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  • Leon Neol

    Can someone tell me what song is for a character? Bad English

    Seirei - All spirits

    Zadkiel - Yoshino

    Rhapsody Rage - Kurumi

    Pride - Kotori

    Mission of AST - AST

    Hurricane - Yamai

    Rondo - Miku

    March - Miku


    If you know any more, please tell me

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  • Leon Neol

    These Theories are my following up theories about Kurumi going Inverse by  Vizard6991

    First theory about the 3th bullet. Gimel. The first (Aleph) is accelerate. The second (Bet) is decelerate. The 12th and the 11th require large amount off Spirit power (she mentioned it, in a chapter). The ninth (Tet) connect the sense and thought ;The tenth (Yud) give the memory/information about the target (this is also sense and thought because Kurumi can know very much infos about Miku just with the picture of Miku's past). From that we can see that there are pairs of bullets that related. (I still can't find the relation between Het and Zayin). So if Dalet (4th) one is turn back the time of target (she healed herself), Gimel can turn back the target's …

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    Two months have passed...

    "To be honest, you should have been locked up with that lunatic for the rest of your life for helping him in his crimes against humanity, including mass murder."

    Ellen is being released from jail and she faces the judge outside the courthouse in England.

    "But because of your reaction to the recording left by this mysterious person and your willingness to testify against your former employer, you've been given two months of imprisonment as your punishment for your part in this chaos he tried to do. You're also in a separate cell away from him, and it looks like you've served your sentence well without any trouble. Don't do anything stupid this time, otherwise I'm going to take responsibility for it," the judge told he…

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    Two days after the final battle with Westcott, Ragna has returned to Tengu City with Shido and his harem. He lived his life with them as best as he can. They even threw a surprise party for him.

    "Surprise!" they yelled with excitement as he went to the Spirit harem's apartment next door from Shido's apartment with invitation on his hand.

    He looked at the place to see a cake, balloons, and everything of how a party is being made. There's even a banner saying 'Ragna's Greatest Party!'.

    "Is this... for me?" he is astonished on their work for making a party for him.

    "Yes, it's for you, Ragna," Tohka greeted him as she drags him inside the apartment.

    Just then, the Yamai twins went in front of him, each carrying a slice of chocolate cake.

    "Eat my cak…

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    "Now you've done it, Ragna the Bloodedge."

    Ragna opened his eyes as he regains consciousness. He stands up from the ground to see his surroundings. The sky is all red and the entire land is filled with fire and brimstone. His Azure Grimoire has been turned off.

    "What the hell?" he questioned.

    "Do you know where we are? You know?" Westcott makes a grin on his face about where they are. "I'm sure you do! Hahahaha!"

    "Is this... Hell?"

    "Correct! The one and only!"

    "Then why the hell are you so excited to be here, you bastard?!"

    "Why? Look over there."

    Westcott pointed his finger on the giant red circle floating in Hell.

    "That's why I'm excited to be in Hell."

    "What... is that?" Ragna questioned.

    "You want to know, Ragna? Fine. I'll tell you," his enemy r…

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    In the rooftop of the DEM, Westcott is prepared to unleash his newfound powers. He destroyed Nehemah's throne and add the shattered pieces to his new sword to summon Payvachlev.

    "Let the chaos begin."

    With a sickening grin, he swings his weapon. Dark energies came out and destroying everything that came into contact. Buildings are being destroyed and people are being killed. If that wasn't enough, his own men are getting killed as well.

    "Heh heh heh... HAHAHAHAHA!" Westcott laughs on the destruction he caused.

    In the elevator, Ragna sees Shido down to his knees.

    "Are you alright, Shido?" the former questioned with concern.

    "I'm fine, Ragna," the latter responded. "It's just that my body breaks down when I use Sandalphon. This is why I can't use …

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    On the other side of the barrier, Shido and Tohka are fighting against Artemisia. The former used the broadsword that Ragna saw before, Sandalphon, and the latter is once again in her Inverse Form, but this time, she has control in this form due to her transforming voluntarily. She uses a single-edged sword known as Nehemah.

