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Date A Live: Rinne Utopia (Game)

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Developer(s) Compile Heart
Sting Entertainment
Publisher(s) Compile Heart
Series Date A Live
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Release date(s) JPJune 27, 2013
Genre Adventure
Rating CERO: D
Distribution Retail
PSN Download
External Links
Official Japanese Site

Date A Live: Rinne Utopia (凜祢ユートピア Dēto A Raibu Rinne Yūtopia?) is a game produced by Compile Heart and Sting Entertainment. It was released on June 27, 2013. 

The game features a new original character named Rinne Sonogami (園神 凜祢 Sonogami Rinne?), voiced by Kana Hanazawa.


When the game keeps advancing, the map picture will appear. By selecting the icon of any character that displayed on the map, it is possible to look at the event of that character in question. There are two maps exists in the game, [Town Map] and [Raizen High School Map]. Go back and forth in the two maps and searches for the heroine you would like to invite in date.


Spring. Shido Itsuka encountered a spirit for the first time and rescued that girl. Then apparitions of a living person appears before Shido in succession. With the cooperation of <Ratatoskr>, which aims to interact with the spirits, Shido continue to struggle trying to save the girls.

Early summer. The uniform becoming the summer clothes, and paused for a while. Tengu City was confined in a huge barrier that suddenly occur. The communication with the outside much less getting away.

The Spirits went berserk ── own poor physical condition ── At the same time when the occurrence of the barrier, a trouble hit one after another to Shido.

Meanwhile, a girl appeared suddenly.

"Shido, good morning....I've been waiting for you, you know? ── Always "

Rinne Sonogami ── adapts herself to the daily life of Itsuka Shido as a childhood friend.

In order to stop the spirits whose power does not stabilize, solving the puzzle and the problem, the action should Shido take in order to regain the everyday life is only one ──

Date the girl who destroy the world, and make them fall for you!?


  • Shido Itsuka
  • Tohka Yatogami
  • Origami Tobiichi
  • Yoshino
  • Kotori Itsuka
  • Kurumi Tokisaki
  • Rinne Sonogami
Shidou Itsuka
The protagonist of this game.
CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Drama CD)

Itsuka Shidou is a student of Raizen High School. He was adopted into the Itsuka family when he was "abandoned" by his mother.

Shidou has the ability to seal a spirit's power. However, the reason why he possesses it is shrouded in mystery. Due to this power which was already known by Itsuka Kotori he was recruited--or rather forced--to join "Ratatoskr" to help and save Spirits. Instead of killing Spirits to prevent spacequake from happening, he has to seal the Spirit's powers with a kiss in order for them to co-exist with humans. Once the power of a Spirit is sealed within Shidou, he has the ability to use some portion of it, thus his resurrection power is from Kotori's abilities when he sealed Kotori's Spirit 5 years ago.

Tohka Yatogami
The main character of this game.
CV: Marina Inoue

Yatogami Tohka's name is given by Shidou when they first met. Due to being a spirit, she is always being targeted by the AST and is aiming for the kill, because of that she hated humans for always shunning her and thinking that she wasn't allowed to live in this world, but her whole life changed when she met Shidou.

Even with that high and cool presence, Tohka lacks some common sense and loves food very much.

Origami Tobiichi
The main character of this game.
CV: Misuzu Togashi

Tobiichi Origami is a student of Raizen High School, she is known for having high grades in her entire high school, while she is studying at this high school she is also a member of AST (Anti-Spirit Team) and she's one of the very skilled ones in their team.

Origami is in love with Shidou, her love for Shidou is greatly high that she stalks him. Origami met Shidou 5 years ago when the first great fire happened. Although Shidou doesn't remember it due to his memories being erased by a certain spirit.

Origami has a great hatred towards Spirits; five years ago when the first great spacequake happened, her parents died due to a Flame Spirit appearing and killed them in front of her.

