. Unfortunately, a naked Shido comes out bursting through the door after managing to escape from the twins but falls on Tamae, causing both her and him to scream in embarrassment.

Above Arubi Island, James Paddington along with his crew monitor the resort aboard the <Arbatel>, at which he orders the three Bandersnatch Ellen had asked be deployed be brought back immediately. The next day, Shido awaits the twins at the beach and is guided by Reine. Shido muses of the thought of letting the twins just win him over at which Reine agrees to due to that allowing her to have the twins follow her instructions on how to win his affections, which allows her to control their actions at some degree. Hearing this, Shido adds that if they follow her plan then the chance of sealing both of them could work, but Reine says that, based on the twins' characteristics, if he were to kiss one of them, there is no telling how the other will react but Reine is sure it won't be positive. Reine encourages Shido since this may be their only chance at sealing the two as another chance may not come again. Shido promises to do whatever he can to save the two at any cost, as he remembers of their previous conversation yesterday. Reine then cuts off communication with Shido to avoid confusion.

Kaguya and Yuzuru then find Shido at the beach where he compliments the two on their swimsuits. Kaguya and Yuzuru then propose that Shido rub suntan lotion on their body. As Shido does so, both of the twins get into another argument over who has a more appealing skin and which of them Shido favors more.



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