    They fought Artemisia, and they're still standing. As she attempts to land a slash on both of them at the same time, they dodge out of the way. When they try to exchange blows with her, she managed to block them with ease. This shows she is just as skilled as Mana and Ellen.

    Suddenly, Tohka gets stabbed in the back, and it is Westcott who has done it. At that time, he is wearing his own CR-Unit and has his own laser swor…

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    A week later, the final battle against Westcott will begin, and it will take place in England. Ragna suggested of attacking where his branch at night, and everyone seems to agree on the plan. He will take Shido and Tohka to the building, while the rest will handle any DEM Wizards and Bandersnatchs that come to their way.

    Rachel will stay with Kotori for mission control. Besides in appearance, they have similar roles.

    As the trio went inside the building, they walked to the hallway, and as they kept on looking, they felt something is not right.

    What the hell is wrong with this place? Nobody's there, Ragna observed. No DEM personnel, no Wizards, no Bandersnatch drones. Did they clear out when they heard we were coming? Wait a minute. This scena…

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    The next day, Ragna is hanging out with Tohka. He recalled in his mind the reason for this kind of activity last night after finishing karaoke.

    "Ragna..." Kotori called on him.

    "What is it, rabbit no.2?" the white-haired man asked. Upon hearing what she is being called by him, she looks annoyed.

    "For tomorrow. After Tohka is done with her classes, try to hang out with her."

    "Why? Why not Shido?"

    "Because... do you remember seeing Tohka's Inverse state?"

    "Yes, but what's that got to do with Shido?" Ragna questioned before he realized something. "Wait, do you think...?"

    "That's right. Tohka, she's... unstable when she isn't with Shido," Kotori explained. "In fact, before you came here, the last time she transformed was the moment when Shido was tra…

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    Ragna just couldn't believe that he is seeing Rachel in Tengu City. It's been a while ever since he sacrificed his life to make the world in their universe safe.

    "Ragna.. It is you!" Rachel cried as she runs up to him, then she hits him in the head with a fist.

    "Ow! What was that for?" the white-haired man exclaimed while rubbing his head.

    "For making me worry about you!" the vampire responded with anger born from worry. Next, she hugs him. "I miss you."

    "I miss you, too, rabbit," Ragna returned the hug.

    Rachel bursts more tears from her eyes upon hearing what he called her. How she missed him calling her 'rabbit'.

    What a happy reunion between them.

    "Well, if you two are done hugging each other, let's hang out for karaoke night," Mana suggested.


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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    A week later...

    While Shido and Tohka are attending their classes at Raizen High School, Ragna is being sent to have a tour of an organization known as Ratatoskr, an organization dedicated to save Spirits through peaceful means without killing them.

    At least the organization follows his opinion about Spirits.

    The tour is provided by the its founder, Elliot Baldwin Woodman. Unlike Westcott, he is a kindhearted man who wanted to save the world from Spirits without having to kill them. It seems he shared Ragna's view about them. He is always seen in a wheelchair, but can actually stand up and fight if necessary, mostly against Westcott. Judging by how he saw of his arm and leg being in bandages, it seems they were lost in the fight, but now, the…

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    Ragna runs across the city to keep track on the Spirit who ruined his map on all DEM branches across the globe in which he is going to destroy them all. He went through a wreckage to see a blue-haired teenage boy wielding a broadsword fighting against her.

    "What the hell is that boy thinks he's doing? Even with that weapon, he couldn't stand a chance against her," he muttered.

    "You impudent fool!" the dark-purple colored Spirit is about to make a blow with her single-edge sword when it gets blocked by Ragna himself using the Blood-Scythe, surprising her in the process. Next, he sends a punch to her face, sending her flying a few inches away.

    The boy never thought of the rescue he got the moment.

    "Are you okay, kid?" the white-haired man asked. …

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  • GrandTheftAutoObsessor

    It's been a while since Ragna the Bloodedge is living in Tengu City.

    He remembered how he sacrificed his existence and memories of himself from everyone by becoming the new core of the Master Unit and returning it to the Boundary in order to save the world.

