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Date A Live Ⅱ Episode 1

Date A Live Ⅱ - 01 01.16

Deirī raifu
Air Date
April 11, 2014
Theme Songs
Trust in you
Day to Story
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The Children of Typhoon

Daily Life (デイリー・ライフ Deirī raifu?) is the first episode of Date A Live Ⅱ anime series.


Thirty years ago, the Eurasian continent was attacked by a massive "spacequake." There were 150 million victims of this unprecedented event. And now...

Tohka & Shido

Shido finding Tohka downstairs

At 8 AM, the alarm rings and Shido Itsuka moved his left arm to shut it off, but is woken up a large rumble coming from downstairs. As Shido gets up and panics, he checked the balcony of the next door and found that something had just exploded. Then he hurried to check Tohka Yatogami. Inside the room, Tohka turned her view and apologized to him while showing a notebook, saying that she felt so sorry thinking Shido would hate her and starts shooting off some power, and then Shido asks her to calm down that he won't mad to her just because of it. Later, the area he stepped became frozen and so he checked Yoshino in the bathroom, found Yoshino and Yoshinon separated, and so Shido ask Yoshino calm down and he pull Yoshinon out from the bath. Then Yoshinon get back to Yoshino's hand and he thanked Shido as always, and Yoshino thanked him too. Then Tohka shoots another of her powers and apologizes to Shido for spilling some kinako bread, then Shido calmed Tohka down again.

Origami awaiting her punishment

Origami awaiting her punishment

Somewhere, Origami Tobiichi stands properly to receive her punishment, then Ryouko Kusakabe tries to interfere, but the one who interfered was Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott instead, along with a girl by his side, then he grins.

Tohka & Yoshino

Shido cleaning the dishes

Back in the Itsuka residence, Kotori Itsuka warns Shido that the Spirits will have their powers back if their mental states are unstable, and that he should sleep earlier, then Shido tells Kotori that he had to study for exams and continue cooking while yawning, then Kotori tells him that she should head out for some work and he should spend his day properly with the two, and in case of emergency, he should keep wearing his in-com, but Shido tells her that he is too busy for his exams and preparation for the school trip.

Tohka then misunderstands the "school trip" as "sugar tripnut," asking if it is sweet, Shido then tells Tohka that it isn't "sugar" while Kotori prepares to leave. Shido gets a call from Origami and he goes to meet her telling Yoshino and Tohka that he's going to the grocery store. He meets up with her in the women's bathroom and they talk about the incident from last season.

Meanwhile Tohka sees a show about a man leaving his wife, and Tohka sees a suitcase in Shido's room, and runs off to see Shido. When Shido and Origami walk out, Tohka catches them and gets the wrong idea and runs off. Kotori finally gets a hold of him and tells him to go and settle her down or she might cause a spacequake.

He gets there and promises to buy her all the kinako she can eat, which makes her happy. When they get to the stores, all the bread is sold out because Kyouhei had bought them all, because he's an idiot. He gives them back on Kotori's orders and she goes back to being happy. When they get home, Shido sees his suitcase lock broken and goes out to fix it, telling the others he'll be back in a bit.

When Tohka sees another scene from the show, she runs upstairs to see his suitcase missing. Shido and Origami are talking to each other about fixing his suitcase, when Tohka shows up and steals his suitcase, getting the wrong idea again. He runs to a place he knows she'd be at, and explains that the suitcase is for the school field trip he was going on with Tohka. She calms down again, but her powers don't, and she ends up blasting Shido on accident. Shido gets up and continues to reach her, and Tohka blasts him off again. But this time she jumps up and grabs his hand, and they kiss, sealing Tohka's powers. Tohka understands that Shido never meant any harm and she becomes happy again.


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Differences from the Light NovelEdit

  • In the light novel, the conversation of Shido and Origami happens in the school restroom, while the anime takes place in a public restroom.

Changes between the TV & BD/DVD VersionEdit

  • There are a total 58 cuts which are unaired in the TV broadcast.

BD & TV ComparisonsEdit


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