Ashley Sinclair


Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Blonde
Equipment Combat Realizer Unit
Personal Status
Affiliations SSS
Occupation SSS Wizard
Manga Debut Date A Strike
Date AST Like
Japanese None

Ashley Sinclair (アシュリー・シンクレア, Ashurī Shinkurea?) is a British wizard. She is also one of the antagonists of Date AST Like along with Cecile O'Brien and Leonora Sears.


She is a petite girl with whitish blonde hair. She appears to have the same height as Mikie and likes to wear punk rock outfits.


She is described to be a loner as seen in the first chapter where she works alone. However, during battles, she can be quick and likes to underestimate her opponents, especially if they show even the slightest weakness.


Ashley is one of the many girls recruited by SSS to be a wizard. She was a loner at first but being in a platoon allowed her to have friends, especially through the efforts of Artemisia. As a wizard, she excels in melee attacks that favors hand-to-hand combat and laser blades to battle the Spirits. When Cecile discovered the horrible truth about Artemisia's coma, Ashley and Leonora decided to help Cecile in order to save Artemisia.


Ashley was first shown when a spacequake alarm happens. Origami was surprised to see her instead of an actual Spirit and they engaged in a battle. When Origami was overwhelmed by Ashley, Mikie stepped in and battled Ashley, however, she was no match against her because Ashley is an experienced wizard unlike Mikie who just joined the AST. Ashley later retreated after the arrival of the other AST member and DEM's Adeptus 2, Mana Takamiya.


As a wizard of SSS, Ashley wears a standard CR-Unit. When the trio hijacked the Ashcroft units, she acquired <Unicorn>

<Unicorn>- is a CR unit that is specialized in melee combat. It is equipped with a laser sword that looks like an oversize pointed horn of a unicorn. This sword can release strong energy that the user can use to charge at the enemies at an incredible speed resulting into an immense impact.



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