    As of now, he is given a second chance to live in another universe where there lived Spirits, extraordinary beings from a different dimension and are mostly female. Just like his experience with Murakumo Units, especially Noel Vermillion also known as Mu-12, he came to see that not all of them are evil as everyone see it.

    He made a living by destroying branches of a powerful and corrupt company in the world, Deus Ex Machina Industries. His strategy to destroy the branches across the world …

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  • D4Skewer

    So, I got interested in some of the theories people have made here; I've read them a couple times over the course of visiting.  I visit the wiki today to re-read a theory for a project of mine, Third Yamai Sister Theory, only to realize all the comments on the pages have been removed, or at least moved to some unknown place.  So it makes me wonder, are there any back ups?  Do I just have some weird setting on that disables comments?  Meaningful discussions took place in the comments section, and I'm under the impression it all just disappeared.

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  • Vizard6991

    It's been a while since I made a blog, but besides the point. Here is an update of the current projects and pages on the wikia that need some help.

    The plot summary for Shido is FINALLY UP TO DATE!. If anyone has any favorite anime pictures for Volumes 1 to 7, and matches the summary dialogue, feel free to upload to the plot section.

    Speaking of pictures, due to the constant influx of pictures in the gallery, there will be some new rules limiting which pictures can be posted. The face of the character in question must be fully seen in order to place the image in the gallery. If the character is not fully seen or is a minor background, the picture is considered a cameo and will not be allowed in the gallery. Also, try to organize the pictures…

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  • Tobbster


    May 15, 2016 by Tobbster

    Hi everyone! My name is Tobby and I recently joined this wiki. Pleased to meet fellow date a live fans!

    If I'm breaking any wiki rules, kindly remind me.

    I hope we can get along!

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  • Mayuri Minami

    My name is Minami-chan is very pleased to meet the members of the live date a fan

    If something goes wrong in the rules, please remind me, ... ww

                            ________________WELCOME MY PAGE________________


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  • Plt. Pao Ayo

    Another Ace Combat x Date A Live idea. This one is my interpretation of how Shido Itsuka became the mysterious ace, Cipher, in the Ace Combat series.

    All trademarks and properties are part of their respective owners.

    (Gracemeria, Republic of Emmeria - October 10, 1994, 0621 hrs.)

    The city was gearing up for another day of work as the citizens rushed to beat the time to be early. Small chaos like traffic jams were commonplace in a city well-known for its timeless landmarks like the Kings Bridge, The Golden King, among others. Except for one man, Shido Itsuka, who is heading out for a contracted training with the Republic of Emmeria Air Force that afternoon.

    "Ummm..." He then saw the bridge from his window. "Guess this is another day of training…

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  • ShadowFiend1000

    It's been many months since I last posted. Many things had happened to me, I had been involved in an accident 5 months ago which puts me into a coma for a month. I had to catch up with my school work from that and apparently my brain is somehow damaged, I cannot express the ideas for my stories again. 

    It's very hard for me to say this, but I think this is the end for my story. I just can't continue to write on, my mind has broken. I can create a final chapter which details Arashi vs Tenno and Arashi vs Kyo. Basically, they only covered the 25% of the whole story, but I really doubt I can finish up Operation Final Valentine and Exorcism. So I will post a summary of all the plot holes of the story. 

    I sincerely thank everyone's support for th…

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  • Nia Honjou

    I just got curious,on what are the possible endings of DAL. We can say that Shido and Tohka would be together, Kurumi got sealed, The first Spirit was finally discovered, Kurumi when inverse, Wescot Died or even Shido disappeared!

    But, asking your ideas, how will Date A Live end?

    I was thinking that Shido might disappear or die.. but that seems very unlikely though.

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  • Asharoth

    The theories (don't think seriously about it, just for fun):

    1.First Spirit will be revealed as an actually already revealed but unimportant character, either she was old or new character.

    2.First Spirit is actually the one who told Kurumi to kill her because he/she can't kill herself for some reason.