Kotori Itsuka
The main character of this game.
CV: Ayana Taketatsu

Kotori is Shidou's foster sister. Kotori is the head commander of Ratatosk which teaches Shidou about the spirit and spacequakes happening. She told Shidou how to save the spirits in a peaceful manner so as to prevent the spacequake from happening.

Kotori has two modes which is depicted by the ribbon she wears. The white ribbon depicts the Imouto Mode which makes her show love for her brother. The black ribbon depicts the Commander Mode which shows her tsundere sadistic bossy nature.

Kotori is actually a Fire Spirit. To be exact, she became a Spirit five years ago. The reason why Shidou regenerates his wound and comes back to life is because Shidou sealed Kotori's power inside him five years ago. It was around that time that there was a third entity which was said to be the cause of Kotori becoming a Spirit and the cause of Kotori's and Shidou's memory to be erased.

Kotori's angel, Camael, contains the power of fire. Her weapon manifests itself as either a giant flaming axe or a heat cannon.

The main character of this game.
CV: Iori Nomizu

Second Spirit to appear, and the kindest spirit up to date. She's very shy and relies on her Hand Puppet Yoshinon to communicate with others. She causes rain to fall whenever she appears, which is part of her ability to control the three states of water. Mainly uses ice attacks.

Kurumi Tokisaki
The main character of this game.
CV: Asami Sanada

Kurumi is the third spirit who appeared after Tohka and Yoshino, and the most brutal so far. She has a split personality: that of a gentle, mysterous highschool girl with a slow talking pattern, and that of a psychopathic killer. She is very aggressive in her actions which makes it harder for Shidou to capture her.

Kurumi has the archangel Zafkiel, and has the power to control over time. The reason why she keeps appearing after being killed by Mana countless times was because of her powers. For example, she can heal herself by turning back the time. She uses a gunblade as her weapon. The twelve Roman numerals on the clock in her left eye have different powers that only the original Kurumi can use, but by using their powers, it will cause her life to be eaten away. In order to avoid this, she kills people to obtain 'time'.

Rinne Sonogami
The main character of this game.
CV: Kana Hanazawa

A new character in the PS3 game, Date A Live: Rinne Utopia.She is introduced as Shido's childhood friend, although he does not remember her.Rinne is a calm and gentle girl who acts like a traditional childhood friend who goes every morning to the Itsuka House to wake Shido up and prepare his lunch.

Reine Murasame
The side character of this game.
CV: Aya Endō

Reine is highly intelligent and the Analysis Officer of Ratatoskr's Fraxinus Crew.

She can be ranked the Vice Commander of the crew rather than Kyouhei Kannazuki, as it is usually her at the Kotori's side managing things around the crew. She transferred to Raizen High School as a Physics teacher and an assistant home-room teacher at Shidou's class. Beautiful and intelligent, her only flaw is being sleep deprived, since she doesn't seem to sleep much.

At some point of time she can be reliable and take command of the directions which Shidou needs to do when dating a spirit. She acts like the "mother" of Shidou and the other spirits to help them on their troubles and such.

Reine has a habit of calling Shido "Shin", because she can never pronounce his name right.


  • There are 6 normal endings and one true ending.
  • All of the normal endings have "to be continued" at the end, in the true ending "end" is written.
  • There are many bad endings.
  • The Rinne route is locked until all other normal endings are reached.
  • Rinne route has a "if" ending where she lives and a "true" ending where she dissolves.
  • In Origami's route, she marries Shido and becomes pregnant.
  • In one of the possible endings, Shido marries Tohka.
  • Despite Kurumi being labelled a "yandere" by Tachibana, her "yandere ending" is infamously difficult to reach.
  • All endings can fit in canonically with the timeline of the novels except the "if" ending "Rinne Utopia".
  • Rinne disappears if Shido chooses someone else.



  • In the events of Light Novel 11, Phantom makes an appearance using Rinne's form which Shidou oddly feels familiar, proving the game events (except Rinne Phantasia) to be canon.

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