Angels (天使, Tenshi?) are the absolute shield that protects the Spirits; its form, shape, and even its function, all reflect on the Spirit itself. Angels can take on many forms, from giant monsters to deadly swords and even instruments, all of which seem to display some special offensive power. They also have either an alternative form or a variety of abilities for different situations a Spirit may face.

From Phantom's surprise at Origami having Metatron when she still had the Sephira Crystal, angels are contained within Sephira Crystal. According to Nia, all Spirits, despite their memory loss, have an instinctive knowledge of how their angels work. For example, Origami was able to use Metatron masterfully, despite only being bonded with her Sephira Crystal moments before.

Lastly, the angels may possess a healing factor, as Kurumi and Tohka have been in battles leaving their Angels with critical damage. However, their Angels did not show the battle damage the next time they were summoned.

The Inverse Form counterpart of an Angel is called a Demon King.

List of AngelsEdit

  • Tohka manifesting with Sandalphon
  • Halvanhelev
  • Yoshino riding Zadkiel
  • Kurumi summoning Zafkiel
  • Kotori using Camael
  • Kaguya & Yuzuru both using Raphael
  • Miku summoning Gabriel
  • Natsumi using Haniel
  • Origami attacking with Metatron
  • Nia using Rasiel
  • Mukuro using Michael
  • Kerubiel
  • Tohka using both Shekinah and Sandalphon


  • All Angels (except Eden, Ain Soph Aur, Ain Soph and Ain) are named after actual Angels from Judeo-Christian mythology.
    • The "main" Angels used by the Spirits in the main series are the Archangels/Seraphim that correspond to a specific Sephirot in the Kabbalah Tree of Life.
  • In the Light Novels, each angel is written alongside a title that describes their powers:
    • Sandalphon: (鏖殺公, lit., "Throne of Annihilation")
    • Zadkiel: (氷結傀儡, lit., "Freezing Puppet")
    • Zafkiel: (刻々帝, lit., "Emperor of Time")
    • Camael: (灼爛殲鬼, lit., "Bright Burning Annihilating Demon")
    • Raphael: (颶風騎士, lit., "Hurricane Knight")
    • Gabriel: (破軍歌姫, lit., "Army-Breaking Songstress")
    • Haniel: (贋造魔女, lit., "Witch of Forgery")
    • Metatron:  (絶滅天使, lit., "Angel of Extinction")
    • Rasiel: (囁告篇帙, lit., "Tome of Revelation")
    • Michael: (封解主, lit., "Seal-Removing Lord")