    3.He/she was unintentionally make first spacequake, but thank for "certain person" she end up make it and she really hate it and make him/her hate her-self (and lead to theory number 2)

    4.First Spirit was not have any form from beginning. He/she was the being created from concetrated 10 Sephira Crystal that make him/her what she is. Haniel power to transform is the reason she probably have appearance of human.

    5.Kurumi always strangely looks towar…

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  • Nanami-sama

    Hi everyone

    April 18, 2016 by Nanami-sama

    I'm new here and it's the first time i edit on wiki , so i hope you guys to help me because Date A Live is my best anime and i want to do something for it. (:

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  • Plt. Pao Ayo

    Ok so this fanfic I'm working on is a little (well, big) crossover with a game series called Ace Combat, a combat flight simulator made by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Feel free to read the first chapter. The rest can be found here.

    Thanks Akiye94 and BravoBigBoom for inspiring me to post this. All trademarks and properties are part of their respective owners.

    (Somewhere in Japan)

    Tenguu City, a place where life has some unusual features. For one, this is the place for frequent appearances of spacequakes caused by a life form called a 'Spirit'. The first instance happened in Eurasia, where the 'First Spirit' killed a total of 150 million people in one go. But evereything changed years later when a boy by the name of Shido Itsuka encountered on…

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  • Akiye94

    Chapter 4

    Somewhere within the mountains surrounding Tenguu City, several figures could be seen lying down on the ground lifeless while two figures faced each other. One was gasping for air, barely holding the weapon in hand with exhausted stamina and several wounds all over. While the other just stood there confidently, barely a wound or any signs of exhaustion visible in sight.

      "This is... impossible... I am... DEM's Strongest Wizard. There's no way... I am outclassed... by a mere Spirit..."

    Ellen still could not believe the pitiful position she was in, putting her eyes away from the reality in front of her. Her thoughts was understandable, since she and her subordinates was clearly putting their target in a tough spot since combat betwee…

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  • Vizard6991


    December 28, 2015 by Vizard6991

    Translated by Sidera-chan

    Edited by Vizard6991

    It’s been a while, I’m Tachibana Koushi.

    [Date A Live 13 Nia Creation] has been released. I wonder how was it? Hopefully you all can enjoy this.

    Anyhow, of course there’s a new heroine appearing this time too. Nia, the otaku manga artist Spirit.

    Although the shape of her astral dress is just like a Sister; somehow, she’s a Spirit with a strong outlook. The Astral Dress design is really good once again. Though it is based on a Sister, her veil design is based on a pen and feather duster. The beam part of her astral dress is in ink color, and the center line of her astral dress is based on manga panels. There are subtle details hidden within the design.

    Although almost every time a new heroine has app…

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  • Vizard6991

    Translated by Sidera-chan

    Edited by Vizard6991


    Inside DEM Industries-----Japan Branch’s Office.

    In a good mood, Isaac Westcott took a glance towards the book that was before his eyes, while he was sitting on the chair.

    Floating on the air, a huge book existed. That omniscient appearance holds a mysterious terror that can be sensed just by looking at it.

    “------I see, this is interesting. All information I wish to know will flow directly into my mind. So this is the demon king ? Somehow it seems I succeeded. Thanks to it, I found something very interesting.”

    After saying that, Westcott laughed. And then the girl who was wearing a suit stood in front of him----Ellen inclined her head.

    “Something very interesting, is it?”

    “Aah. Please come …

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  • Vizard6991

    Translated by Sidera-chan

    Edited by Vizard6991

    In back seat of a car driving through Tengu City,

    DEM Industry’s Managing Director, Isaac Westcott, was looking at the screen of a small computer on his hands with a happy smile.

    “It’s not a bad development. As expected, Knox and the others pilot crew members did a great job. If we were to have done it ourselves, there would have been some [Traces] remaining no matter what.”

    “-------------Do you mean about ?”

    Sitting next to him, Ellen asked while looking at the computer’s screen. Westcott exaggeratedly replied his response.

    “Aah. However, don’t you think it’s more suitable for us to call her by her code name for now?”


    Ellen kept her silence for a while, but then continued to speak.


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  • Vizard6991

    Translated by Sidera-chan

    Edited by Vizard6991

    On the rooftop of a mansion where Nia resides, the shadows began to spread out.

