16-bit Girl
Performed by Kurumi Tokisaki (CV. Asami Sanada)
Kanji 16-bitガール
Romaji 16-bit Girl
Album Date A Music Second Half
Released June 26, 2013
Publisher Nippon Columbia

"16-bit Girl" (16-bitガール , 16-bit Gāru?) is one of Kurumi Tokisaki's character songs, and serves as an insert song on Date A Live Episode 8.

The full, and the TV size, versions of the songs are included in the Date A Music Second Half soundtrack album.


Does not work on iPad, or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.
No. Songs Duration Audio
01 16-bit Girl (TV Size) 1:51
16bit TV
02 16-bit Girl (Full Size) 4:37
24 16bit BONUS TRACK


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