    From the shadows, Kurumi slowly raised herself up before coming out with a jumping move. She stretched her body lightly and slowly looked up to the sky. After that, a familiar voice resounded from the shadow that was spreading on the ground.

    “-----Well, well.”

    “It looks like it has become a troublesome matter.”

    “How was it?”

    After uttering those words, several girls came out at the same time from the mansion rooftop’s shadows.

    They’re all girls with an asymmetrically fluttering hairstyle and all of them have a clock’s dial as their left eye.

    Of course they also have the same voice. The reason is because they’re all [Kurumi]…

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  • Vizard6991

    Translated by Sidera-chan

    Edited by Vizard6991

    “……………..It can’t be true. For such a thing to………….?”

    Sitting on the chair inside the basement control room of , Kotori mumbled desperately.

    However that was natural. At any rate, the targeted Spirit herself had already declared that she will never fall in love with anything but 2D.

    “2D………….In short, something like manga or anime characters?”

    “I-I think so………………”

    Sitting on the lower spot of the control room, Migimoto said that with sweat coming down his forehead. Shidou’s voice echoed from the speaker installed in the control room.

    “W-What should I do…………..?”

    Right now, on the large monitor of the control room, Shidou’s figure could be seen reflected inside a lavatory. In order to discuss with the con…

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  • Vizard6991

    Translated by Sidera-chan

    Edited by Vizard6991

    “Kata-Kata* that small sound came from the ringing of their teeth. There’s no time anymore.

    But the atmosphere in this place isn’t low at all. Certainly the place outside is being wrapped up by the cold weather of December, but the temperature here is pretty warm because the office is covered with thick glasses and completed with air conditioner. It keeps a comfortable temperature for everyone here.

    Even so, Knox cannot stop his body from trembling. His hands and legs, which have been covered by bandages and plaster, are also trembling. Gradually, he takes a deep breath.

    Though, it’s not like Knox doesn’t know what is happening here. Next to him is his subordinate Burton, who is also wrapped up by …

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  • Vizard6991

    Translated by Sidera-chan

    Edited by Vizard6991

    Zuuuuuuuuu………………along with the machine’s low sound, the bed is gradually being sucked into a huge inspection machine.


    There laid Itsuka Shidou, who slowly lowered his eyelids as he closed his eyes.

    Up until now, he already received several inspections; as expected, the feeling wasn’t really good. It was a primal fear in all organisms, the fear of being swallowed whole by a huge animal.

    After Shido’s body was entirely swallowed inside the machine, the light of the x-ray passed through Shido’s body.

    After few minutes later, the machine finally removes itself from the bed where Shidou had laid down.

    “Yes, it’s done, Shidou”


    Upon hearing the voice that had come from above, Shidou slowly…

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  • Vizard6991

    Translated By Sidera-chan

    Edited By Vizard6991

    For the purpose of [To complete the Manga].

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  • Vizard6991

    Disclaimer: Date A Live is owned by Production IMS, Kadokawa, and Koushi Tachibana. This is a non-profit fan base translation, please support the official release.

    Happy Christmas Everyone!

    Translated by Spirit Inquisitor

    Edited by Vizard6991

    Mayuri SS

    "I’m leaving……”

    Early in the morning, Shidou left the house muttering as he always did. Since Kotori had gone to school already, there was no one inside the house. But doing that was what they call a custom.

    He locked the door, passed the entrance and went out to the street. After stretching a little and yawning, Shidou started walking down the road that led to school.

    “Thanks for the food.”

    They then traded their bento boxes again and put them inside their lunch bags.

    “I don’t see why you were compla…

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  • Vizard6991

    Disclaimer: Date A Live is owned by Production IMS, Kadokawa, and Koushi Tachibana. This is a non-profit fan base translation, please support the official release.  

    Translated by Spirit Inquisitor

    Edited by Vizard6991 

    Kurumi SS

    That day, a *ton, ton, ton* sound came from the other side of the door……And it was that sound which belonged to the light footsteps that woke Itsuka Shidou up.

    It was probably his little sister, Kotori, who came to wake him up. It was a daily scene which was repeated every morning. He was sure that, in a few seconds, the door to his bedroom would throw open at once and a cheerful voice would fill the room. 


    “-----Ufufu, you are a sleepyhead, aren’t you, Onii-sama.” 

    The voice he heard through the blanket was …

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  • Spirit Inquisitor

    Since Baka Tsuki has shut down, and the SS are already translated, they will be uploaded here as blog posts. They are three, this one being the Date a Judgement results. The Kurumi SS will be uploaded tomorrow, and the Mayuri SS will be uploaded on the 25th. Thank you for waiting. Also, I got the translations from the website so my thanks to the original translator. It's a wonderful blog, you should check it out. Also, I'd like to thank Vizard for the editing. He also edited Yamai Lunchtime, and he's doing a good work. I also thank my cat, Miss M. (this is not her real name), for the emotional support. I've ranted long enough. Enjoy.

    Disclaimer: Date A Live is owned by Production IMS, Kadokawa, and Koushi Tachi…

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  • Akiye94

    Chapter 3

      "......Looks like they took the bait."

    Removing his glasses after making sure Ellen and her subordinates have left the area, he let out a sigh filled with relief and exhaustion. Using Sight of Heaven was one thing, but to hide the aura he was emitting through In at the same time after creating a perfect copy of himself by using a humanoid robot injected with some of his aura has left him a bit tired.

    In. A Japanese word with the meaning 'conceal'; it is a high-level technique of hiding one's energy and presence which is useful in infiltration and assassination missions. A master of this technique can even avoid detection completely and remove their existence from human consciousness, allowing one to enter even the female's bath of a p…

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  • 'Blue' Bandersnatch


    December 12, 2015 by 'Blue' Bandersnatch
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  • ShadowFiend1000

    I'm back!

    December 12, 2015 by ShadowFiend1000

    Hi everyone, it's been a while now. I have disappeared from the wiki for nearly 2 months already due to me involved in a pretty bad accident which put me in coma. My friend and I did really silly things and I hope people here please, DO NOT SPEED, it can kill. 

    My fanfic work was unofficially on hiatus due to the accident and I will try my best to continue the work with my current conditions. Also, man the site has changed so much, kudos to the changes!

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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    This isn't really a theory, I guess you could call it more of... um, Analysis is the word I think? Anyways, this seems relatively minor and its really open in the sense its like a question that you can't find the answer to. I just figured it was something important to note cause I think its something most of us have missed.

    This "hint" comes from the talk between Phantom and Kurumi at Volume 4's end. Normally most of the time I see it I see it the same way as usual, however when Phantom's history section got submitted this changed, maybe it was the wording or new things I learned about Phantom since I last saw it but...

    There was one detail I noticed that seemed odd. When Kurumi mentions her 12th bullet, Phantom mentions its power to time tr…

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  • Akiye94

    Chapter 2

      "...Looks like there are still waiting outside."

    Ten minutes have already passed since he went into that shopping mall. His attackers have not made any movements to enter the mall and only surrounded the place. He knew this of course, even though he was not near any windows to look outside but rather in the center of the mall. The secret to this was a change of his current appearance: glasses over his eyes.

    One of the many secrets he possesses; The Three Sacred Sights Which Gazes Upon The World which could only be used when he wear glasses. The one he is currently using is Sight of HeavenPresent that allows him to see the world from a third-person view from above, not limited to any obstacles in a kilometer radius from his position, li…

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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    I made one of these before Nia was revealed to us, and now that we have only one Spirit left to appear, I figured I'd make a blog about it.

    So what do you all think the 6th circle spirit will be like? So far we know only these facts, the 6th circle is yellow and its defining word is "Beauty", the angel associated to her is Michael, and she may have a deeper connection to the first First Spirit than even Nia did.

    So please your thoughts and predictions here, and let's see if our guesses are right when the last spirit reveals herself.

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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    During the Date a Live movie, there was a new form that Tohka used in the movie by combining her power with the other spirits' mana. While this form is called "Ultimate Tohka", Tohka's page on the Wiki states its called the Full Form, so I'll go with that term instead. The form looks amazing, and the way it was described sounds powerful.

    The movie might have been non-canon, but it could be possible that this form could appear in the main story. It'd probably weaker and not brought out the same way, it could be the real "true form" of the Spirits that Westcott mentioned and we could see some of the others have it instead of just Tohka.

    Who wouldn't want to see a form like this on the other spirits? I certainly would, and there's a chance that…

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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight

    I don't know how accurate this theory's gonna be, but I think at the very least it'll give one explanation to the Spirits' amnesia as of the reveal by Nia during Vol 13's epilogue. As we learned, Nia became a Spirit 27-28 years ago, before this most evidence was most couldn't have appeared past 5 years due to when Space Quakes returned.

    Nia's I think could have been unnoticed due to her Angel rewriting the future a bit so no one noticed, or did it in areas that were abandoned and couldn't be noticed. Regardless, she revealed all the Spirits are former Human, but the mystery about their amnesia came into view. How did they forget? Nia didn't get her crystal from Phantom, so I doubt Phantom was involved.

    Strangely its those who we know got the…

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  • Akiye94

    Date A Live Fanfic: RxRxR

    October 31, 2015 by Akiye94

    Chapter 1

    Hard. The first thing that entered his regained consciousness was the cold, rigid surface on his back. Yes, it felt uncomfortable. The same level of discomfort as the sluggish feeling which assault his entire self. However, it was not as if he could not muster any strength at all. Thus, after opening his eyes and staring towards the blue sky for a while, he raised himself off from lying on his back.

      "...Where... am I?"

    It took a while to completely rid off the sluggishness from his body before focusing his attention to his surroundings. At that point, the haziness which covered his consciousness from a while ago was immediately blown away with a jolt of awakening.

      "W-What is this?"

    Complete ruins. It was as if a tornado and earthq…

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  • CureGrimoire

    So here I am bringing up the topic of Artemisia? So to get the ball rolling I have noticed that the CR units of DEM save the , and are named after Arthurian figures and their weapons. Ellen has the surname of King Arthur and has Arthur's weapons such as also known as Excalibur and Arthur's spear. In volume 9 Origami was given named after Arthur's son from his incest with Morgana, and the weapon is the killer sword

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  • Scarlet Marines

    Hokay, guys. This is my first - AND ABSOLUTELY WORST! - translation (EVER!). I only translated the starting part cuz it takes a few weeks to finish translating them all. I don't understand Japanese, so I had to use Google Translator and its Handwrite Mode to help me translate it cuz I don't have the necessary equipment for this kind of translation.

    Like I said, I'm still a bit rusty and a rookie at translating it. So enjoy reading the starting part of Mayuri's (New) Short Story.

    And "I have to say ...... Innovation"

    Morning. When the soil road leaving the house, muttered so as usual. Already It is no one on the already Kinsato also home because there was school, but is a guy that there habit.

    Door stomach over the keys, and exits to the street…

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  • Dragopentling

    Feel free to conversate about the Date A Live series...

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  • Scarlet Marines

    That Comment

    October 28, 2015 by Scarlet Marines

    Hey volks, may I ask you all who made that comment about the AST's reaction to the Spirits that were transformed humans? Just asking, I kinda forgot who made that comment. Would somebody kindly link it in the comment section below for me? Thanks.

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  • Vizard6991

    Hello, this is Vizard6991. With Volume 13, quickly approaching, I've been thinking. What's the best way to attract new translators? Of course it's a third season, but we don't have that.

    What's the next best thing? Honestly, I think it's a more detailed wiki. A detailed wiki attracts a good translation team. A detailed wiki shows dedication and support for the series. It allows newcomers to easily get a grasp of what the series is like, and if they choose, pick up the series from where it left of.

    I think A Certian Magical Index is a good example for this. They've waiting on a season 3 for nearly 3 years now, but they have a good translation team that gets new volumes translated 2 weeks after they come out in Japan. What does their wiki have:…

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  • Sky-Dragoon-Twilight


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